Home Office Sofas and Arm Chairs

Add a little comfort to your home office with our super-stylish range of home office sofas and armchairs. Great for meetings, reception areas, or for reclining when you need a break from your desk, our sofa office chairs can do it all. 

Choose from large armchairs or two and three-seater sofas to suit any space and purpose. Here at Office Furniture Online, we think sofas and armchairs are underrated office essentials. So why not switch up your seating today?


Stylish sofa office chairs

Whilst executive office chairs are a staple, a choice of seating options can work wonders in a workspace. Sick of sitting at your desk? No problem, why not work from your new, super-comfy office sofa instead? We spend a lot of time in our offices, so we shouldn’t neglect comfort and style when choosing office furnishings. 

With a range of sizes, fabrics, and finishes, we have sofa and armchair options for any office size. These are great for hosting colleagues and clients, or for when you just fancy a break.

Who says your office can’t be comfy?

There’s no need to keep it cool and clinical when designing your perfect office. We think that comfort is the key to success and productivity at work, which is why we have a great range of home office sofas and armchairs. 

If you want to run with the theme, take a look at our comfortable and functional ergonomic office chairs and ergonomic desks. If it’s a larger reception area you’re furnishing, head to our reception sofas & armchairs page!

The finishing touches

We know that your office needs to be functional, but there’s no reason why it can’t suit your style at the same time. Spruce up your workspace with one of our sofa office chairs and check out our range of office accessories while you’re at it! 

You’ll find everything you need to add those personal and practical touches to your office. Looking for extra pieces to complete your ideal office space? Take a look at our home office sideboards and bookcases too.