Classroom Trays

Get organised with our classroom trays, available in a range of sizes and depths. A must-have for every classroom, these stackable paper trays are perfect for keeping school work grouped and organised. 

It's not just paperwork that these trays are reserved for! As well as shallow trays, we also stock deep and extra-deep classroom storage trays, which are ideal for hiding away school equipment or toys when they’re not in use. Our range also includes tray inserts, with varieties for calculators, lab glasses and lab bottles. Start planning how to organise your school with our collection of classroom trays.

Endless school tray storage options

Our classroom trays come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you’ll be able to find the right fit for your classroom here at Office Furniture Online. Our Gratnell's Shallow Trays come in a pack of 12 and are manufactured from robust polypropylene, making them suitable for the wear and tear of a busy classroom. Choose from a variety of bright and vibrant colours, you can even add some clip-on lids or tray dividers!

Provide a snug and compact home for your calculators with this Gratnells foam tray insert, with 30 small compartments and one larger compartment for a larger teacher's calculator. This insert fits both Gratnells' shallow and deep trays. We also have inserts for lab bottles and lab glasses.


Storage units for your classroom trays

What’s more, now you can create a handy home for your classroom trays with our school tray storage options, featuring a range of products with different sizes, capacities and designs. Our tray storage units have both sturdy wooden and metal frame configurations, and with so many options, it’s easy to find the right size for your classroom. Metal frames are easy to wipe clean and ideal for messy classroom environments, while wooden units enhance the feel of the space and blend seamlessly into any school room.


Colourful classroom trays

Optimise organisation and create an efficient classroom with different coloured stackable paper trays from Office Furniture Online. Our selection of trays in a range of bright colours allows you to store work, toys or equipment by colour, making things easy to find and saving valuable teaching time.


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