Chair Trolleys

At Office Furniture Online we have a variety of chair trolleys that allow you to stack and manoeuvre safely for big events like school assemblies, office conferences or concerts. All of our stacking chair trolleys come in a variety of sizes from triple rows to single. Most importantly, they’re all easy to use, help you with efficiency, and are safe for your staff to use. Need to make an impact at your next event? Discover more presentation accessories.

What are chair trolleys used for?

Chair trolleys are mainly used for stacking, manoeuvring  and storage purposes. They will make your event set up and pack up that much more efficiently, as well as safer for your staff due to less heavy lifting being required. 

What type of chair trolley do I need?

At Office Furniture Online, we offer a variety of chair trolleys, which can help with manoeuvring, storage and folding chairs. We have everything from chair dollies to stacking chair trolleys. However, not all chair trolleys will be suitable for your needs, so it’s important to consider which design is best. 

Discover which chair trolley is best for your events:

Chair dolly – This is used for simple movement but not for storage. With a chair dolly, you’ll have to stack your chairs, pick up and wheel off to your chosen location. This is ideal if you already have non-folding chairs. 

Chair storage/stacking chair trolley – This is useful for both movement and storage of folding chairs. Perfect for larger events where you will need a quick turnaround on set up and pack up. 

Stair climbing chair trolley/rolling chair trolley – If you need to move over multiple floors or transport chairs over longer distances, make sure your chair trolley has wheels and is easily manoeuvrable.  

What size chair trolley do I need?

This all depends on the size of your events. If you have a bigger space to fill, it may be easier to choose high hanging chair trolleys for stacking with multiple rows. That means more chair space, so less to and fro-ing when setting up. Your chairs will also all be in one place and can be rolled away neatly upon packing up. Only have a small event and need a couple of chairs? A chair dolly may be the best solution. You can simply stack your chairs, pick up and roll away. 

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