Sit-Stand Desks

Make the most of your workspace and allow your colleagues to stretch their legs while working with standing desks throughout the office. Height-adjustable standing desks have become a lot more popular in recent years, with many people concerned about the lack of activity they do each day while sitting at their desks.

At Office Furniture Online, we boast an extensive selection of sit-stand desks, ranging from electrically-operated desks to ergonomic, wave, and even back-to-back standing desks. To improve your circulation, productivity, and standing hours per day, pick up a standing desk here.

Types of sit-stand desks

In our extensive selection of stand-up desks, you have a choice between manual sit-stand desks or electric-powered designs. With our electric standing desks, you can set height presets so that you’re always at the optimal height for you. Our manual lift standing desks are easy-to-use and with holes for wires to pass through, you’ll never have to worry about wires getting caught during movement.

Range of colours

Our range of adjustable stand desks comes in a wide range of colours, including beech, maple, oak and more. Whatever layout or colour scheme you have in your office or your workspace at home, you can find the right colour to match. So, whether you’re buying in bulk or just selecting a new desk for yourself, we’ve got plenty of colour options to help you find the right one for you.

Styles and sizes galore

When you think of a standing desk, your mind immediately thinks of a standard rectangular desk moving up and down. Well, at Office Furniture Online, we have much more than just your standard sit-stand desks. We have L-shaped desks that move up and down, ergonomic desks, and much more.

Reliable rectangular desks at Office Furniture Online

You can trust Office Furniture Online’s range of standing desks. We’re rated ‘excellent’ on Trustpilot and offer free delivery on all orders over £200. If you’re looking to make a bulk purchase and require some assistance, you can make use of our free space planning.

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