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Students can take notes, write, and draw, flip the board and enjoy the double area available of the Bi-Office Laptop Non-Magnetic Mini Whiteboard. Thanks to the high quality, dry-wipe surfaces, it's ok to try and make mistakes, as they can wipe the board clean and just start again. This whiteboard is also a great alternative to verbally answering a question in class. Besides ensuring active participation, it encourages the ones who may be too shy to put their hand up to answer a question, building their confidence.

  • Engaging tool that broadens the learning experience in the classroom.
  • Lightweight and robust portable board to be used with dry wipe markers and erasers.
  • Ideal for children and young students.
  • Plain on one side, gridded on the other to help perfect letter and number formation.
  • Grids help to draw charts and diagrams and to complete math exercises.
  • Frameless round edges and corners make this lightweight yet resistant portable board a safe and engaging method for students to learn.
  • Supplied with 1 dry wipe marker and its clip.
  • Choose from A4 or A3 sizes
  • Sold in packs of 6
  • Stain resistant and easily washable
  • Boards can be used either landscape or portrait
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Bi-Office Laptop Whiteboards (Packs of 6)


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