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We have a massive choice of computer desks available, whether you're looking for a glass, a static desk or prefer something more mobile. We have every type of computer desk you need to add a touch of style to your home or office, in a choice of finishes to compliment your existing furniture. If you need your computer desk in a hurry, why not take a look at our next day selection - with FREE delivery how can you go wrong!

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Six simple ways to reduce absenteeism at your office

19 Aug 2018
Employee absenteeism and sickness at work hits business in the bottom line. Despite this, many employers not only don’t track time off properly, they also don’t know where to begin tackling it. It’s important to know the reasons for staff absence as this can give you some concrete ways to start bringing it down. Here … … Read Full Story

London startups get furnished with benefits, thanks to new desk surfing opportunities

09 Aug 2018
Office space in London is at a premium, with many freelancers and small business owners finding it impossible to afford rental costs in the city. When working from home is no longer possible, either due to expansion or suitability of the space, many small businesses are left wondering how and where they’ll find a new … … Read Full Story

Decluttering your desk drawer

01 Aug 2018
Working in a cluttered and untidy environment can sap your enthusiasm and your productivity. Why not set a few hours aside to do something about it? If you are investing in next day Aura Desks for your workspace you will want to show them off and not cover them with mountains of paper. Here are … … Read Full Story

Creating an on-trend home office… here’s how

28 Jul 2018
Working from home does not mean that you have to compromise on style. Your colleagues at the city-centre office are not the only ones who deserve a sleek, modern workspace where they can build their reputations. With the rise of home-working, there are now plenty of office products that you can use to kit out … … Read Full Story

The pros and cons of working from home

23 Jul 2018
Deciding whether to work from home or not is a difficult decision for many people. However, it is something more and more of us are faced with, as organisations are increasingly allowing staff members to work out of their homes. Not only this, but freelance jobs seem to be easier to access, as businesses have … … Read Full Story

Making a marvellously masculine home office

15 Jul 2018
Working from home is fantastic. You get to be your own boss, set your own hours and set up your working space specifically for you. Your own territory. Problem is, if you need help with that, you’ve probably been bombarded with search results on “setting up a home office” that reveal cute little desks, pastel … … Read Full Story

Bad internet prevents four million from working at home

13 Jul 2018
Slow broadband, poor quality calls and a lack of mobile network coverage are hampering millions of UK home workers, according to a survey carried out by uSwitch. A quarter of respondents said their mobile or broadband service had caused them problems when working from home. Half of all people surveyed said that their experiences with … … Read Full Story

Better office design could help you retain millennials

11 Jul 2018
Staff recruitment is an expensive business. You have the outlay of searching for, shortlisting, interviewing and selecting candidates. Then you spend months training them up and equipping them with the skills to do the job effectively. It’s a financial and business disaster if they promptly leave you, taking precious skills and knowledge to a competitor. … … Read Full Story

Quick and dirty tips for amazing office design

11 Jul 2018
As a new start-up you may not have a huge budget for kitting out your office but this does not mean that you want to compromise on design. It is essential that you get the look and feel of your workspace just right so that you can attract the staff that you need and impress … … Read Full Story

Sky’s new office sets the bar for modern office design

10 Jul 2018
Sky Central, the communication company’s newly upgraded headquarters, is setting the standard for innovative office design that encourages collaboration and time management. It arises from fairly humble beginnings; a low rise modish steel exterior set. However, if you try to walk around it, you soon realise that the building is huge and one side of … … Read Full Story

Do you really need that coffee? 5 ways it’s affecting your performance

10 Jul 2018
Heading straight for the coffee machine is common way to start the working day. Thousands of employees (and bosses) cannot even open an email without reaching for the caffeine-laden beverage. However, as a nation of coffee-addicts slumped at our Aspect Bench Desks are we missing out on something? Before you head off for your third … … Read Full Story

During an interview, Trump pressed the red button. You won’t believe what happened next….

09 Jul 2018
We’ve all sat at Braemar Pro Office Desks and had a sudden craving for a snack or a sugary drink. That’s what office work does to you, right? Should the President of the United States be any different? The trick is making sure that the boss is looking the other way before reaching into our … … Read Full Story

How to choose the right gaming computer desk for your teen

08 Jul 2018
No amount of nagging is going to get your teen off the computer games. If you have an Xbox in your house then your teens are going to want to play on it. You could try turning off the broadband or cutting the electricity supply but this is only going to result in a huge … … Read Full Story

Demand for standing desks is on the rise as wellbeing proves to be a priority

08 Jul 2018
Wellbeing at work is no longer a luxury that employers claim they cannot afford. A raft of health and safety legislation, coupled with the acknowledgement that healthy workers are more productive, has resulted in a focus on healthy workplaces and ergonomic office design. This is reflected in some new research in the area. A study … … Read Full Story

Could your desk be holding your career back?

07 Jul 2018
Are you failing to climb up the career ladder because no-one in your workplace has noticed you? It may be that you are hidden away in a tiny office, crammed with Triumph Office Desks located at the end of a long corridor. You do not have the opportunity to share your innovative ideas or show … … Read Full Story

5 things you can do to be healthier when you have to sit all day

06 Jul 2018
Sitting down all day sounds like an easy life but it could be doing more damage to your body than you realise. The sitting position itself can put a strain on the joints and soft tissues of the lower back. Over time, the area can become inflamed and this can lead to chronic pain. Problems … … Read Full Story

Buying the very best desk for your home office

05 Jul 2018
Multitasking is the buzz word of this decade but did you know that it applies to desks as well as people? If you work from home you may not have the room for a desk that is reserved purely for office work. It will have to perform other functions if it is going to earn … … Read Full Story

Ergonomic workspaces linked with improvements in productivity

05 Jul 2018
Ergonomics has taught us much about the value of looking after our health and wellbeing at work. However, employers are increasingly learning the value of using ergonomics to put employees’ wellbeing front and foremost and many of them are reaping the rewards. While sickness absence is the most obvious example of where wellness affects business … … Read Full Story

Don’t underestimate the impact of design on your bottom line

04 Jul 2018
Small businesses ignore the influence that the working environment has on their employee’s motivation and productivity at their peril. This is an opportunity that is too good to miss and that costs little to exploit. Part of the problem is that employees do not feel able to voice concerns about the office design to their … … Read Full Story

Top employee wellness trends to watch out for in 2017

03 Jul 2018
“Employee wellness” might have seemed like the last trend but increasing number of employers are recognising the benefits of putting employees’ health and welfare first. You not only have a duty of care under health and safety legislation to look after your employees and prevent them coming to harm – focusing on your employees’ health … … Read Full Story