Office Desks: BN eRange Managerial Office Desks

BN Office Solution is a brand of Nowy Styl Group. Nowy Styl Group is a leading European manufacturer of office furniture. Their expertise combined with modern machinery and software guarantee the highest quality products.

BN's premium eRange furniture system is the highest quality furniture, with the style, function, strength and durability built into every element. Tough polished metal frames are encased in a rounded lacquered carcass for a clean, modern look; this is topped off with the highest quality veneer finish, available throughout all wooden elements. Unique features such as glass & leather desk inserts, hidden drawers, hidden cable management and shared veneer surfaces for modular storage make this the ultimate furniture system for combined function and style.

BN eRange Managerial Office Desks
BN eRange Managerial Furniture