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Regardless of the size of your waiting room, the most important thing is that you offer your visitors, comfortable, practical seating. Beam seating fulfils both of these requirements. Choosing appropriate waiting room seating While beam seating is one solution, and one that many waiting rooms are outfitted with, especially waiting rooms in the healthcare industry, … Read the full post …

We’re repeatedly told that our office chairs are bad for us, with some studies stating that sitting all day is as bad for us as smoking. An hour’s exercise a day can help to combat the effects of sedentary lifestyles, and we’ve got some great ideas on things you can do below. The right office … Read the full post …

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  • Finger Joint

    A finger joint is also known as an end-joint in carpentry, joinery and furniture manufacture.  This process is used to join shorter pieces of wood to create a longer piece of wood.  The name derives from how this joint looks like  fingers being interlaced.

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