What Do Parents Really Do at Work: Insights from the Little Observers

What Do Parents Really Do at Work: Insights from the Little Observers

Children say the funniest things – a phrase we’ve all said. Our curious little observers are forever making surprising comments and drawing unconventional conclusions, providing us with an endless source of entertainment. And, with the rise in remote jobs and hybrid working, the line between professional and personal lives often blurs, especially for working parents, leading to some rather questionable assumptions about what their parents do for a living.

We decided to uncover the mystery of what children think their parents do at work and get an insight into their inquisitive little minds. From board meetings and ping pong to interviews and drinking a lot of coffee, let’s explore the working world from the mouths of babes.

Insights From the Little Observers

We interviewed children of various ages to gain insights into their perceptions of their parents’ work lives. Their responses ranged from amusing to insightful and, of course, included what we can only hope were a number of inaccuracies. When asked, “What does your little one think you do in the office all day?”, these were some of our responses:

Craig, 6 years old – thinks his mum prank calls people all day while typing the alphabet on the computer and eating chocolate raisins. Craig’s mum works in Business and Marketing.

Hunter, 4 years old – simply thinks his mum just talks a lot. Hunter’s mum works in Logistics.

Erin, 7 years old – said, “My mummy helps people and sees if people need the ambulance or not. She’s really kind, she gives people biscuits if they are poorly!”. Erin’s mum works in Healthcare and Social Assistance.

Felix, 5 years old – believes his mum plays ping pong all day. Felix’s mum works in Business and Marketing.

Emily, 4 years old – said her dad sits at a big desk and plays on his chair. Emily’s dad works in Logistics.

Lewis, 6 years old – thinks his mum looks at her computer and drinks coffee. Lewis’ mum works in Financial Services.

Sasha, 5 years old – said her dad spends the day playing on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Sasha’s dad works in Business and Marketing.

Holly, 6 years old – believes her mum drinks a lot of coffee and “does things”. Holly’s mum works in Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services.

Lucy, 8 years old – doesn’t see her mum leave or return from work so is convinced she doesn’t have a job. Lucy’s mum works in Digital Blogging.

While many of their observations are comical and heartwarming, it would seem that, on the whole, children are not too far off the mark when it comes to their parents’ jobs.

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