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Operator Chairs (commonly known as desk chairs or computer chairs) are specifically designed for us at desks, with their option of adjustable arms and lumbar support offering the user the maximum adjustment to find their ideal seating position. Most of our operator chairs also come with adjustable seating height and backrests, along with armrests and back support.

Desk chairs are designed in this format to help reduce the incidence of repetitive chair strain injury which can be caused through sitting at a computer/desk for extended periods of time. Current health and safety laws require that businesses provide desk chairs that can be adjusted to the users individual requirements.

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Desk Chairs FAQs

What is the difference between a desk chair and a task chair?
Desk chair or computer chairs are developed to provide support and comfort for an entire working day (between 6 or 8 hours) whereby a task chair is not intended to be used for an extended period of time (around 4 hours or more)

Why do operator chairs have wheels?
In 2020, the vast majority of operator chairs have 5 wheels, these wheels are designed to allow users to rotate and converse with colleagues whilst moving around their desk with relative ease. whilst Castor wheels also provide balance and comfort which allows users to stay comfortable for longer.

How often should a computer chair be replaced?
Based upon a user sitting in a computer chair for 38 hours per week, we would expect even the cheapest computer chairs we supply to last between 8 to 10 years. This can however vary depending on the usage, for example, office chairs used and adjusted regularly by people of varying weights and heights may begin to show signs of wear sooner than a chair which maintains a fixed height from a single user.