Desk Power Sockets

In any office space, power sockets are essential. From plugging in the Wi-Fi router to your monitor or laptop charger, every worker needs access to a power port. But what do you do in an office space where desk power sockets are few and far between? 

Thanks to our convenient desk power outlets, plugging in your equipment has never been easier. Our handy desktop power modules provide easy access to power exactly where you need it. So you can get online, stay connected, and work without interruptions.

Plug in and power up

Whether you require a single power socket for your desk, need up to 4 more additional power sockets, or fancy a more modern solution with a wireless phone charger, we have desktop power modules of all varieties here at Office Furniture Online. 

As the UK’s largest office furniture supplier, we pride ourselves on offering space-saving and innovative solutions to keep your office fully functional and looking sleek.

Space-saving solutions

Nobody likes a cluttered desk with tangled wires. Our desktop power modules will help to keep your workspace neat and tidy, allowing for easy swapping and changing. 

With hot desking on the rise, workers need to easily access their power ports. There’s no simpler solution than a desktop power outlet! 

Shop desktop power modules & outlets at Office Furniture Online

An office is nothing without good desk power outlets! From traditional power outlets to USB and USB C charging ports, we’ve got all your charging and power port needs covered. 

And our wide range of office accessories doesn’t end there, why not take your desk upgrade a step further with a cable tidy or office fan

Struggling to find the right desktop power module for you? Our expert team is always happy to advise. Simply contact us today!