Workshop and Warehouse Chairs

Industrial environments ordinarily require more robust furniture and equipment than your average workspace, largely thanks to the heavy items, hard surfaces, higher desk heights and the exposed periods of wear and tear that they have to endure. This includes any seating, which is where industrial office chairs come in. 

With an industrial office chair, you’re investing in a product that is durable and hard wearing as well an aesthetically pleasing addition to the decor of your office, stockroom, shop floor or warehouse. Also known as workshop stools or warehouse chairs, this dependable style of seating affords you the extra height to cope with taller work surfaces, all while simultaneously offering a safe and comfortable perch that meets the many various health and safety requirements. 

Here at Office Furniture Online, you’ll find a wide range of industrial chairs in a number of ergonomic designs, whether that’s work stools or a draughtsman chair, our products come available in a range of style features with the majority enjoying express delivery. For similar products, head on over to our range of operator and task chairs.