Clearly and easily inform your staff members or pupils about important information with noticeboards around your office or school. Making use of office noticeboards allows your staff to keep up-to-date with vital information and enables you to constantly communicate with your colleagues in a simple and easy way.

Noticeboards are also great for public areas of buildings, allowing guests and passersby to quickly read any information that may be relevant to them. Check out our range of noticeboards, including cork noticeboards and boards with tamper-proof shields, at Office Furniture Online today.

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Tamper-proof noticeboards

Browse our selection of noticeboards with tamper-proof screens to keep information and displays safe from being damaged or meddled with. These boards are ideal for use in schools to stop pupils from interfering with notices and presentations. Lockable screens also protect notices and keep them looking neater for longer, as well as ensuring that only approved messages reach the noticeboards.

Display and presentation office noticeboards

As well as using noticeboards to communicate with your colleagues, you could also use them as display and presentation furniture. Taking a noticeboard into a meeting is a fantastic way of communicating your thoughts, ideas, and results in a very visual way. You’ll keep the attention of the room a lot longer than if you were reading off a piece of paper. And, with a fantastic selection of colours to choose from, you can choose the right fit to engage your audience.

Cork noticeboards

Cork noticeboards have a warm and natural appearance that is suited to a variety of workplaces and aesthetics. These versatile noticeboards boast self-healing properties, as once pins are removed, the cork material will naturally close up, minimising visible holes. Additionally, cork noticeboards are an affordable solution to communication and display requirements.

Reliable office noticeboards at Office Furniture Online

Office Furniture Online is a reliable supplier of noticeboards. We’re rated ‘excellent’ on Trustpilot and offer free delivery on all orders over £200. If you’re looking to make a bulk purchase and require some assistance, you can make use of our free space planning.

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