Draughtsman Chairs

Work on your posture throughout the day with our range of high-quality but affordable draughtsman chairs, ideal for those who work at higher desks, counters or benches. Adjustable to the height of your desk, these ergonomically designed draughtsman office chairs are perfect for injecting much-needed comfort into long working hours and are available in a range of colours with various additional features.

If your desk is higher than average, a draughtsman chair could be the solution to your problems. Reduce the risks of the aches and pains associated with sitting at a desk all day with the ergonomic features of a draughtsman chair. These include lumbar support and contoured backrests.

With a wide array of colours to choose from – including classic black and grey or bolder shades such as blue, green, orange and purple – it’s easier than ever to find the right draughtsman chair to match your workspace. We also offer a range of materials including leather, fabric, mesh and plastic draughtsman chairs.


Improve your posture with a draughtsman chair

At Office Furniture Online, our range of draughtsman chairs includes a range of colours and styles, as well as additional features such as adjustable armrests, footrests and more. The ergonomic design of a draughtsman chair helps to prevent slouching - just what we all need!

Make the most of the adjustable features of your draughtsman chair and change the tilt, backrest height, and seat height to suit your seating requirements. Need more office furniture? Take a look at our full collection of office chairs for more great seating options for your organisation. Or choose an adjustable office desk to pair with your new draughtsman chair.

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