Combination Boards

Combination boards do just that, they combine! They combine functionality, organisation and style, so you can visualise work flows and complex information better. The half whiteboard, half cork board gives you the ability to write notes, brainstorm and pin relevant information all in one place. 

Combination notice boards are ideal in the office as well as at home because they give you the ability to pin and write notes. Just think how easy shopping lists and events would be if all your notes and invites were all in one place.

What is a combination notice board?

Most offices or busy homes need both a whiteboard and a message board so why not combine the two? A combination notice board is half whiteboard half cork board or material. They come in a variety of styles to suit every setting. Plus, combination boards allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. So you can create an organised communication system and map out your plans effectively.

Combination notice boards for home

A combination board is the perfect tool for busy family life. Whether you keep yours in the kitchen or the home office, there’s no denying that they’re helpful to have about the house! 

We know you may be inundated with birthday parties, weddings, school trips and visits to the grandparents. With a combination notice board, you can make sure all your events, notes, and shopping lists galore are all in one place and clearly mapped out. 

Take a look at our whiteboard accessories for pins, magnets and tape, so each family member can have a section of the board for themselves. Not sure a combination board is for you? Why not take a look at chalk boards too for a more rustic style choice. 

A combination board is a versatile organisation tool for both home, office, or school. Get yours today! Plus, if your order is over £250, we’ll give you free UK delivery.