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10 ways to make your office more efficient

02 Jul 2018
Are you fed up in an office space that isn’t working for you? Do you feel like time, energy and money is being wasted every day? Here are 10 top tips for making your office work harder for you. Know your thermostat Too much time is spent complaining about how hot or cold the office … … Read Full Story

Should you put your CPU on the floor or the desk?

09 Jun 2018
Whether you’re working in an office or your home, protecting the lifespan of your computer is critical to making sure you get the most out of the investment. Prolonging your computer’s life will mean shelling out less money over time and prevent critical crashes in the middle of important work. Where you actually store your … … Read Full Story

Bringing more natural light into your workplace

28 May 2018
When considering office design in relation to productivity, there’s one single factor that can make the biggest difference, and that’s lighting. The choice of lighting can help or hinder performance in significant ways, with surveys showing that almost 70% of workers in the States complained about the lighting in their office. Design research increasingly shows … … Read Full Story

Built in versus freestanding bookcases: Which should you choose?

16 Jan 2018
Being organised is of paramount importance for any business. No matter what type of firm you run, it is likely that you will need a number of bookcases so that you can keep your important files, resources, and documents in order. There are numerous factors to be considered when choosing a bookcase. One of the … … Read Full Story

Planning your storage in a modern office

26 Aug 2017
We’re all often encouraged to use online methods instead of paper for both environmental reasons and for convenience. Many of us already use paperless billing and do banking and other tasks online, so it may surprise you to know that the UK still uses 12.5 million tons of paper every year. In fact, many businesses … … Read Full Story

How to organise your office for a more productive workforce

22 Jun 2017
It was once thought that with the advent of computers and the internet that offices would one day be paperless. It has however proved to be a myth. The amount of paperwork being generated, has if anything, been increased, and it can easily swamp any organisation, so knowing how to organise your office for a … … Read Full Story

Creating a more relaxed working environment

14 Mar 2017
Stressful jobs don’t have to come with stressful offices. A calming working environment can be an oasis in a sea of the chaos caused by our jobs. There are plenty of ways you can overhaul your office to create a more relaxed working environment, which will help you to feel more productive, more focused and … … Read Full Story