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Impressing your visitors in the office

29 Jun 2018
No matter what kind of business you do, creating a first impression matters. Visitors to your office will judge your company on the basis of their experience and that could make the difference between sealing a deal – or even losing clients. Whether customers or clients, it’s important that you make visitors feel welcome and … … Read Full Story

What should be kept under lock and key at work?

28 Jun 2018
In the modern world, security is more crucial than ever, and keeping confidential or sensitive materials under lock and key now means a variety of things. Traditional security and fire safety is required for rooms, equipment and documentation but you also need to carefully consider digital security as well as business contingency and continuity. We … … Read Full Story

Organise your office and get more done

26 Jun 2018
No matter how organised we are, over time our office can tend towards disorder. Without constant maintenance, even the most orderly office can slowly and gradually become more disorganised as time goes by. If you’re looking around you at piles of paperwork, untidy corners of your desk and clutter everywhere you look, it could be … … Read Full Story

Employee privacy rights: What you need to know

25 Jun 2018
Within reason, all employees are entitled to privacy. They should be able to keep personal information at their desks without fear of it being stolen, misused or destroyed. Of course, anything that pertains to illegal or improper activity is not allowed, but it’s important that you know your rights and responsibilities whether you are an … … Read Full Story

Finding your first office space

24 Jun 2018
There’s no more exciting moment than when you’ve grown your business enough to move into your first office. However, it can be easy to get carried away in that excitement. It’s important that you make the right decision and there are a number of factors to consider. Location, available transport connections, facilities and nearby conveniences … … Read Full Story

How to create a filing system that works

23 Jun 2018
If your office works like most, you probably have a filing system, of sorts, in place. However, like many business, you might have found that over the years adherence to the system has slipped. Processes that were put in place five or ten years ago may not be as rigidly adhered to as they once … … Read Full Story

Delivered assembled or flat packed office furniture?

20 Jun 2018
When you’re purchasing office furniture, you often have a choice between flat-pack pieces that you build yourself or furniture that is delivered to you fully assembled. There are pros and cons to each and the right choice for you will depend on a number of factors. Here we take a look at the benefits of … … Read Full Story

What documents should be kept in a fireproof cupboard or safe?

15 Jun 2018
Whether you have personal documents you want to keep safe or you work from home or in an office and want to know how to protect documents from fire damage, you should consider investing in a fireproof cupboard or safe. However, you might not be sure which documents you need to protect. We take a … … Read Full Story

How to use hazardous storage cupboards

13 Jun 2018
Many businesses are covered by COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations in the uk. This legislation is designed to limit the risk of harm to workers who need to handle hazardous chemicals and covers a wide range of industries, including cleaning, laboratories, factories, offices, schools, hospitals and others. If your business comes under … … Read Full Story

The benefits of a modular office space

12 Jun 2018
Modular office design has become more popular in recent years due to its flexibility and the way in which it allows you to maximise space. Choosing a modular office space means that layouts and features can be moved around and reconfigured to adapt to a variety of uses. With floor space at a premium, this often … … Read Full Story

Dealing with a small workspace

11 Jun 2018
If you work from home and you’re forced to make do with a small space, whether a corner of a room or a setup in a closet, you can feel like you’ve got a bad deal. However, with some careful planning and choices, there’s no reason why you can’t make the most of your space. … … Read Full Story

Pimp your laptop: Five ideas for cool personalisation

11 Jun 2018
If your working life revolves around your laptop, why not consider customising it? If you run a small business and you take your laptop to client meetings, your laptop could act as an extension of your branding. Equally, if you’re a creative freelancer, customising a laptop with your own designs or illustrations makes the computer … … Read Full Story

Top tips for fire safety in the workplace

10 Jun 2018
Fire safety is all-important in the workplace. As an employer, you are responsible for first safety in the business. This means you need to be aware of legislation are fire safety and you need to implement proper processes and procedures to ensure you keep your staff safe. As the responsible person for the business, it’s … … Read Full Story

10 feng shui improvements for your office space

07 Jun 2018
Feng shui is a philosophy from China that is concerned with the harmonising of space and people’s interactions with it. It is related to Taoism and is designed around the principle of how Qi (or ch’I, pronounced “chee”), the life force of Chinese metaphysics, flows through an environment. In recent decades, feng shui has become … … Read Full Story

Home office hacks: Make your space work for you

06 Jun 2018
If you work from home, it’s crucial that you make the most of your space. Usually space is at a premium and often has to do double duty as both an office and a living or sleeping area. That can make it even harder than usual to keep everything organised. Luckily, some careful planning and … … Read Full Story

Raising the bar: Fun competitions for the workplace

04 Jun 2018
Staff motivation and morale takes work on an employers’ behalf – you can’t just expect it to happen on its own. One key way to keep your staff motivated is to inject a little fun and competition into the office. Once the province of Silicon Valley tech giants, relaxed work environments with fun, competitive challenges … … Read Full Story

How to become a project manager in the UK

03 Jun 2018
Have you considered becoming a project manager as a potential career progression? If you have a keen eye for details, an ability to create meaningful and comprehensive paper trails and you’re committed to maintaining your diary, this could be the career option for you. Project managers are responsible for managing every aspect of a project … … Read Full Story

Making the perfect revision space at home

02 Jun 2018
Studying for exams is often considered to be stressful, but with careful planning and revision, there’s no need for it to be so difficult. Plenty of preparation and careful time management can give you a great head start, but it’s also important to consider your environment. Creating a perfect revision space at home requires an … … Read Full Story

Simple steps to organising your paperwork.

31 May 2018
A disorganised office can cause all manner of headaches, eating into productivity and leading to stress. It’s impossible to expect your workforce to carry out tasks accurately and efficiently if you document procedures are all over the place. Thankfully, organising your paperwork isn’t difficult to do. All it requires is a little bit of time … … Read Full Story

Home workers should treat themselves

05 Mar 2018
Could people that work from home be the unsung heroes of modern times? These people are keeping their families together as they wade through thankless piles of dirty laundry to their solitary office desks or lonely work station. These home office types may sit huddled over their desks on their old wonky typists’ chairs but … … Read Full Story