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Office Furniture Online presents The UK's Best Service! Next Day Office Furniture at INCREDIBLE Prices! Do you need office furniture in a hurry? have you left your order to the last minute or been let down by another supplier? Then take advantage of our NEXT DAY office furniture. It looks great, is very high quality, and is available in a choice of designs, colours and concepts, but best of all it's delivered NEXT DAY when you order before 12pm! Simply unbeatable service. As well as office desks, we have matching storage including cupboards, bookcases, meeting tables, reception furniture, office furniture, office chairs and much more.

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Is your office desk hurting you? Here’s how to get payback!

Do you suffer from “office bod”? Do you even know what it is? The answer to that question might reveal a difficult truth – your office desk is hurting you! Take a moment to assess your sitting position at your desk. Chances are, right now, you’re sitting slouched forward reading this, one elbow on the … … Read Full Story

If the desk fits… How to choose your ideal desk height

No matter where you work – at home, in a small startup or a busy office with lots of teams – it’s important to be comfortable. Sitting incorrectly results in backaches and muscle strain which can distract you from your work. Worse, it can result in long-term damage. Awareness of ergonomics can help you to … … Read Full Story

Top tips for keeping your workspace tidy and productive

Sometimes keeping your workspace tidy and organised can seem like a never-ending battle. An untidy desk can reduce productivity while you hunt for important items and can make your feel less organised than you could be. Often, though, this is because we only ever perform “maintenance” on our desks. We’ve already accrued a lot of … … Read Full Story

This is the best way to sit at your desk

Something as simple as sitting can’t be bad for you… Right? Actually, health professionals have known for a long time that sitting is bad for your health. Sedentary (i.e. mostly seated) work means we spend less time doing a cardiovascular activity like walking and more time periods where our muscles are inactive. Not only that, … … Read Full Story

How to get your office desk and chair working in harmony, according to ergonomics

How many times have you get up from your desk for a coffee or break, only to find your lower back aches, your legs are stiff and your body generally fails to respond to your commands? Most of us have experienced this, sometimes on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, the majority of … … Read Full Story

Bench desks: Old design, new benefits

Choosing the right furniture for an office isn’t a simple case of opening up a website and picking the desks that make the biggest statement. You have to consider a host of factors, including price, ergonomics and space. Office furniture styles change in trends but often those trends are led by other developments. During the … … Read Full Story

Office ergonomics in plain English

You’ve probably heard of ergonomics before and it’s likely you also know it’s got something to with how you sit at your desk and such. However, much of the information available online about ergonomics is filled with jargon. There’s a reason for that. ‘Ergonomics’ is literally a science; “the applied science of equipment design, as … … Read Full Story

Making your office desk more ergonomic, the easy way

How often over the course of a working day do you ever stop and think about the demands you make on your body? Sure, sedentary work means you’re hardly giving your body a gruelling workout at your desk, but you’re punishing it in all kinds of other ways. The way you sit at your desk … … Read Full Story

This is how you should be sitting at your desk

Sitting down seems like the most natural thing in the world, right? Not the kind of thing you should educate yourself on. However, the way you’re sitting right now could be harmful to your health. Sitting still for long periods has a negative impact on health anyway, as it causes the muscles to seize up … … Read Full Story

Seven signs your office is overdue for refurbishment

Is your office a bright, happy space buzzing with innovation and motivation? Are your employees engaged and focussed on their tasks? If not, you may want to look at your office décor. It is now well recognised that we are very sensitive to our surroundings and our motivation can be significantly enhanced by a pleasant … … Read Full Story

Crucial questions to ask yourself before starting your office redesign

Office design and layout is a crucial aspect for many of today’s businesses. Modern start-ups are adopting open, transparent designs, ditching traditional singular offices for hot desking, open spaces and breakout rooms. If your office is in need of a redesign, it’s important that you put some thought into it first. We’ve put together some … … Read Full Story

Are desk ergonomics really important?

Ergonomics is about the way in which workers interact with all of the office (or other workspace) environment and strives to recommend the healthiest ways of working. Office chairs are a big part of this but office desks should not be neglected. Investing in a high quality, ergonomic desk may be the best decision you … … Read Full Story

Creating a more relaxed working environment

Stressful jobs don’t have to come with stressful offices. A calming working environment can be an oasis in a sea of the chaos caused by our jobs. There are plenty of ways you can overhaul your office to create a more relaxed working environment, which will help you to feel more productive, more focused and … … Read Full Story

5 Sensational Superfoods to Boost Workplace Productivity

It’s no secret that what you eat can affect how you feel. A stodgy sandwich or pub lunch may taste great at the time, but you’ll soon feel sluggish and grumpy by mid-afternoon. The right diet can boost your energy levels, making you more productive in the workplace. Here’s 5 sensational superfoods to help you … … Read Full Story