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Do you dream of educating at home? Well, you can!

More families than ever are taking the opportunity to homeschool their children. Far from creating reclusive, anti-social children, homeschooling can actually result in high achieving, well-adjusted students. On top of that, homeschooling doesn’t even have to take place in the home; every day is a learning experience and every moment an opportunity to enrich and develop.

Whatever your reasons for homeschooling, you’re going to need the right resources. We take a look at some of the key equipment and materials you should consider if you’re thinking of, or have already started, educating your children at home.

The essential resources for home education

Information technology

Computer equipment and new technology has made homeschooling easier than ever. With the internet, you have a whole world of information at your fingertips. Much of that information has been designed for the purpose of education, so there’s plenty of sites and resources to choose from.

Online, you’ll find sites like the BBC Learning Site and the TES resources page. Both have a wealth of information designed for education of children. You can also find information on the curriculum and how that can be translated in lesson plans on the TES site.

Other technology resources

You can purchase practical science kits online for teaching chemistry, physics and more. Cochranes is a popular site selling molecular models, biochemistry kits, astronomy learning materials and more. For lessons involving computer hardware and programming, the excellent Raspberry Pi is a tiny, modular and affordable computer that you can use to construct a whole of machines to help learn programming, while Arduino kits are open source breadboard kits and software than allow you to construct everything from environmental sensors to robots.


Classroom textbooks can be expensive to purchase outright, as schools mostly benefit from bulk buying. However, there are some fantastic websites that let you pick up second hand books in great condition for low prices. Amazon’s marketplace is a good bet, as is The Book Depository. TPS Publishing is more focused on educational materials and also provides lesson plans.

However, one of the best and most under-utilised resources is the library. Most UK libraries are now fully online, with searchable catalogues and the ability to order books from across your city to be collected at your local library. Many libraries now also offer free e-books and audio books, so this can be a fantastic resource if you’re watching your expenditure.

Classroom bookcases for educating at home

If you’re homeschooling your children using your home as the base, you should check out our full range of classroom bookcases. We have a fantastic range to choose from, including flat and angled bookcases, wheeled bookcases so you can make the most of your space, coloured bookcases that bring some inspiration to your home school area, and our fantastic Natural World range.

The Natural World Classroom Bookcases are inspired by tree frogs, honey bees, slugs and snails and are ideal for early years and primary-aged children. We also carry a full range of add-ons like art and paper mobile storage units and chairs.

You can view our full range here and if you need some advice on choosing the perfect combination of items for your homeschooling area, talk to our friendly sales advice team.

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