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Home office furniture designed to suit both working office & home office environments, our office furniture is designed to be stylish and functional. We have handpicked our home office furniture range from home office desks, cupboards, bookcases and pedestals. Optional installation available on selected items. If you have any questions or need a custom quote contact our sales team for advice on 0844 248 7001

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Top tips to help you stay focused if you’re working from home

10 Jun 2018
More people than ever are choosing to work from home, either in a flexible working arrangement with their employer or by freelancing or running a small business of their own. Home working offers many benefits, including flexible hours, a sense of freedom and improved work/life balance. However, there are downsides – especially when you’re first … … Read Full Story

The best desk setup to reduce your aches and pains

06 Jun 2018
Sedentary work could be making you ill. Research has shown us that sitting for long periods of time can cause aches and pains that suggest your body is storing up trouble for the future. Work-related health issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injuries and chronic back pain are on the rise as more and … … Read Full Story

One in four UK workers would prefer home working over a pay rise

03 Jun 2018
Increasing numbers of employers are looking at flexible working as an alternative to the traditional office-based model of workforce. In fact, over a third of companies in the UK now offer flexible working of some kind. However, a lot of employers remain unconvinced, fearing that allowing remote working from home will impact on productivity. That … … Read Full Story

Persuading the boss to let you work from home

31 May 2018
Working from home is an increasingly popular business trend, and many employees report it makes them more productive, less stressed and happier in their job. They also tend to save both time and money, with no more commuting to be done or parking fees to pay, and enjoy the autonomy that working from home gives … … Read Full Story

Home office setup: The ultimate checklist

23 May 2018
Working from home is exciting, liberating, fun. But it can also be hard. Getting motivated, organised and productive with your day is somehow more difficult when you’re working at home, so it’s important to make sure you effectively set up your workspace to give you fewer excuses for procrastination. From home office drawer pedestals to … … Read Full Story

What paperwork should you keep if you’re self-employed?

22 May 2018
Running your own business can be very liberating, not to mention incredibly lucrative if the business is a great success. However, it also means you need to be super organised, particularly when it comes to record keeping. From proof of purchases to information for your tax return, here’s what you need to know about keeping … … Read Full Story

Co-working works: Here’s why

21 May 2018
The trend for coworking is showing no signs of abating, as more and more businesses realise the potential benefits of this strategy. From designers to start ups, sole traders to multinational corporations, many are choosing to work alongside other people with different talents, with a view to life being ‘better together’. If you’re wondering how … … Read Full Story

How to choose your office furniture supplier

20 Jan 2018
There are absolutely thousands of office furniture suppliers online these days its very difficult to choose which one to go with. So… after you’ve gone through a few thousand websites selling office furniture and finally decided which product you like the look of. You may have noticed that the majority of office furniture websites sell … … Read Full Story

5 Ways to Create the Ideal Home Office

12 Jan 2018
Home offices make a great addition to any house, particularly if you run your own business or enjoy remote working every now and then. Having a home office gives you somewhere to carry on with tasks in a productive and effective environment, which is great for completing life-admin as well as paid work. With many … … Read Full Story

Accent Real Wood Veneer Ergonomic Conference Desks

14 Dec 2017
If you are in search of the choicest selection of computer desks for your conference rooms or for your offices then Accent Real Wood Veneer ergonomic Conference Desks will be a perfect option. The contemporary design of these computer desks makes this furniture an excellent add-on to any modern day office. These computer desks come … … Read Full Story

What do you need in the ideal home office?

30 Oct 2017
The ideal home office is one where you have everything available that you would have in any other office environment, but with the advantage of not having to commute to work! This type of working appeals to more and more people these days and employers also know that with the provision of super-fast broadband to … … Read Full Story

Why your office needs good furniture

25 Oct 2017
What does your office say about your products and services? What would you like it to say? Is your target audience young and dynamic, and if so does your business reflect this? Does it inspire creativity, or do you wish for your visitors to behave formally? Would you like your employees and guests to feel … … Read Full Story

Various Ways To Save Money While Purchasing Office Furniture

04 Aug 2017
Most business owners feel overwhelmed by the expenses involved while furnishing their offices. Yes purchasing office furniture can prove to be a very complex and also a very expensive task. Here are few useful tips on how you can save money while purchasing your office furniture. You should select only the most needed furniture for … … Read Full Story

5 Office Furnishings You Just Can’t Do Without

14 Jul 2017
As a place we all spend a large proportion of our lives, our offices should be a relatively pleasant place to be. Creating a happy, healthy environment in which to work can boost productivity, increase happiness and reduce the number of sick days the business suffers. While office furnishings such as desks, chairs and lighting … … Read Full Story

Mexico Designer Shelving Unit

11 Jun 2017
These days home offices are becoming increasingly popular as most people work from home or have a home based business to supplement their income. If you too are setting up a home office you will have to furnish it well only then you will be able to create an environment where you will feel like … … Read Full Story

Studio Reception Chairs

05 May 2017
Choosing the right reception furniture poses a special challenge; here the furniture that you choose should not only be functionally effective but it should also be very presentable. Whether you like it or not your customers or your clients will judge your company or your firm based on the quality of the reception furniture. All … … Read Full Story

The perfect home office: Maximum impact, minimum space

29 Mar 2017
The number of people working from home has soared in the last decade. In fact, it is estimated that a huge 1.5million people now work from home and Government research suggests that a further 4 million workers would like to if they were just given the chance! Home working is essential if disabled people are … … Read Full Story