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Office Furniture Online presents The UK's Best Service! Next Day Office Furniture at INCREDIBLE Prices! Do you need office furniture in a hurry? have you left your order to the last minute or been let down by another supplier? Then take advantage of our NEXT DAY office furniture. It looks great, is very high quality, and is available in a choice of designs, colours and concepts, but best of all it's delivered NEXT DAY when you order before 12pm! Simply unbeatable service. As well as office desks, we have matching storage including cupboards, bookcases, meeting tables, reception furniture, office furniture, office chairs and much more.

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Embracing agile working: What’s in it for you?

29 May 2018
One of the big buzz-words in employment circles in the latter half of the 21st century has been ‘agile working’. A concept first attributed to Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, many large companies are now adopting the agile manifesto as a foundation for how they do business. Agile working overlaps with, but isn’t identical to, flexible … … Read Full Story

Check your chair to stay safe and well

18 Jan 2018
If you suspect that your office chair is damaging your health it is time to think about NEXT DAY office chairs to get the problem fixed quickly. You spend far too much time in your office chair to take chances! Carry out some simple checks to confirm that your office chair is ready for a … … Read Full Story

How to make a new starter feel welcome

06 Jan 2018
Being the new person in the office can be daunting – we’ve all been there. Whilst they’ll be looking to create an impression on you, you’ll also be wanting to create an impression on them and encourage the reputation that you’re a welcoming, friendly workplace. There are plenty of things you can do to help … … Read Full Story

Make them say yes

28 Dec 2017
Business meetings are often all about wanting to gain a consensus of opinion with regard to a certain topic – about making the attendees say “yes” to a proposal. Presenting a good argument is of course essential, but that is not the be-all and end-all. It’s also important to set the scene and to be … … Read Full Story

Tips for setting up an effective workspace, fast

24 Dec 2017
So, business is thriving and you’ve just secured a new building to get your new employees set up in. But, how do you do it in a fast and effective way? It’s possible that you’ll need to think about everything from a new paint job to everyday office supplies. It can be a stressful and … … Read Full Story

Is your office totally boring?

14 Dec 2017
There’s nothing worse than being bored at work. Enjoying the work you do is huge plus factor. It makes your job less of chore and helps the time spent in the office to pass more quickly. If however you don’t enjoy your job and you find the environment boring, not only will the time seem … … Read Full Story

Did you know office furniture can actually improve productivity?

06 Sep 2017
The more productive a business is, the more likely it is to be successful. Keeping running costs to a minimum has always been important. However it’s not just direct costs like materials and labour. Indirect costs such as administration also have a part to play, and if office staff are more productive, the cost of … … Read Full Story

How urgent is your need for office furniture?

31 Aug 2017
If you told most people that you were desperate for office furniture the next day they would find it hard to believe as how could anyone need something like office furniture that quickly? Having been in this business for the past fifteen years we understand only too well that the need to have office furniture … … Read Full Story

Desperate for a new desk?

21 Jul 2017
A new desk is a big investment and is not something that you want to spend money on every year; after all it is likely to be a lot of money on just one item. It may be useful to add up all the hours that you spend sitting at your desk. Work out the … … Read Full Story

How to improve collaboration in your workplace

20 Jun 2017
Without collaboration businesses cannot move forward and thrive. A team player is highly valued in modern organisations and team-working is a skill that is in great demand during recruitment. So, can you do anything to help the team-building ethos in your office? Here are some tips on how you can set out your office to … … Read Full Story

How to make your meetings less boring

20 Jun 2017
The whole idea of holding meetings is to inform and/or reach decisions. A badly construed or managed meeting can often become boring and defeat its own objective. However, there are certain things that you can do in order to make them less boring. Minimise the number of attendees One of the most common causes of … … Read Full Story

Crucial questions to ask yourself before starting your office redesign

04 Apr 2017
Office design and layout is a crucial aspect for many of today’s businesses. Modern start-ups are adopting open, transparent designs, ditching traditional singular offices for hot desking, open spaces and breakout rooms. If your office is in need of a redesign, it’s important that you put some thought into it first. We’ve put together some … … Read Full Story

Are desk ergonomics really important?

14 Mar 2017
Ergonomics is about the way in which workers interact with all of the office (or other workspace) environment and strives to recommend the healthiest ways of working. Office chairs are a big part of this but office desks should not be neglected. Investing in a high quality, ergonomic desk may be the best decision you … … Read Full Story

Creating a more relaxed working environment

14 Mar 2017
Stressful jobs don’t have to come with stressful offices. A calming working environment can be an oasis in a sea of the chaos caused by our jobs. There are plenty of ways you can overhaul your office to create a more relaxed working environment, which will help you to feel more productive, more focused and … … Read Full Story

5 Sensational Superfoods to Boost Workplace Productivity

14 Mar 2017
It’s no secret that what you eat can affect how you feel. A stodgy sandwich or pub lunch may taste great at the time, but you’ll soon feel sluggish and grumpy by mid-afternoon. The right diet can boost your energy levels, making you more productive in the workplace. Here’s 5 sensational superfoods to help you … … Read Full Story