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Mailroom Furniture / Equipment

Organise your mailroom with our vast selection of mailroom equipment and furniture. At Office Furniture Online, we offer a comprehensive range of mailroom storage equipment designed to streamline mail handling and enhance organisational efficiency. Our range includes solutions such as mail sorters and mailroom shelving. These purpose-built pieces are crafted with durability and functionality in mind, allowing for efficient sorting, storage, and distribution of incoming and outgoing mail.

A must-have for every mailroom, find a mailroom trolley from our wide-ranging selection. From small mail distribution to stairclimbing trolleys, you can find your perfect mailroom storage solution and other office accessories at Office Furniture Online.

Wide range of mail trolleys

Shop our diverse selection of mailroom trolleys, providing a wide range of options to suit different mail handling needs. From compact and mobile trolleys designed for small offices to larger, heavy-duty trolleys suitable for high-volume mailrooms, Office Furniture Online has trolleys to meet every demand. Our trolleys feature smooth-rolling wheels and ergonomic handles for easy manoeuvrability. 


Mail sorting systems

Keep your mailroom organised with our selection of mail sorting systems and pigeon hole units. Shop free-standing and mobile mail sorters to find the perfect mailroom storage solution for your needs at Office Furniture Online. These mail sorting systems feature multiple compartments or slots, allowing for easy categorisation and quick access to mail items.

Our pigeon hole units blend seamlessly into your office space and even come in a range of 12 finishes to best match your existing furniture. Office Furniture Online's pigeon hole units provide an efficient and visually appealing storage solution, enhancing productivity and tidiness in the workplace. 


Durable mailroom equipment

Here at Office Furniture Online, we understand the importance of reliable furniture and equipment, that’s why our mailroom equipment is built to withstand the rigours of repeated daily use. Made from reliable materials including steel, our mail sorters are built with durability in mind. Their metal composition also makes them easy to clean and promotes their longevity.


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