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Home workers should treat themselves

05 Mar 2018
Could people that work from home be the unsung heroes of modern times? These people are keeping their families together as they wade through thankless piles of dirty laundry to their solitary office desks or lonely work station. These home office types may sit huddled over their desks on their old wonky typists’ chairs but … … Read Full Story

It really does pay to look your best in the office

04 Mar 2018
Studies show that the better dressed, better looking and slimmer you are will you typically get paid more and are promoted faster. Over the course of your career this can add up to be a significant difference. Any one in marketing will tell you that making a good first impression is crucial. They are often … … Read Full Story

Your Office, Your Image

01 Mar 2018
Your office says an awful lot about you and your company so when it comes to refurbishing your office you should choose furnishings that project your image. If you run a small but trendy graphic design company then you’ll want funky furnishings and accessories in your office. Office furniture needs to be practical but that … … Read Full Story

A tidy office desk is the key to success

07 Feb 2018
At some stage or other your office desk is going to look like a ‘bomb has hit it’ and usually this will be in the middle of a working day when you are at your busiest. To organise your own mind for the next day it is essential that you file your papers away and … … Read Full Story

Get your office desk tidy!

02 Feb 2018
There are not many of us that can boast to having a completely tidy office desk, even if we have a great filing system and a huge bin. An office desk tidy strategy is an advantageous course to take: A clean office desk – before you begin your day make sure that your entire office … … Read Full Story

Setting up a mailroom for your new or expanding business

22 Jan 2018
You might be excused for thinking that in today’s digital age there is no need for a mailroom, or mailroom furniture. However, you would be wrong. You’ll find that most big businesses and organisations including government offices, high street banks and insurance companies, to mention but a few, all still find the need to have … … Read Full Story

Office Cabinets

21 Dec 2017
One thing that often gets neglected in discussions around office furniture is the humble filing cabinets and office stationery cupboards. When you are furnishing an office for the first time or updating the furniture in an existing office, then don’t forget your filing cabinets and office cupboards. Filing cabinets actually take a lot of wear … … Read Full Story

Madness in the office

14 Dec 2017
Over the years work has given itself a bad reputation, especially in the office.  When many of us think of work we also think of words such as; “dull’ ‘boring’ and ‘repetitive’. Office workers in particular find that the office means routine, regulations, rigidity and it influences our life. Work can bring out the best … … Read Full Story

Keeping Your Head When Buying Office Furniture

24 Nov 2017
Refurnishing an office can be a real headache if you don’t plan things properly. In the current financial crisis making any capital investment is a risk, be sure to make a budget for your purchases and stick to it. Know what you want before you start buying and don’t be taken in by attractive deals … … Read Full Story

Man goes to extreme lengths to get new office furniture

22 Nov 2017
A report from Bristol last week highlighted the story of a disgruntled employee who took matters into his own hands by causing mayhem on the 10th and 11th floors of the Castlemead Tower in Bristol where he worked. The man apparently ran wild through the building trashing office furniture and doors before smashing a window … … Read Full Story

Building an outdoor breakroom

26 Sep 2017
The room where your employees take their break can be as impressive or dismal as you want it to be. Break rooms are often an after-thought in a place of work and end up being a cramped store cupboard or a draughty corridor. This is not going to foster enthusiasm for working and is not … … Read Full Story

How to make your office feel brighter

26 Aug 2017
Working in a dark, dingy office space is not conducive to productivity. It conjures up visions of Ebenezer Scrooge and Bob Cratchit, toiling away at their tall desks and grumpily going about their work under duress. The best thing, as all office designers would agree, is to have as much natural light in the office … … Read Full Story

Planning your storage in a modern office

26 Aug 2017
We’re all often encouraged to use online methods instead of paper for both environmental reasons and for convenience. Many of us already use paperless billing and do banking and other tasks online, so it may surprise you to know that the UK still uses 12.5 million tons of paper every year. In fact, many businesses … … Read Full Story

Purchasing Office Furniture For Diverse Office Needs

14 Jul 2017
Purchasing office furniture can prove to be one of the most daunting tasks of setting up a new office. When you are purchasing the office furniture you need to first list all the areas that need to be furnished. Regardless of the size of your office, regardless of whether it is a small or a … … Read Full Story

How to organise your office for a more productive workforce

22 Jun 2017
It was once thought that with the advent of computers and the internet that offices would one day be paperless. It has however proved to be a myth. The amount of paperwork being generated, has if anything, been increased, and it can easily swamp any organisation, so knowing how to organise your office for a … … Read Full Story

Theft in the office

19 May 2017
Removal of key objects from your office desks, the stationery cupboard or software provokes a range of responses. The estimates that have come in from the Association of British Insurers say that staff theft is costing British SMEs and corporate companies nearly £1 billion annually, and £200 million of that is in computer related products … … Read Full Story

Clear your office desk!!!

16 May 2017
Take a good look around your desk or indeed whatever office desk substitute you have.  Is it a mess?  I just bet it isn’t as tidy as it could be is it? If you are anything like me a messy desk is a messy mind and I want to think clearly when I’m working. So … … Read Full Story

Hidden offices

05 May 2017
Have you ever longed for your very own office at home but just don’t have the space, such as a separate room, to put it in? Have you longed for a comfortable office chair that you can sit in undisturbed for hours? Even if you don’t have the space for a full study, you can … … Read Full Story

Going green

27 Apr 2017
Making your office and workplace more eco friendly needs good planning. It is a fact that many offices are notoriously wasteful and this type of recklessness will more likely extend way beyond the stationery cupboard. Getting together with your colleagues to talk about green issues in the office is good idea. Running a competition to … … Read Full Story