Home Office Furniture

Modern technology allows us to work from wherever we want - with remote working becoming the norm following to Covid-19 pandemic. This is a new concept to some workers, which means they’re poorly equipped at home and don’t have access to a home office. Any proper workspace starts with the essentials; a desk and chair. In our curated selection of home office desks, you’ll find options to suit any space in style and size. An office desk can not only provide a place to work but create a modern feature in the home. Never underestimate the importance of a supportive office chair too. Whether in office or at home choose a chair that adjusts to your needs and feel your productivity increase.

Whilst lots of home office options feature integrated storage, we do offer a range of storage for the home to keep all your important files safe and display your favourite personal touches. And, if you are struggling to pick the perfect pieces, creating a comfortable and effective remote workspace has never been easier with our Home Office Bundle ranges.

Our home office picks all come with FREE UK delivery.  

The home office is a space where you need to feel focused, comfortable and well-catered for, especially with so many people relying on working from home in present times. At Office Furniture Online, we provide an extensive selection of home office furniture for whatever the size of your space and whatever your needs. 

Whether that’s home office desksoffice chairs or bookcases to keep your space neat and tidy, we stock a high-quality selection of goods that keep your office free from clutter and allow you to work uninterrupted and in the utmost comfort and style. 

Home Office Furniture FAQs

What do I need in my home office?

This depends on the size of the space you have to play with, but however large your room is, a quality office desk and comfy office chair are essential. 

Both products allow for proper support to keep you free from any nasty strains or niggles that you might encounter if not working from a proper workstation. If you do have a little more space at your disposal, then the likes of filing cabinets and bookcases are hugely advantageous, allowing you to safely stow away files and equipment to reduce tripping hazards and clutter. 

Do I need a large room to create an office? 

As aforementioned, you don’t necessarily need a large room to enjoy a fully functional and quality home office. 

We recommend measuring your floor space and marking out where you might position furniture, first focusing on an office desk and home office chair before whittling down what else you need and can fit in. Our home office bundles are brilliant for those looking to take care of all of their needs, however small or large, in one fell swoop. 

What chairs are suitable for home use?

Thankfully, all of our home office chairs here at Office Furniture Online are ideal for home use, but as a rule, you should lookout for a chair that supports the back and promotes a healthy posture as well as looking right at home in your office space.

We suggest assessing just what you need from an office chair as well as the decor of your room to find the perfect option for you; if you suffer from back problems then perhaps an ergonomic office chair is the best option. If you’re looking to fill your space and compliment the woods and tones of your room, you can’t go far wrong with a luxurious leather executive office chair

Are home office desks suitable for laptops?

Each model in our extensive selection of home office desks is perfectly fine for using a laptop on top of, with carefully designed surfaces and ample space for your laptop as well as monitors and a mouse and keyboard. 

However, if you’re looking for a product that’s purpose-built for laptop use, you’ll be pleased to discover that we also stock a dedicated range of high-quality laptop desks and compact desks if space is at a premium and you’re looking to save as much room as possible.