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Grammer Office is a brand of Nowy Styl Group. Nowy Styl Group is a leading European manufacturer of office seating with a focus on Quality, Comfort, Ergonomics and Design. Their expertise combined with modern machinery and software guarantee the highest quality products.

Grammer Office's mastery of ergonomics ensure their chairs are among the elite of comfort and flexibility. They work hand in hand with spinal column and biomechanics experts to create the most ergonomic, comfortable and healthy chairs around. Grammer Office holds a number of worldwide patents, highlighting their expertise. With these patents you will be sure to find the best with Grammer. With their trademark patented GLIDE-TEC/GLIDE-TEC+ mechanism available in SAIL, Solution, Tiger UP and their most advanced Galileo chairs, these office chairs will keep you at the perfect distance to your workstation at any tilt.

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