Chair Mats

Make office life a little easier, and protect carpets throughout, by using Office Furniture Online’s chair mats. We boast a wide selection of office chair mats for carpet protection, available in different sizes, shapes and materials.

Desk chair mats provide great protection for carpets against indentations, scuffs, spills and more. They also make maneuvering in a desk chair around 80% easier, as there’s no resistance like a carpet may give. Shop our range of chair mats now.

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Create the ideal workspace for your colleagues with a range of new office accessories. Our must-have desk accessories, like table lamps and fans, are made of high-quality materials and provide great functionality for your office. Use Office Furniture Online to tidy up your workspace with our range of space-saving office accessories, like cable management, CPU holders, and waste bins.

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If you're looking for chair mats for your office, our dedicated help team can help you find the perfect match. Contact us today to learn more about our range of office chair mats, particularly for carpet offices!