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  • Three Year Warranty
    Three Year Warranty
  • Sit comfortably in this innovative lumbar air adjusted operator chair.
  • Endorsed and approved by Robert Bateman BSC DC DCHA Chiropractor, see below.
  • Designed for commercial office use up to 8 hours per day and EN 1335 certified.
  • Ergonomically contoured high backrest for comfort and support.
  • Generously proportioned sculpted seat pad with waterfall seat front.
  • Waterfall seat further eases pressure on the thighs for improved circulation.
  • Back rest height and tilt adjustment infinitely lockable in any position.
  • Lockable tilt offers flowing tilt function backwards and forwards encouraging body movement.
  • Integral seat slide adjusts seat depth to user’s body enhancing comfort and ergonomics.
  • Fitted with inflatable lumbar support by means of an adjustable airbag in the backrest.
  • To adjust the chair to your body, inflate the airbag, sit in the chair and press the deflate button to the preferred level.
  • TUV and BIFMA tested gas lift seat adjustment sets the chair at the user’s optimum height.
  • Suitable for persons up to 110kg (17 stone).
  • Supplied complete with multi-functional height adjustable armrests.
  • Non locking multi-functional armrests allow the flexibility of the armrest to move with your arm position to give support when using a keyboard and help reduce RSI.
  • Durable 5 star base in contemporary chrome finish with premium twin wheel hooded castors.
  • Upholstered in Crib 5 fabric and fire retardant tested to BS5852.
  • 2 year manufacturers guarantee.
  • Delivered flat packed for easy self assembly or assembled for immediate use!
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Chiropractor Report - Deluxe Air Lumbar - Large Fully Loaded Operator Chair with Posture Sprung Seat

Pocket Sprung Seats - they help you do exactly what the name suggests and provide ongoing active support helping with core stability and aiding in the reduction of spinal compression. Pocket Sprung Office Seating has been developed to offer an inexpensive solution towards providing support, comfort and core stability, should that be home, office, call centre or control room. Developed for our ranges we use the same principal as that used in pocket sprung mattresses. They take your shape and provide ongoing support.

So how does this work? Well first of all the spring has to be a made from steel that has to be a particular gauge otherwise too thin and the spring would collapse, too hard and the seat would be too firm. The pocket sprung seat base provides a more balanced support across the seat pad of the chair promoting more stable posture thus reducing strain on the spine, pelvis and hips. Pocket sprung office seating reduce the pressure on the sciatic nerve, sacroiliac joints and the pelvic girdle, three of the most common causes of back pain in sedentary workers other than back pain. Posture-Pocket helps to improve core stability and reduce spinal compression Air flow is allowed to flow through the seat between user and seat pan providing a more comfortable experience. Unlike some foams, pocket sprung seats will not collapse over time.

Height Adjustable Contoured Back with Inflatable Lumbar Support – Allows the best support with the inflatable cushion making sure it is in the correct place to support more efficiently. It can be inflated to provide as much or as little extra support that is required. This helps to prevent lower back injuries and increase comfort and strain in those users with pre-existing injuries.

Lockable Tilt Angle allows users to lock chair in different positions for different tasks. improves support and allows the user to maintain a position with no effort to change the position of and reduce the stress on the body.

Seat Slide allows adjustment of the depth of the seat cushion to get the most comfortable seat position with the most efficient level of support from the seat back and avoiding any compromise of the circulation to the legs. This is also helped by the rounded cushions of the seat pad. Pressure in the buttock muscles and thighs is reduced improving circulation and decreasing the incidence of Deep Vein Thrombosis.

What does Chiropractor Approved and Endorsed mean?

This chair has been examined and tested by a UK registered Chiropractor with over 20 years of full time clinical experience – Robert Bateman BSc DC DCHA, GCC Registration No. 00412.

Every chair in the Chiropractor Endorsed range has been designed as a combination of engineering and manufacturing expertise and the natural human anatomy, biophysics and biomechanics.

Every feature is on the chair for a reason and has been developed to match the natural shape of the spine and pelvis as the chair has been built but with parameters to the features so that the chairs suit a wide range of users.

The Chiropractor has been involved in the designing phase and testing of the chairs, compiling reports on each chair to demonstrate their benefits as an Ergonomic office chair.

The criteria that makes an office chair ergonomic are nicely set out by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS): https://www.ccohs.ca/oshanswers/ergonomics/office/chair.html

All of the chairs that bear the Chiropractor Endorsed seal go above and beyond the simple criteria outlined by the CCOHS.

Dimensions   (mm) 
Back Width   500 
Back Height   585 
Total Height   1040 to 1140 
Seat Height   495 to 570 
Seat Depth   480 to 535 
Seat Width   505 
Overall Depth   665 
Overall Width   625 

8 Hour Usage
8 Hour Usage
Suitable for up to 8 hours a day, 7 days a week
Up To 110kg
Up To 110kg
Suitable for users up to 110 KG
Chiropractor Approved
Chiropractor Approved
Tried and tested by a UK Chiropractor.
Height Adjustable Arms
Height Adjustable Arms
Personalised support with height adjustable support.
Adjustable Lumbar support
Adjustable Lumbar support
Adjustable support for the lower back for a more tailored experience.
Gas Lift Adjustment
Gas Lift Adjustment
Adjust seat height to the optimum height for the user.
Independent Back Tilt
Independent Back Tilt
Backrest moves independently from the seat.
Tilt Lock - Infinitely Lockable
Tilt Lock - Infinitely Lockable
Lockable in any position. Seat and back move together.
Seat Slide
Seat Slide
Adjust the seat depth to better suit user height.

Deluxe Air Lumbar - Large Fully Loaded Operator Chair

3 Year Warranty
8 Hour Usage
Up To 110kg
Chiropractor Approved

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