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Save space and satisfy all of your applications with our range of multi-use folding tables. Perfect where space is a premium, simply fold away after use and store on of our handy table trolleys. Furnish your office space and training rooms with our folding meeting tables. Choose from our shaped modular folding conference tables to configure your bespoke conference solution. Equip your dining or break out areas with our folding dining tables, canteen tables and folding tables and bench solutions. Or simply choose a multi purpose table that will suit many applications.

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5 things you’ll love about our folding tables

16 Jan 2018
There are times when you just need some extra space. Whether it’s for extra working surfaces, product displays or coffee pots, having more table tops is sometimes unavoidable. If you require more space on a temporary basis but have a fairly regular need, choosing to buy your own compact folding tables can be a great solution, and … … Read Full Story

How to make your meetings less boring

20 Jun 2017
The whole idea of holding meetings is to inform and/or reach decisions. A badly construed or managed meeting can often become boring and defeat its own objective. However, there are certain things that you can do in order to make them less boring. Minimise the number of attendees One of the most common causes of … … Read Full Story

Folding tables helped conquer the world….

23 May 2017
The history of the folding table is quite a fascinating one as archaeologists have uncovered evidence to suggest that the very first folding tables were used by the Ancient Egyptians, although it is possible that the Chinese were using them before them. A fascinating and simple mechanical device, the folding table is one where the … … Read Full Story