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We’re repeatedly told that our office chairs are bad for us, with some studies stating that sitting all day is as bad for us as smoking. An hour’s exercise a day can help to combat the effects of sedentary lifestyles, and we’ve got some great ideas on things you can do below. The right office … Read the full post …

Businesses operate to very tight margins now and budgets are examined carefully to identify areas where savings can be made. The budget for office furniture can suffer as a result. It can be difficult to justify spending large sums of money on items that you simply sit on or which support our computer monitors! If … Read the full post …

Leather chairs offer a certain prestige in the workplace. Not only are they comfortable, but they are long lasting and retain their smart appearance. Whilst genuine leather chairs offer plenty of comfort, they can also be expensive. Faux leather makes a great alternative to real leather, boasting a similar appearance and features, with a more … Read the full post …

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  • Distortion

    Distortion describes a change in the shape of a piece of timber or timber-based material.  Distortions can happen as timber dries and shrinks. This can lead to timber bowing, twisting and cupping. Office flooding can lead to wood furniture becoming water-logged, which can create distortions.

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