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Ergonomic Chairs (often referred to as Orthopaedic Office Chairs) to as are designed to improve efficiency and comfort over conventional computer/desk chairs, our vast range of ergonomic office chairs all come with Free UK delivery with many available with next day delivery.

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Ergonomic Chairs FAQs

What does the word ergonomic mean?
The word ergonomic is derived from Greek words; “ergon” which means work and “nomoi” which stands for natural laws. The ergonomic philosophy is to develop and optimise products for human use over extended hours.

What is an ergonomic chair?
Ergonomic chairs are simply designed to better support and offer greater comfort in the work environment. Ergonomic chairs offer multiple adjustable features to suit the individual needs of its users and their body composition. Adjustable features are typically:

- Adjustable seat height
- Adjustable seat pan depth
- Backrest height adjustment
- Back angle adjustment
- Adjustable arm supports
- Headrest adjustment
- Premium casters
- Back tilt tension

What are the benefits of an ergonomic chair?
An ergonomic chair is designed to offer maximum comfort whilst offering multiple health and well-being benefits:

- Supports posture which reduces strain on the neck and spine
- Reduces pressure on bones caused by continuous use
- Prevents stiffness in the neck and shoulders
- Reduces back pain
- Reduces pressure on the hips by offering a more natural sitting position