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We have the UK's largest selection of filing cabinets available in all different shapes and sizes including wooden filing cabinets, metal filing cabinets, SOHO filing cabinets and lateral filing cupboards all in a wide range of colours. With extensive guarantees, and stylish modern designs, Office Furniture Online is the place to buy your filing cabinets. If you need help choosing the perfect filing cabinet then you can contact our sales team for advice on 0844 248 7001.

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Co-working works: Here’s why

21 May 2018
The trend for coworking is showing no signs of abating, as more and more businesses realise the potential benefits of this strategy. From designers to start ups, sole traders to multinational corporations, many are choosing to work alongside other people with different talents, with a view to life being ‘better together’. If you’re wondering how … … Read Full Story

Cheap Filing Cabinets | Buy Cheap Filing Cabinets | Cheap Filing Cabinets UK

12 Mar 2018
  Cheap Filing Cabinets When someone asks for a cheap filing cabinet we understand that they not looking for something cheap, but actually looking for something that is inexpensive. This is quite an important point to make as there are lots of ‘cheap filing cabinets’ on sale today but do you really want something cheap? … … Read Full Story

George Osborne spent £10m on treasury interior revamp..

01 Jan 2018
Days before the stupendous cuts announced in the Autumn Statement, George Osborne has been found to have spent £10,200,000 on re-vamping his already exclusive Whitehall HQ treasury. Please do not throw things at your computer screen or start shouting and swearing, thinking what the hell!! I have already had to replace my screens and have … … Read Full Story

The complete guide to buying filing cabinets

11 Dec 2017
Storing all the necessary documents correctly is crucial in an organised, efficient and law abiding business. Whether you run a multinational corporation or are a sole trader, you will have certain pieces of paperwork which must be kept for three year, six years or sometimes indefinitely. Having a logical and effective place to store these … … Read Full Story

Creating Clutter-free Offices With Space Efficient Filing Cabinets

20 Aug 2017
Though everyone talks about creating paperless offices, there are number of practical challenges in moving in this direction. So when you are setting your new office you need to take into account the massive number of files that your office has to handle. The number of files will only continue to increase. Managing these files … … Read Full Story

Mexico Designer Shelving Unit

11 Jun 2017
These days home offices are becoming increasingly popular as most people work from home or have a home based business to supplement their income. If you too are setting up a home office you will have to furnish it well only then you will be able to create an environment where you will feel like … … Read Full Story

Do you really need that Filing Cabinet anymore?

13 Mar 2017
It may seem a strange question but when you consider the amount of information we consume on a daily basis and the sheer weight of paper that this information takes up then it’s a question worth asking. At the dawn of the computer age people predicted that in 30 years there would be no need … … Read Full Story