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5 top tips to improve your mailroom efficiency

11 Sep 2018
Mailrooms can be a crucial part of any successful business and having one which works well and optimises efficiency makes sense for every company. Efficient mailrooms reduce human error, boost employee morale and ensure mail is being handled in the best possible way. If your mailroom efficiency leaves something to be desired, take a moment … … Read Full Story

Could your business save money on postage?

07 Sep 2018
If you deal with a lot of paperwork in your business, you’ll already know just how quickly postage costs can start to mount up. Brochure requests, quotes, hard copy invoices… whatever your sending through the post, it makes sense to stay in control of the amount you are spending. Modern technology can help to manage … … Read Full Story

How to design an efficient mailroom

03 Sep 2018
Running a successful business relies on maximising efficiency in every process. Designing a well thought out mailroom can help to reduce staff time for sorting, distributing and organising mail, helping the whole business to run like a well-oiled machine. From the positioning of furniture to the investment in sort units, mailroom trolleys and other equipment, … … Read Full Story

Setting up a mailroom for your new or expanding business

22 Jan 2018
You might be excused for thinking that in today’s digital age there is no need for a mailroom, or mailroom furniture. However, you would be wrong. You’ll find that most big businesses and organisations including government offices, high street banks and insurance companies, to mention but a few, all still find the need to have … … Read Full Story