Narrow Cabinets With Doors

When space is scarce in your office, the last thing you need is clunky cupboards and oversized office desks taking up more room than necessary. There are plenty of ways to downsize your office desks and office storage without sacrificing those all-important areas where you can keep your office accessories and supplies neat and tidy.

Slim cupboards are a great way to maximise room in the workplace or home office, while still enjoying ample storage space. Thanks to clever design and maximising the dimensions of their structure, narrow cabinets with doors allow you to safely and securely store a range of items but take up a fraction of that valuable floor and wall space.

Save space with our slim cupboards

If you’re looking for a storage solution that will keep your office space organised and tidy but don’t have much spare space for an oversized cupboard, you’re in the right place. A narrow cabinet with doors from Office Furniture Online takes advantage of space vertically, so that your floor space is maximised and not overcrowded.


A tall office cupboard with plenty of space

Our tall office cupboards are just as capable of storage as all of the effective storage solutions you can find in our extensive selection of office cupboards. With slim cupboards that are capable of holding up to 250 L of space, you will find our cupboards provide you with more than enough space for whatever you need to store.


Stylish cupboards for your office

Keeping your office space sufficiently organised is the leading priority when it comes to choosing the right narrow cabinet with doors. However, ensuring that the cupboard fits into your office’s look and keeps it cohesive is another important factor. For this reason, we stock slim cupboards which come in a range of sleek designs. So you can choose a cupboard that functions just as well as it looks.


Narrow cabinets with doors at Office Furniture Online

You can trust Office Furniture Online’s range of tall office cupboards and office storage solutions. We’re rated ‘excellent’ on Trustpilot and offer free delivery on orders over £200. If you’re looking to make a bulk purchase and require some assistance, you can use our free space planning service.

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