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5 employee perks that your small business can offer to stay competitive with the big boys

11 Jun 2018
If you have a limited budget to spend on keeping your employees happy then you are typical of the many small businesses in the UK. However, you are expected to be able to compete with the likes of Google who offer fairground rides and nap rooms! Whilst you may not be able to keep up … … Read Full Story

Top tips to help you stay focused if you’re working from home

10 Jun 2018
More people than ever are choosing to work from home, either in a flexible working arrangement with their employer or by freelancing or running a small business of their own. Home working offers many benefits, including flexible hours, a sense of freedom and improved work/life balance. However, there are downsides – especially when you’re first … … Read Full Story

Should you put your CPU on the floor or the desk?

09 Jun 2018
Whether you’re working in an office or your home, protecting the lifespan of your computer is critical to making sure you get the most out of the investment. Prolonging your computer’s life will mean shelling out less money over time and prevent critical crashes in the middle of important work. Where you actually store your … … Read Full Story

How office design can help tackle stress in the workplace

07 Jun 2018
Work-related stress in on the rise across the UK, with many experts believing it has reached epidemic levels. Stress-related absence has increased as a result and many businesses are experiencing high levels of turnover and a “revolving door” that means a great expense in constantly recruiting and training staff. In increasingly difficult economic times, staff … … Read Full Story

The best desk setup to reduce your aches and pains

06 Jun 2018
Sedentary work could be making you ill. Research has shown us that sitting for long periods of time can cause aches and pains that suggest your body is storing up trouble for the future. Work-related health issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injuries and chronic back pain are on the rise as more and … … Read Full Story

10 amazing office desk hacks to improve productivity

04 Jun 2018
We spend a surprising amount of our lives sitting at our desks. Considering that, you’d think we’d spend more time making sure those desks work for us. Setting up our workspace for optimum efficiency and inspiration can improve our productivity, making us feel more alert and less tired into the bargain. Here are 10 top … … Read Full Story

One in four UK workers would prefer home working over a pay rise

03 Jun 2018
Increasing numbers of employers are looking at flexible working as an alternative to the traditional office-based model of workforce. In fact, over a third of companies in the UK now offer flexible working of some kind. However, a lot of employers remain unconvinced, fearing that allowing remote working from home will impact on productivity. That … … Read Full Story

Choosing the best computer desk as a student

02 Jun 2018
So, you’re starting your new course, and you want a workstation that’s going to see you through in comfort and style. Like most students, you’re no doubt strapped for cash, so you want to get your purchase right the first time. Here’s what you need to look for in your computer desk for University. Look … … Read Full Story

Persuading the boss to let you work from home

31 May 2018
Working from home is an increasingly popular business trend, and many employees report it makes them more productive, less stressed and happier in their job. They also tend to save both time and money, with no more commuting to be done or parking fees to pay, and enjoy the autonomy that working from home gives … … Read Full Story

More employers are prioritising employee happiness

30 May 2018
Eighteen years ago, a Detroit tech company called Vectorform created a workplace of boyhood dreams. Employees zipped down the corridors on skateboards and scooters, played Lego to unleash their creativity and held team meetings over board games once a week. They turned up in PJ’s, brought their dogs to work or just worked from home … … Read Full Story

Desktop versus laptop: Which suits you best?

30 May 2018
If you’re working from home it’s likely that one of the most important pieces of equipment you use will be your computer. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, home computers are now capable of processing power that used to only be available in expensive, high-end units. However, when it comes to purchasing your computer, … … Read Full Story

The benefits of height adjustable computer desks

12 Jan 2018
Given that we spend such a large proportion of our lives at work, it’s important not only to enjoy what we do, but to be able to work in a comfortable environment. Good lighting and adequate heating are part of that environment, and so is being given the right tools to do the job; and … … Read Full Story

George Osborne spent £10m on treasury interior revamp..

01 Jan 2018
Days before the stupendous cuts announced in the Autumn Statement, George Osborne has been found to have spent £10,200,000 on re-vamping his already exclusive Whitehall HQ treasury. Please do not throw things at your computer screen or start shouting and swearing, thinking what the hell!! I have already had to replace my screens and have … … Read Full Story

Accent Real Wood Veneer Ergonomic Conference Desks

14 Dec 2017
If you are in search of the choicest selection of computer desks for your conference rooms or for your offices then Accent Real Wood Veneer ergonomic Conference Desks will be a perfect option. The contemporary design of these computer desks makes this furniture an excellent add-on to any modern day office. These computer desks come … … Read Full Story

Did you know office furniture can actually improve productivity?

06 Sep 2017
The more productive a business is, the more likely it is to be successful. Keeping running costs to a minimum has always been important. However it’s not just direct costs like materials and labour. Indirect costs such as administration also have a part to play, and if office staff are more productive, the cost of … … Read Full Story

How to make your office feel brighter

26 Aug 2017
Working in a dark, dingy office space is not conducive to productivity. It conjures up visions of Ebenezer Scrooge and Bob Cratchit, toiling away at their tall desks and grumpily going about their work under duress. The best thing, as all office designers would agree, is to have as much natural light in the office … … Read Full Story

And breathe… creating a sanctuary in your cubicle

26 Apr 2017
Did you know that you spend around a third of your life at work? That’s a long time to spend in a place that isn’t perfect for your needs. Workplace stress can be caused (or at least made worse) by a cluttered, busy desk. That being the case, is there any way you can stop … … Read Full Story

Designing an inspirational office

25 Apr 2017
We spend over a third of our lives at work. While we often put a lot of thought and care into designing our homes for optimum use and comfort, the same can’t always be said of our workspaces. Actually, research has shown that over 90% of employees reported being dissatisfied with their work environments. In … … Read Full Story

Standing Office Desk with a built in AI that learns from you and adjusts itself

12 Apr 2017
"Expert Tip - FYI: This is a multi featured desk, you can sit and stand at it." Standing Office Desk with a built in AI that learns from you and adjusts itself The new standing office desk from Stir is a marvel in its own right. Stir’s forward thinking has taken this designer looking office … … Read Full Story