School Lockers

Boost your school’s storage options with our selection of school lockers, available for both primary and high school age groups. Ensure your students have a secure place to store books, valuables and other possessions in our robst school lockers.

Whether you’re after standard compact lockers for a high school corridor or brightly-coloured storage lockers for a primary school classroom, our range of lockers for schools has everything you need. We even stock Bykebins, the padlock-securing bike locker, which can be interlocked in a row for the horizontal storage of bikes.

Many of our school lockers are delivered already assembled, meaning all you have to do is slide them into place and decide who gets one! With a variety of colour options and lockers for a range of age groups, it’s easy to find the perfect option for your school.

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Secure and high-quality school lockers

Running out of storage in your primary school? Tidy away bags and possessions with these Junior Lockers, designed especially for the education sector and the perfect height for primary school age children. There’s even a selection of door colours to match to your school decor!

Not forgetting high school lockers, these Metric Lockers are powder coated with ActiveCoat antibacterial coating to help meet hygiene standards. Offered with 1-6 doors, these lockers are available in blue, grey or red.

Encourage cycling with our secure Bykebins bike lockers, ideal for use in hospital grounds, universities and bus stations, as well as schools. Install them in minutes by easily fixing to the ground and interlocking with neighbouring lockers. These lockers come with a padlock and key and have internal hooks on the inside of the door, making them ideal for storing waterproofs and helmets!

High-quality school furniture

Searching for A+ quality school furniture? Our stock also includes classroom tables in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, and sturdy teacher’s desks with drawers. Refresh your school’s learning environment for students and teachers alike with our range of options.

In addition to school lockers, we also sell arts and crafts storage units to free up even more valuable room! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact our team who can advise on the best furniture solutions.

Bulk orders from Office Furniture Online

We also offer discounts on large orders to keep costs at a minimum and make the buying process simpler for you.

If you’re struggling to decide which of our school lockers are best-suited to your school, we can help you choose with detailed advice and guidance. Just contact our team to find out more!