Meeting Pods & Booths

Our collection of meeting booths allows you to create innovative and stylish seating solutions that break up your office space and offer some added privacy. These high-quality meeting pods are a fantastic solution when space is limited, providing secluded meeting areas or study spaces within your office. These flexible seating solutions can be arranged in various configurations to suit any office or meeting room, making the best possible use of space. Shop our selection of meeting booths today!

Private and Focussed Environments

Create a space for focused discussions with our range of meeting booths and office meeting pods. Offering unparalleled privacy, our meeting booths shield your conversations from distractions and interruptions. Regardless of whether you’re on a confidential client call or brainstorming with your team, our office meeting pods are certain to aid in fostering dynamic and productive conversations within the privacy of your booth.


Collaborative Spaces

Intimate and focused hubs for creativity and innovation, our meeting booths are far more than just enclosed spaces. With some booths offering media units and tables, our array of office meeting pods provides the perfect space to share ideas and create discussions with your collaborators. Allow your ideas to take centre stage without the distractions of larger workspaces.


Modern Modular Designs

One of the greatest assets of Office Furniture Online’s variety of office meeting pods is their versatility and customisation. With many of our booths crafted with modular designs, our meeting booths can cater to varying group sizes and meeting purposes. From quick catch-ups to in-depth strategy sessions, these pods seamlessly transform to suit your needs. Make every inch of your workspace count with furniture that evolves with your demands, adding a touch of flexibility to your office environment.


Office Meeting Booths & Pods at Office Furniture Online

You can trust Office Furniture Online’s range of office meeting booths & pods and meeting room essentials. We’re rated ‘great’ on Trustpilot and offer free delivery on orders over £200. If you’re looking to make a bulk purchase and require some assistance, you can use our free space planning service and get discounts on large orders.

For more information on our range of office storage, contact us at 0333 7777 575.