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Simple ways to revolutionise your reception area

First impressions are everything. They are one of the few times in life when second chances don’t count. When it comes to your business reception area, the first impression that visitors form when they enter for the first time is crucial.

The design, the aesthetics and layout of a reception area will have a big impact on your visitors. If those visitors are important to your company, the impression they obtain as soon as they step into your reception could influence their decisions later down the line. When you want to present a professional, ethical and well branded impression to your visitors, a fabulous reception area is what you need.

First impressions study relating to reception area design

The importance of a great reception area is recognised across the business world as a whole. Indeed, it has sparked several studies, one of which is rather grandly entitled, First Impressions of the Symbolic Meanings Connoted by Reception Area Design. This study was based on findings when 38 undergraduates and 64 graduates were asked to look at photographs taken of eight different company reception areas.

The results of this study confirmed that people interpret a number of things about a business from the way that the reception area is laid out and populated. The things that get taken into account in forming these all important first impressions include: the presence or absence of flags or works of art; the provision of magazines and plants, and the choice and arrangement of furniture, including special awareness.

Send the right message and influence visitors in a positive way

Among the study’s conclusions is the fact that organisations can “send desirable and accurate messages to those outside of the organisation.” Another conclusion made by this study is that the impression generated by a reception area can “conceivably influence customer decision making.”

Given these findings, it is therefore not surprising that companies spend a lot of time, thought and money on designs and populating their receptions to make that all-important right first impression.

The importance fashion in terms of reception furniture

The first thing that hits a visitor when they walk into a reception is the overall environment and ambience. The next most important thing is the reception furniture and in particular the reception desk.

Fashion is just as important to reception furniture as it is to the catwalk, and fashions change. Luckily you can revolutionise your reception area by choosing the right in-vogue reception furniture that supports and promotes your brand.

Your perfect flagship reception desk

Here at Office Furniture Online we stock a wide range of superb reception desks. From the elegance of the Sven X-Range bespoke reception desk, in five wood colours (Beech, Oak, Pear, Walnut and white)  to the modern Mercury reception unit with its brushed aluminium facade, and many, many more, we have a reception desk that will act as the perfect flagship for your reception area.

Comfortable reception seating for your visitors

You reception seating needs to look stylish but it must also be comfortable. Once the immediate initial impression has been made on your visitors, the next thing they are likely to do is to sit and wait to be seen. You don’t want to ruin that wonderful first impression by making that wait uncomfortable.

All of the reception seating we offer here at Office Furniture Online is designed for comfort. We have a wide range to choose from and it is another way you can revolutionise your reception area quickly and easily. From traditional leather receptions chairs and fabric reception sofas, to Tub or Funky reception seating, and many other choices that combine comfort with aesthetics, you’re sure to find reception seating that delivers the right impression.

Rounding off the revolution of your reception area

To complete the revolution of your reception area you can also choose from our range of ancillary reception furniture and equipment, including: coffee tables, coat stands, information boards and newspaper racks.

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