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Home office furniture designed to suit both working office & home office environments, our office furniture is designed to be stylish and functional. We have handpicked our home office furniture range from home office desks, cupboards, bookcases and pedestals. Optional installation available on selected items. If you have any questions or need a custom quote contact our sales team for advice on 0844 248 7001

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4 essential elements of an elegant home office

13 Sep 2018
Creating a home office is such an exciting time. Finally, you have a room all of your own, which you can furnish and tailor to your very own needs. Fantastic! If you plan to meet clients in your home office, or even if you just want to create something special for yourself, considering the choices … … Read Full Story

Building a home office for more focussed work

08 Sep 2018
If you’re just moving into your new home office, chances are you’re more than a little excited about furnishing it with beautiful things. Before you start purchasing, however, give some thought to what you need in your space in order to be productive, as working from home can often be challenging on the motivational front. … … Read Full Story

Design tips for a client facing home office

06 Sep 2018
If you’ve binned the nine to five in favour of working for yourself, good on you. But here’s your next big challenge; creating a home office which not only works well for you but in which you can greet and meet with your clients in a professional manner. Dirty dishes, pet hair and laundry baskets … … Read Full Story

Luxurious home office inspiration for 2018

03 Sep 2018
If you love to stay bang on trend and are looking to make over your home office space, it’s worth knowing what’s hot and what’s not for this year. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular trends in home office design, to help inspire your redecoration project. Ergonomics Looking after your … … Read Full Story

Modern or antique furniture for your home office?

30 Aug 2018
When you’re furnishing a home office from scratch, one of the first things to ask yourself is whether you’re going for a modern, all brand-new look, or if you’d prefer a vintage or antique style. Antique furniture is rapidly rising in popularity, and with a clean slate to work with it can be tempting to … … Read Full Story

Don’t believe in ergonomics? Here’s 5 reasons your employees could benefit

18 Aug 2018
You’ve probably heard of ergonomics. You might even know what it is. Yet you might not be convinced of the business case for ensuring good ergonomic furniture is provided for staff. Shelling out on new furniture often seems like a luxury and yet it has been proven that ergonomic furniture could actually improve your bottom … … Read Full Story

Why can’t your home office be as productive as your work office desk?

05 Aug 2018
There are many advantages to having a home office. Increasingly, more people are splitting their time between the office and working remotely and many people are opting to work from home full time. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, remote worker or your job allows you to work from home for some of the … … Read Full Story

Getting the most from a small office space

31 Jul 2018
Working in a very small office space can be hugely challenging. The limited space can make it harder to organise the layout and it can be difficult to pack in all the equipment that you need. This can cause a problem for your business. There is a direct correlation between working environment and productivity. There … … Read Full Story

Tips for designing a home office that really works for you

28 Jul 2018
Employers are increasingly recognising the benefits of enabling employees to work from home. They cut down on the costs of running a large office and the employees are able to juggle home and work commitments. At the same time, large numbers of people are starting up businesses online and are operating these from their homes. … … Read Full Story

Bad internet prevents four million from working at home

13 Jul 2018
Slow broadband, poor quality calls and a lack of mobile network coverage are hampering millions of UK home workers, according to a survey carried out by uSwitch. A quarter of respondents said their mobile or broadband service had caused them problems when working from home. Half of all people surveyed said that their experiences with … … Read Full Story

Better office design could help you retain millennials

11 Jul 2018
Staff recruitment is an expensive business. You have the outlay of searching for, shortlisting, interviewing and selecting candidates. Then you spend months training them up and equipping them with the skills to do the job effectively. It’s a financial and business disaster if they promptly leave you, taking precious skills and knowledge to a competitor. … … Read Full Story

How to choose the right gaming computer desk for your teen

08 Jul 2018
No amount of nagging is going to get your teen off the computer games. If you have an Xbox in your house then your teens are going to want to play on it. You could try turning off the broadband or cutting the electricity supply but this is only going to result in a huge … … Read Full Story

Setting up a homeschool classroom

03 Jul 2018
Choosing to educate your children at home can be a daunting prospect. Will you be able to get them to focus? What if you let them down? These, and many more questions, are no doubt racing through your mind as you go to hand in your deregistration letter on the last day of school. But … … Read Full Story

Tips to get your home office performing better

02 Jul 2018
Increasing numbers of people are opting to work remotely or to start their own freelance or small business. For most of us, that means working from home – at least in the beginning. While it’s tempting to just pull up a chair and work on your laptop at the kitchen table, you’re not going to … … Read Full Story

Advice for parents who work from home

01 Jul 2018
You might remember the interview recently where a guest, Professor Robert Kelly, was interrupted by his children entering his home office while he was live on BBC News. Much hilarity ensued as his wife attempted to retrieve the children while the Professor failed to hide his discomfort. While most parents who work from home aren’t … … Read Full Story

Top tips to help you stay focused if you’re working from home

10 Jun 2018
More people than ever are choosing to work from home, either in a flexible working arrangement with their employer or by freelancing or running a small business of their own. Home working offers many benefits, including flexible hours, a sense of freedom and improved work/life balance. However, there are downsides – especially when you’re first … … Read Full Story

The best desk setup to reduce your aches and pains

06 Jun 2018
Sedentary work could be making you ill. Research has shown us that sitting for long periods of time can cause aches and pains that suggest your body is storing up trouble for the future. Work-related health issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injuries and chronic back pain are on the rise as more and … … Read Full Story

One in four UK workers would prefer home working over a pay rise

03 Jun 2018
Increasing numbers of employers are looking at flexible working as an alternative to the traditional office-based model of workforce. In fact, over a third of companies in the UK now offer flexible working of some kind. However, a lot of employers remain unconvinced, fearing that allowing remote working from home will impact on productivity. That … … Read Full Story

Persuading the boss to let you work from home

31 May 2018
Working from home is an increasingly popular business trend, and many employees report it makes them more productive, less stressed and happier in their job. They also tend to save both time and money, with no more commuting to be done or parking fees to pay, and enjoy the autonomy that working from home gives … … Read Full Story

Home office setup: The ultimate checklist

23 May 2018
Working from home is exciting, liberating, fun. But it can also be hard. Getting motivated, organised and productive with your day is somehow more difficult when you’re working at home, so it’s important to make sure you effectively set up your workspace to give you fewer excuses for procrastination. From home office drawer pedestals to … … Read Full Story