The second prospective clients walk into your business premises they start to make a judgement on you and your business, and that’s before you’ve even met them. Their impressions start outside the building but then are quickly reinforced by whatever meets them in reception.

To make sure that your reception furniture is up to scratch consider these tips on what you can do to make a difference.

Colours and fabrics will play a big part in how people perceive your business. Consider before you buy what sort of impression you want to make and how your colour choice will seem to people visiting. Do you want a deep coloured reception desk and furniture such as you would find in a Solicitors office or are you aiming for something more modern and chic? Lighter colours generally give off a more ‘fun’ feel about a place whereas the darker colours send out a more sombre tone.

Make the seating comfortable, but too comfortable. People are expecting to wait, but usually not that long so you don’t want them getting too comfy in your reception. Remember that many people can be suffering from back complaints (it’s one of the commonest reasons for time off work) so don’t choose seating that they can sink into, and make sure that there are chairs with armrests to help those that could need it.

As well as a table with some well-placed magazines on there (not too old and industry related if possible) why not include a water cooler, a hat and cost stand and perhaps a vending machine?

Finally your reception desk should be smart enough to welcome any guests so choose carefully the right colour, style and materials. Darker wood for professional services, lighter wood for businesses like modern Dental practices and perhaps glass and metal for the hi tech businesses. Ensure that your receptionist has some space for some privacy and can work without her PC being overlooked and consider whether you can get your company logo on the front of the desk as this sends out a signal that you mean business.

Whatever you need for reception furniture then let us help you choose. Our professional advisers are at the end of the phone and can guide you to the ideal solution for your business.

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