The Most Instagrammable Office Design Trends

The Most Instagrammable Office Design Trends

Whether you work in a multi-person office or have your own home office, a complicated office layout, drab furniture and dark walls are never going to boost anyone’s productivity. After all, studies have shown that we are happier working in a space with décor that lifts our mood and keeps our motivation levels high. With so many options to choose from, designing your office can feel a little overwhelming. But don’t worry; we sourced and studied data from Linkfluence to find out the most Instagrammable office décor trends over the last year so you can review which style will suit your office best.

Read on to discover top tips about how you can really spruce up your office to show off on Instagram’s famous grid and persuade your staff that your office is the place to be!

The Most Instagrammable Office Décor

Contemporary Design

The votes are in, and contemporary office décor is the most Instagrammed office design – and rightly so. Contemporary-style offices concentrate on minimalistic design, sleek furnishings, modern desks and framed art on the walls. The central colours are always cool, and the design is straightforward, so it’s an easy style to recreate in your own office.

Furniture in a contemporary office will be spaced out, consisting of wide central bench desks to sit at, along with high tables designed for meetings or lunch, with accompanying stools to sit at. And, if you want to make your office more contemporary, rip out the carpets and add sleek floors.

As well as contemporary designs for office spaces, these are the most Instagrammed office interior design trends for you to take inspiration from, in order of popularity:


Being the second most popular Instagrammable office design, vintage office design is still highly regarded. It’s rooted in leather-look chairs, tall, black bookcases and robust, wooden-wash desks. It’s all about reclaiming old style and incorporating this into your office space. To achieve this look, opt for dark teal or deep navy-blue coloured walls, which add a subtle splash of colour to suit the style.

If you’re working from home, a quilted red leather office chair will really bring in those vintage vibes. Or if you own a company and have a love for vintage décor, add stylish brown leather office chairs with high-arched arms to slide under each desk.


Industrial décor is another popular Instagram office favourite, likely because it concentrates on futuristic, artistic design. Think exposed brickwork, piped shelving, black-headed hanging lights, dark wooden furniture and musky grey-coloured walls.

You could even paint any exposed brick you have sharp grey, or if you want to achieve this look without stripping the walls, invest in brick-design wallpaper or paint the walls chalk grey or black. And if you work from home, a wide and patterned floor rug will add that finishing touch.


Minimalist office décor is what it says on the tin: it’s simple and unpretentious.

Minimalist office space provides breathing space for yourself or your employees with its calming designs. The white interior is awakening, and the lack of cluttered ornaments brings peace to your everyday.

To recreate this look, you’ll need a central focus on white, from the colour of your walls to your desks. Simply add wide or skinny desks into the mix, simplistic floor lamps and plants to spruce up your surroundings.


An urban office mixes contemporary and colourful designs together to create great décor. There’s no wonder it’s so Instagrammable because each office catches your attention.

Urban offices maintain a lot of space, despite having desks and other furniture dotted around. If you like this look, ensure nothing is crammed together in your office, and there are designated sitting spots for staff (or yourself) to lounge and relax. If your office needs a redesign, rip out any carpeted stairs and instead, add floating wooden stairs to add that urban touch to your space.


Rustic office space offers so much variation and creativity, which, in turn, boosts morale while you tap away on your keyboard. This look focuses on wood as the main material, which adds a super cosy feel to the room. This kind of office would typically have wooden desks, wooden beams and wood panelling to create an almost log-cabin-like feel.

Wide desks are an important element of this look, and you can recreate this design by adding freestanding desks to your space, or cabinet-style desks with oodles of drawers. A flat paisley rug will also add real character.


Retro designs are still as exciting as ever, and one that Instagrammers are clearly hoping to achieve from their office space. Rows of vinyl records will sit on the walls and standing desks are integral to achieving the overall look.

As you would expect, you can play around with décor when it comes to a retro office. Add accessories like a traditional pinboard, and have it resting against the wall of your desk. And don’t forget to focus on lighting, as this is a key feature of this design. Add black desk lamps across the office and floor lamps in empty corners to pad out the room.


With Instagram providing an easy and accessible way to view all different types of art, it’s no surprise that abstract office design is one of the leading favourites. The bright and bold colours that can be taken from this design bring happiness to your workspace and it’s just so aesthetically pleasing. Terrazzo patterned wallpapers bring large spaces of colour to an office, as do geometric murals, which you can easily put up yourself.

Despite the wackier walls, the furniture in this style of office is still pretty sharp and unassuming, with wide rectangle desks and curved Scandi-like chairs to sit on. You can make what you want with this style, that’s for sure.


Scandinavian office design has been a strong contender for some time, offering minimalist surroundings but with two key things in mind: functionality and practicality.

To create that Scandi look, add white (and minimal) desks to your space or a built-in corner workstation for those of you working from home. Dot prints around the office in black frames, sitting on simple shelves or the back wall of your corner desk. Wooden shell and relaxed, wooden wishbone chairs are a key trope from this type of working space, so take your pick depending on comfortability, a poly folding chair is a great choice!


You’ll likely have seen bohemian office designs splashed all over your Instagram feed because this style is not only pleasing to the eye but also easy to create. Much like bohemianism, a bohemian office will have an incredible yet unconventional style, incorporating spiritualism with an array of wild plants sitting beside the desk and on white floating shelves.

You can recreate this look by adding wooden writing desks to your space, tribal rugs and pastel-coloured, velvet-look chairs to lounge on at lunch, or beside each desk.

So, contemporary office design takes the top spot for office designs on Instagram, and now you know how to incorporate the most popular trends into your own working space. All you need to do now is pick your favourite! Discover even more expert advice on office space, furniture and more by heading over to our blog.

Methodology: We used the search listening platform Linkfluence to conduct social listening across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And we looked for the number of posts people were sharing around their home office setups and design type.