Whiteboard Accessories

At Office Furniture Online, we have a whole range of whiteboards and whiteboard accessories from markers, gridding tape, cleaning solutions to magnetic whiteboard accessories to keep your board organised and sparkling clean.

We know whiteboards have become the perfect addition to any home office or school classroom. That's why we have an extensive range of whiteboard accessories, which keep them performing well for years to come.

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How do you make a whiteboard look good?

If you are using whiteboards in business meetings, classrooms or even your home office you know that they can start to look dirty quickly. Often, you can get a build up of grease, dirt and left over ink that create stubborn stains. That’s why you need the right whiteboard accessories to keep them looking good. 

Here are our top tips to keeping your whiteboard clean and looking good:

  • Clean your whiteboard regularly, wipe the pen off at the end of the day to prevent stains. 

  • Use whiteboard accessories such as erasers and whiteboard conditioners to clean it (not your hand!).

  • Use magnetic whiteboard accessories to hang up papers rather than pins, which can damage your board.

  • Clean your whiteboard erasers in warm soapy water to prevent ink build-up.

How do you organise a whiteboard?

Struggling to keep your whiteboard organised? Our whiteboard accessories allow you to create an organised and engaging board that’s perfect for any professional setting. Why not try these organisation tips in your next meeting: 

  • Using magnetic whiteboard accessories, like our magnetic tape. It’s non-sticky, so it doesn't leave nasty glue spots behind. It also allows you to divide your board up to coordinate ideas. 

  • Use different coloured pens. It’s a simple way to split ideas and be visually stimulated.

  • Incorporate sticky notes using magnets to hang notes, images and more.

Order your whiteboard cleaners and accessories online today! Looking to bulk order your whiteboard accessories  for your home, office or classroom? Head over to our large order form today.