Tambour Units and Cupboards

If you're searching for office storage that offers you a large and versatile capacity, look no further than our extensive selection of tambour units here at Office Furniture Online. Their space-saving features make them especially useful in schools, meeting rooms, or receptions where space may be limited.

Whether you need to store files and documents or office accessories and stationery, tambour cupboards are an adaptable and dependable piece of office furniture. Amongst our vast stock, you'll find a huge selection of office cupboards to suit your specific needs.

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Save space with our tambour cupboards

Some office spaces only allow for a small amount of room or already have limited space available. In these instances, a tambour unit can prove to be incredibly useful. In spaces where there is not enough room to allow a door to swing open, the smooth opening and shutting motion of the tambour door provides an effective solution and maximises storage space.


Full security using a tambour unit

Tambour units are a great way to keep your workspace organised and tidy while saving on space. Additionally, one key function of our tambour cupboards is their ability to be locked, which allows you to securely store sensitive, valuable or personal items away from colleagues or visitors.


Robust storage

Maximising the space they use, our tambour cupboards come in a variety of sizes, including cupboards over 6 ft in height. They are made from durable and robust materials that are suitable for commercial use, such as steel and wood, and are constructed to ensure strength and stability. Here at Office Furniture Online, the robust manufacturing of our tambour units supports their longevity and means they will not have to be replaced frequently.


Tambour storage options at Office Furniture Online

You can count on Office Furniture Online’s selection of tambour units. We’re rated ‘excellent’ on Trustpilot and offer free delivery on orders over £200. If you’re looking to make a bulk purchase and require some assistance, you can use our free space planning service.

For more information on our range of office storage, contact us at 0333 7777 575.