Home Office Memo Boards

You’ll never miss a trick with a home office notice board. Perfect for jotting down your to-do list or planning out your next steps, a memo board is the ideal functional accessory. Whether you’re brainstorming, note taking or simply doodling, we have memo boards in a variety of styles and sizes to help you work it all out. 

Who said work has to be done at your desk? Whether you’re working from home or the office, bring your ideas to life on a grander scale with a wall-mounted memo board. From cork boards to dry wipe boards, discover our wide range of memo boards at Office Furniture Online.

Did you get the memo?

With more workers switching to hybrid working, it can be difficult to keep everyone in the loop. No matter if you’re shouting about an important company update, an office bake sale, or just want to share your thoughts, pop it on the office memo board for all to see! 

Take notice

When it comes to organisation and handy office accessories, we really do think of everything here at Office Furniture Online. Choose from home office notice boards to suit your domestic workspace, available in neutral colours and pastel finishes.

Looking to the future? We’ve thought of that too. Our range of office memo boards also includes weekly and monthly planners, so you always know exactly what’s on the horizon. 

Shop memo boards at Office Furniture Online

We’re proud to be one of the UK’s largest suppliers of office furniture and accessories. We know just what’s needed to help you feel your best at work. From a posture supporting ergonomic office chair to the latest office accessories, we have plenty of innovative products, designed to make your life easier. 

Looking for a memo board? Our dedicated customer service team is here to advise on the best notice board styles and sizes for you. Simply contact us today for advice.