Anti Static Chairs

At Office Furniture Online you’ll find an amazing range of anti-static chairs, ideal for a variety of working environments. ESD chairs (short for Electrostatic Dissipative) are specifically designed to direct static charge to the earth, rather than to the user of the chair. You’ll find them widely used in the electronics and electrical industries, particularly in the likes of processing plants, warehouses and factories. 

If you’re working with electrical components, it’s integral that you invest in an anti-static chair so as not to damage the parts. That said, static electricity can also cause a lot of problems within your standard office environment, and the mere act of sitting down on and standing up from a chair generates electrical charges between 3,000 and 5,000 volts via any contacted surfaces. 

Among our high-quality range of stock, you’ll find static dissipative chairs in both castor and glider styles, with a range of material finishes and colour options to choose from to suit any decor style or scheme. If you’re searching for similar products, head over to our stellar selection of operator and task chairs