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Can computer use damage children’s health?

Every day the media reports another expert group warning about the dangers of excessive screen time. Children’s health is being endangered by their modern lifestyles and parents are left feeling worried and confused. There is no doubt that a healthy child needs a lot of fresh air and exercise but we all know that the temptations of computer screens are almost irresistible. Why not approach the problem with some common sense and strike a balance. Ensure that you set up an appropriate work station with a children’s swivel / operator chair to try and limit the postural problems associated with using a computer.

Health problems associated with prolonged computer use

Children lose track of time when they are on a computer. They enter a world of virtual reality where normal time constraints do not exist. Before they know it, they have been sitting at a computer for several hours. Playing computer games for too long can lead to several health issues. These include:

  • Overuse injuries of the hand such as repetitive train injury (RSI)
  • Obesity due to lack of exercise
  • Muscle and joint problems from poor posture
  • Eyestrain from bright screens

These health effects are not inevitable. A few sensible and cheap precautions can keep your child healthy whilst enjoying games on a computer.

Setting up a children’s swivel / operator chair for good posture

Enforce some sensible rules to limit the postural health effects of sitting in front of a screen. Make sure that the workstation is set up so that your child is sitting at least one metre away from the screen. Set a timer (phones are great for this) so that they are reminded to take frequent breaks. Then get them out of the house if at all possible. Designate a morning or afternoon for other hobbies and interests, preferably those that require physical activity. A brisk walk in the fresh air is better than nothing and doesn’t cost a penny. You could agree on some sensible time limits on your child’s game playing; you may want to set daily or weekly limits for this. To help their posture you could also:

  • Introduce some ergonomics to the play zone! Set up the computer, desk, chair and keyboard so that they suit your child’s height. Check that their backs are supported and that their feet are resting flat on the floor.
  • Buy an ergonomic chair children’s swivel / operator chair. Correct furniture can prevent future postural problems. Parents always have their kid’s health in mind and that includes their postural health. If good practices and habits are established in childhood and adolescence they can prevent a lifetime of back pain and stiffness
  • The scale of computer equipment should suit your child. Computer equipment, such as the mouse, are often designed for adults and can put a strain on small hands. Buy a smaller mouse designed for children.

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