Back Support Chairs, Don’t be Beaten by a Bad Back

Office Furniture Online offers a comprehensive choice of ergonomic chairs which are specially designed to enhance comfort, posture and wellbeing for those suffering from a bad back in the office. These chairs are posture supportive and provide additional mechanisms to provide the optimal seating position.

These chairs are commonly referred to as bad back chairs and occasionally back support office chairs.

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Back Support Office Chair FAQs:

Why does my back hurt when I sit at my desk?
Bad posture is usually the primary cause of discomfort in your back whilst sitting at your desk. Hunching or slouching strains your discs.

If you are sure your sitting position is correct and you have purchased a suitable chair, speak to your GP to identify any potentially underlying medical conditions.

How should I sit with lower back pain?

Sitting upright helps maintain a good posture, relax your shoulders and use the back of your chair to balance your weight and support your body. If you do not have a back support chair, try using an ergonomic back support.