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Meeting Room, Boardroom and Conference Room Office Furniture

Find the perfect meeting room furniture, conference room and boardroom furniture from the UK's largest online retailer of meeting room furniture.

We have thousands of different types of boardroom furniture available to suit any budget whether you're a small company or a large PLC, we have a great choice of meeting room tables in a range of colours, sizes and shapes. Our range of boardroom & meeting room seating is available in fabric, leather or mesh and all with free delivery. If you have any questions you can ontact our expert sales team for advice by phone on 0800 2300 230.

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Meeting Room Furniture News

7 characteristics of highly effective meetings

10 Sep 2018
Do you find yourself drifting off in your meetings? Or perhaps you’ve noticed that although you are fully engaged, the rest of the team are not quite so enthused? You’ve got a meeting problem. Meetings are a necessary evil of the business environment, and whether it’s a big formal get together in the board room … … Read Full Story

How to run a more effective meeting

20 Jun 2018
We’ve all felt the dread at the thought of a meeting coming up. All too often, what should be a short, focused meeting to move work forward becomes a long, sprawling affair. Contributors get talked over, the agenda ignored and those who don’t feel engaged find themselves fighting off sleep. Poor planning and an ineffective … … Read Full Story

Making your meetings more effective

25 May 2018
Why doesn’t anyone like office meetings? We’ll tell you why; because they are often huge wastes of time that could be better spent at our desks. Meetings are something of a necessary evil, in that, without them, teamwork would be much harder. Unfortunately, due to the lack of effectiveness of the people running those meetings, … … Read Full Story

Things you do at the conference table that are driving your co-workers mad

22 May 2018
Like it or not, the majority of us have to spend around one third of our waking lives in our workplace, and with a group of people we probably wouldn’t have picked to spend all that time with. This means rubbing along with people who may or may not be well matched to our personality, … … Read Full Story

Six simple ways to keep the ‘office 15’ at bay

21 May 2018
Is your job making you fat? Recent studies show that excess food consumption coupled with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle at work is causing many of us to gain weight; on average 15 pounds within a year of starting a desk job. Dubbed the ‘office 15’, it’s a common phenomenon which many men and women struggle … … Read Full Story

Narrowing down the choice of meeting room chairs

18 Feb 2018
The choice of meeting room chairs is as wide as the choice for other office and workplace furniture yet it can be a lot more difficult to select the right product for you. An office chair is usually selected with a particular employee in mind or is at least selected with a particular work task … … Read Full Story

Make them say yes

28 Dec 2017
Business meetings are often all about wanting to gain a consensus of opinion with regard to a certain topic – about making the attendees say “yes” to a proposal. Presenting a good argument is of course essential, but that is not the be-all and end-all. It’s also important to set the scene and to be … … Read Full Story

How to turn basic to brilliant when it comes to your budget boardroom

26 Nov 2017
Your meeting space is the shop window for your organisation. It’s where you show off what you are about and what you can do in front of visitors, potential clients and possible collaborators. Yet, the meeting room can reside at the bottom of the list when budgets for office décor are being thrashed out. Perhaps, … … Read Full Story

So why are we having a meeting?

22 Aug 2017
The answer is because we love to have them. Meetings are about sharing ideas, being creative and working through innovative outcomes. OK, I will remove my rose tinted spectacles! Meetings have become a necessary evil of our every day life and I suppose if you think about it, if we didn’t sit down and engage … … Read Full Story

Do first impressions really count?

19 Jul 2017
We know that they do when it comes to meeting someone for the first time as we will always judge a person by their appearance, demeanour and presentation, whether we like it or not. But does the same apply to inanimate objects such as the furniture in a meeting room? Not unsurprisingly the answer is … … Read Full Story

How to make your meetings less boring

20 Jun 2017
The whole idea of holding meetings is to inform and/or reach decisions. A badly construed or managed meeting can often become boring and defeat its own objective. However, there are certain things that you can do in order to make them less boring. Minimise the number of attendees One of the most common causes of … … Read Full Story

The Wow Factor: Designing a meeting room to impress

23 May 2017
If a business was to give a first impression, the meeting room would be it. Getting the design and ambience of a meeting room is highly important if you want to attract more business and retain your existing clients. It’s a key place that portrays how the business functions, and the events taking place within … … Read Full Story

Studio Reception Chairs

05 May 2017
Choosing the right reception furniture poses a special challenge; here the furniture that you choose should not only be functionally effective but it should also be very presentable. Whether you like it or not your customers or your clients will judge your company or your firm based on the quality of the reception furniture. All … … Read Full Story