Modern or antique furniture for your home office? August 30th, 2018
antique pine furniture

Ultra modern or old school for you?

When you’re furnishing a home office from scratch, one of the first things to ask yourself is whether you’re going for a modern, all brand-new look, or if you’d prefer a vintage or antique style. Antique furniture is rapidly rising in popularity, and with a clean slate to work with it can be tempting to hit up the auctions and bag yourself some gorgeous old pieces for your lovely new office.

But how realistic is this? Can antiques be competitive on price and quality compared to modern alternatives? And can you rely on them not to fall apart? Here’s what to think about:


Antique pine furniture, or antiques in any wood, are likely to be slightly more expensive than the modern alternative. Of course, that does depend on where you’re shopping and the quality and style you’re going for. On the plus side, any antiques you purchase in good condition are likely to hold their value or possibly even increase in value by the time you come to sell. Modern mass-produced furniture will be worth next to nothing a few years down the line.

The winner: Antiques


The trouble with antique furniture is that, to get a piece in great condition, you’ve got to pay a lot. Even then, its likely to have some age-related lumps and bumps, which could mean your laptop is sitting on an uneven surface or that it’s impossible to draw on the top of the desk. You’re likely to be limited on style options too, as you’ll need to buy whatever is around, without really having a huge variety to choose from. Modern furniture, on the other hand, is available in mass numbers, in all sorts of styles, finishes and colours, and will be in absolutely perfect condition when you get it home.

The winner: Modern


Modern furniture has come a long way in terms of ergonomics, so when it comes to things like chairs, you’re never going to be as comfortable or as ergonomically protected as you are in something modern. Although bookcases and cabinets still function just as well as they always did, they might lack some features of modern items, such as locking mechanisms and smooth runners on the drawers.

The winner: Modern


As with most things in life, you get what you pay for, and with modern office furniture, that can often mean the difference between something that’s designed to last five years and something that should last you 50. With genuine antiques, they’ve already stood the test of time, so you can be confident that if they are still here since being made in 1960, they’ll probably still be around in 2060 too. Compare these to your typical flat packed el cheapo desk, and your confidence probably shouldn’t be as strong.

The winner: Antiques

So, as you can see, there are both positives and negatives to buying antique pine furniture for your home office, and a lot will depend on your personal preference for look and style of furniture. However, if you love the look of antique pine furniture but just can’t afford the high-quality pieces, here at Office Furniture Online, we’ve got the perfect solution.

Our antique pine furniture for home offices brings you the best of both worlds. These pieces have all the beauty of an antique piece of furniture, but without the potential flaws and issues of a genuinely antique piece. Using clever aging techniques, the manufacturers make these barely distinguishable from the real thing, even down to the brass effect cup handles which finish the totally period look. Treat yourself to the aesthetic beauty of antique pine at a fraction of the price!

Justifying the cost of new office furniture August 29th, 2018
Justifying the cost of new office furniture

Understanding the value new furniture can bring can help you to justify the cost.

Have you considered freshening up your office furniture but weren’t sure if you could justify it? Whether you’re running a new startup company or managing an established business, bottom line is everything.

However, if the office is starting to look tired and out of date, that’s probably reflecting on your brand too. Perhaps you’re moving to a new office and have considered shipping all the old furniture with you.

Alternatively, maybe you’re looking at a brand overhaul and changing up the company culture too.

Let’s look at some of the ways you might approach freshening up the office furniture and how you can justify the cost of a whole new range.

To upcycle or buy brand new? You might be surprised at the answer!

You could always repurpose or “upcycle” your old furniture. It will save you money and upcycling can be a great way to show your “green-cred” – reusing old pieces is good for the environment.

However, the time factor in getting old furniture re-sanded and/or painted might be too much for you to spare. There’s another factor to consider here too: what kind of impression does it give?

Upcycling furniture might have its benefits, but what will your clients think if they realise you’re reusing all your old pieces in your shiny new office? That might not give the impression that you’re in good financial shape.

On top of that, think about your workforce. They might not be happy to return to work to find their new working environment is, well… much the same as the old one! Sure, their chairs might not squeak anymore and the desk have a new finish, but it’s all a case of same desks, different day.

If you’re worried about justifying the cost, read on

Here are three solid benefits to buying new versus reusing that you can use to make the business case

1 – Freshen up your brand: Use the opportunity to take a fresh look at your entire brand. New office, new furniture, new business! Change up the company culture by switching to a collaborative open-plan space.

Freshen up the logo and brand identity too and you have a whole new look and feel that you can present to new and existing clients.

2 – Project longevity: Nothing says you’re in it for the long-haul than an office move or refurbishment. See the expenditure on new furniture as an investment – make it part of your marketing budget.

Show your clients that you mean business, that you’re flush with growth and that you’ve never been more confident in your company’s future.

3 – Look after your staff: Show your staff they have a future too and show them that you care. Give them a fresh, modern office they can feel inspired by, with ergonomic furniture that looks after their health and wellbeing too.

Presence Office Desks

The Presence Office Desks range is competitively priced and looks stunning, with a range of contemporary wood finishes to choose from. Modern bench appeal shows you are forward-thinking, taking a leaf out of the creative industry’s book.

Complete with a 5-year guarantee, the Presence Office Desks will show you have a bright future ahead of you. With a package of delivery and installation as well as a suite of complimentary add-ons for storage, presenting this range when you make your business case should help seal the deal.

What are the benefits of ergonomic furniture? August 29th, 2018
Benefits of ergonomic furniture

Ergonomics could save your employees backs… isn’t that a great investment?

Whether you’re the owner of a small business or a branch-level manager of a larger organisation, keeping your staff safe, productive and happy can seem like spinning plates. But what if there was one, sure-fire thing you could do to boost all three?

You might want to consider an ergonomic assessment of the workplace. There are a host of reasons why better ergonomic furniture can improve staff morale and reduce absenteeism, among others.

Let’s look at the benefits for you, as an employer.

5 top benefits of ergonomic furniture for employers

1 – Reduction in sickness

Poorly designed or adjusted furniture has been linked to a host of health issues, such as lower back pain, RSI (repetitive strain injury) and obesity-related disorders. Improving ergonomics could cut down on employee absenteeism due to ill-health, which could save you money.

2 – Better health & safety

Health & safety has become a key factor in the workplace and many businesses proudly sport their credentials. Ensure that your clients and competitors know that you treat health & safety as a priority – ergonomic assessments and updated furniture will ensure you score highly in regulatory tests.

3 – Reduction in work-related injuries

Work-related injuries don’t just mean time off, they can also result in costly litigation. If an employee is off work due to RSI, for example, and they can prove that you contributed to this with poor furniture choices and a lack of ergonomic assessment, your business could end up paying out.

4 – Increased productivity

People who are comfortable work harder – it’s as simple as that. Not only that, but they’ll value the effort you put in and will return that in productivity. Showing that you care about employee health isn’t just a nice-to-have – it’s essential to growing a productive workforce.

5 – Improved job satisfaction

If employees work in a safe, comfortable environment, they generally look forward to coming to work more than those who don’t. Treating your staff with respect and care by giving them a comfortable, pain-free workplace will benefit the whole team.

Treat your workforce to a brand-new environment

Carrying out an ergonomics assessment will bring you up-to-date, but it might also reveal flaws that are too numerous for quick-fixes. Perhaps it’s time to start from scratch? A whole new suite of furniture could liven up your entire workforce and make the whole team energised and motivated.

Presence Bench Desks

If you’re thinking of replacing your entire range, whether you’re moving office or want to bring the existing one up to date, you can’t go wrong with Presence Bench Desks. Taking a cue from the creative industries, bench desks are becoming increasingly popular.

Our Presence Bench Desks are stylish and contemporary and will bring the office into the 21st century. Cool, clean colours and styles and an array of configurations means you can suit the furniture to your needs. Ideal for hot-desking and open-plan workspaces, we even offer a free CAD service to help you plan the working environment of the future.

Check out the full range of items here and get help from our friendly sales team.

10 ways to make your office more fun! August 28th, 2018
Commerce II Bench Office Desks

Is your office ever this fun?

We spend a third of our lives at work, so it’s important we learn how to be able to enjoy our time at the office more. It doesn’t have to be all deadlines, targets and workloads, you know.

Here are ten top tips for making the office more fun. Implement even some of them and you’ll find the atmosphere lifts and morale starts to improve almost immediately.

10 tips for making time at the office more fun

1 – Make it more homely

While it’s good to have a separation between work and home life, that doesn’t mean our work can’t feel homely. Soften edges, create comfortable breakout areas and generally make the office cosier and staff will be more relaxed.

2 – Employee downtime

This doesn’t just mean allowing legal breaks during the day. Progressive employers are creating spaces where staff can go to relax, including games rooms, chill-out areas and the like.

Think how much more creative your employees will feel if they’re sharing ideas while playing table tennis, for example.

3 – Make the office open plan

Open-plan offices encourage staff to talk more – and not always to their own team members. Think more about a hybrid office space that has open-plan main areas with private rooms and breakout areas.

4 – Get green-fingered

It’s a great idea to have more plants around the office. Creative oases of greenery will remind staff that life isn’t all work and plants encourage more oxygen in the area – which might just dispel that post-lunch slump!

5 – Encourage creativity

Create a space that allows and encourages your staff to be more creative. Spaces in which people can be more creative with their own jobs can encourage spectacular new ideas.

6 – Have a games area

A games area is a great idea for lunch breaks. Staff can chat with colleagues, share ideas and let off steam and it encourages a little more exercise too.

7 – Have a social life

The worst thing you can do is mandate social activity – people have busy lives and often want to get home to their families. Yet social activity with colleagues is great for bonding. Encourage occasional (and spontaneous) social occasions. Summer sports events are good for gathering people together for some relaxed social time.

8 – Foster collaboration

Open-plan offices do this, but it’s important that you encourage it yourself. Reward people for small achievements, particularly when those are as a result of cross-team collaboration.

9 – Encourage hobbies

Run workshops or have spaces where staff can take up new hobbies or practice existing ones and they’ll come to value the workplace as somewhere more than just where they get paid.

10 – Refit the workspace

Have a complete clear out and get some new furniture in. The novelty will boost morale, but it’s also a chance to subtly change company culture to one that values more fun and creativity.

Try our Commerce II Bench White Office Desks

Commerce II Bench White Office Desks are a great way to freshen up the office. Perfect for hotdesking and open-plan office spaces, they are inspired by the creative industries and come complete with cable tidy solutions that are integrated.

Our Commerce II Bench White Office Desks come with an impressive 8-year guarantee, so you know this is an investment in the future. View the entire range here.

Choosing the right desk for your open plan office design August 28th, 2018
Commerce II Bench Office Desks

Bench desks work perfectly for a contemporary, open plan office

In terms of interior design, the workplace has become a bit of a battlefield in recent years. Since the 90s, the trend towards open plan offices was a reaction to the “chicken farm” cubicles that had come to represent the modern office space since the 1950s.

However, in recent years, even that trend has been bucked. Truly open-plan office spaces can be noisy and distracting and still often line up workers in rows.

The latest trend in open-plan design

The latest trend could be the one that sticks for the office of the future, though. Hybrid space, that is, a combination of cubicle and open-plan, are taking off across America and here in the UK.

These are spaces designed as modular units: rows of bench desks with no partitions that foster communication and partnership, with no dividers to come between colleagues, combined with private offices, communal areas and private, soundproof rooms.

These office spaces are truly inspirational – they encourage shared working while also allowing workers privacy or downtime when they need it, as well as shared spaces where teams can break away from their desks to work together.

Choosing the right desks for your space

If you’re looking to refit the office into a more modern, innovative workspace, the style of choice is still the bench desk. These made a comeback in the last five years or so, as they not only encourage a more open, collaborative environment, they also allow you to fit more desks into a space.

Bench desks come with or without dividers so can be tailored to suit specific teams. They are also versatile – they can be grouped into “pods” or set up in rows as required.

If you’re looking to make an impression, the current trend for white bench desks will make an impact. Minimalistic in nature, white bench desks are inspired by the creative industries which often value clean, simple lines in their office spaces.

Bench desks are incredibly customisable

Group together a set of bench desks into pods that can be used for hot-desking or as “touchdown” areas that allow fast access to computers set up to provide information.

Set them up in a few offices that are used on a bookable basis – spaces workers can book themselves into when they need some quiet time or to concentrate on a complex task.

Use bench desks in collaborative spaces where teams can get together to strategise or join teleconferences, or create breakout areas that provide a more relaxed environment for staff to get together.

Bench desks, as you can see, are almost infinitely customisable and because of their compact nature, you can achieve all this in your existing space.

We recommend Commerce II Bench Office Desks

For the very best in modern furniture, take a look at our Commerce II Bench Office Desks. They come with free delivery and professional installation and come with a variety of coordinating add-ons for storage, including drawer pedestals, bookcases and cupboards.

Commerce II Bench Office Desks are available in three subtle finishes, including white, so you can create an office workspace that is comfortable, inspiring and on-trend. Check out the full range here and talk to our sales team if you’d like some advice on putting together the perfect modern working environment.

Could better office desks make your office a safer workplace? August 27th, 2018
Broken desk

Don’t put up with old and damaged desks…

You might not realise this, but the office furniture you supply your staff with could be harmful to their health and safety. As an employer, you have a duty of care to ensure that you take all appropriate action to keep your staff from coming to harm during the course of their work.

In the UK, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE)  regularly issues comprehensive guidance on office supplies and furniture. This cover everything from ergonomics to the types of material used.

To help you navigate the world of office furniture health and safety and to decide if it would be a good idea to upgrade your office desks, read on.

Health and safety in the workplace

As an employer, you have a responsibility to make sure you take all reasonable precautions to prevent employees coming to harm. This includes assessing the furniture regularly to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Old or ageing furniture, furniture that has become damaged and not repaired as well as pieces not designed for proper ergonomics can all lead to employee injury.

If an employee is harmed, whether due to a desk collapsing or from repetitive strain injury because their desk is too low, for example, you could not only run afoul of the HSE, you could also find yourself in litigation for damages.

How your furniture can help

The easiest way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to upgrade your desks. Choosing a whole new suite of furniture for the office will ensure that all worker’s desks, drawer pedestals and storage cupboards are made with modern, hard-wearing materials that meet the latest health and safety requirements.

They will also be designed to ensure good ergonomics – with a little training, your staff will be able to adjust and customise their furniture to their own specific needs. This will reduce absenteeism, sickness and possible personal injury claims.

There are other benefits too. Your workforce will be happier and more productive if they know you are looking out for their needs and they’ll be comfortable too. You’ll freshen up the office culture and your brand image, which is impressive for clients to see.

Andorra Real Wood Veneer Office Desks

Now that you know new office desks will make for a safer workplace, it’s time to choose the perfect range. How about our Andorra Real Wood Veneer Office Desks? This executive range is designed to make a real statement. Beautifully finished in a real rosewood veneer, the desks and storage add-ons are, however, also thoroughly modern in design.

Andorra Real Wood Veneer Office Desks come with a 5-year guarantee, lockable storage space and square glides finished in bronze. Companion meeting room tables and desks mean your clients can also enjoy the exquisite luxury of your brand-new office.

You can view the entire range here and if you’d like some help in choosing the right combination of pieces, you can talk to our friendly sales team, who will be happy to help.

Is your office desk hurting you? Here’s how to get payback! August 27th, 2018
Revenge on your painful desk

Don’t go for that axe just yet… read our tips first!

Do you suffer from “office bod”? Do you even know what it is? The answer to that question might reveal a difficult truth – your office desk is hurting you!

Take a moment to assess your sitting position at your desk. Chances are, right now, you’re sitting slouched forward reading this, one elbow on the desk, propping your head up with your arm. Your chair? Well, that’s almost a foot away from the desk, but instead of rolling it nearer, you stretch.

That’s “office bod,” and it’s harming your health.

“Office bod” – not as daft as it sounds

Okay, it’s a crazy name. Here’s a more technical one: “forward head posture”. This is the name ergonomic experts give to the posture of sitting with our head pretty far in front of our shoulders. You know, like leaning propped up on your elbow, reading blogs? That one.

When we’re tired at work, it feels like a natural position to slip into. However, it’s detrimental to your body’s health. It puts stress and strain on the muscles and discs in your neck, as well as your upper back, and can lead to everything from headaches to digestive problems.

Get your payback!

It could well be that your desk is the source of your problems. One common issue is when large, ergonomic and highly practical office chairs also come with armrests. They’re rarely used and can prevent you from pulling your chair close to your desk to sit more comfortably.

Sometimes the problem is that your desk is too low, which invites to you lean into it. Over days and months, that position softens until you’re slouched over your keyboard, mere inches away from the screen.

If you can see individual pixels on your monitor, you’re in trouble – you’re not only tempting eye strain and headaches but storing up all the problems that “office bod” brings with it.

It’s important to sit up (fairly) straight at your desk. Don’t force your back to straighten too much, instead allow it to settle into its natural position, with your elbows at 90-degree angles and your hands lightly resting on your keyboard, without over-reaching.

That’s all well and good, however, when your desk is fit for purpose. If the desk is the wrong height or the edges are frayed with use, for example, it might be time to get your own back and get rid of it for good!

NEXT DAY Pulse Desks

Now that you know how much harm your desk has been causing you, you’re probably in the mood for something new. How about one of our Next Day Pulse Desks?

Next Day Pulse Desks are both practical and stylish, coming in a range of colours, styles and, importantly, sizes. You’ll find the perfect desk to suit you and banish “office bod” for good.

With next day delivery, you won’t have to wait long for them to arrive and with add-ons like pedestals, filers and cupboards, you could finally minimalise your workspace too. Check out our full range here and if you need friendly, straightforward advice on choosing the perfect desk to suit you, talk to our sales team who will be happy to help.

If the desk fits… How to choose your ideal desk height August 26th, 2018
How to choose your ideal desk height

Like Goldilocks, you need to find the one that’s just right.

No matter where you work – at home, in a small startup or a busy office with lots of teams – it’s important to be comfortable. Sitting incorrectly results in backaches and muscle strain which can distract you from your work. Worse, it can result in long-term damage.

Awareness of ergonomics can help you to adjust your chair and desk to a position that prevents this, but sometimes the desk is the source of all your problems.

Lifting the desk with boosters can help in some instances, but isn’t the best solution. If the desk is too high, no amount of adjustment to your chair is going to work. Sometimes, you just need a new desk.

Here’s some key advice on getting it right the first time with regards to height.

How high is too high?

The ideal surface height of your desk depends on a few factors. You need to consider your own height, the varies duties you perform at it and the setup and layout of the equipment you use on a daily basis.

There’s a very useful tip you can try when deciding if your desk is the right height for you. Sit (or stand) at the position you’d normally be in when at your desk. With your arms at your sides, raise your forearms until your elbow is at 90 degrees.

If your hands are level with the top of the desk or keyboard, you’ve found the perfect height. You’ll probably find the height will be between 28-30” tall, the standard for most people between 5’8” and 5’ 10” tall.

If you happen to be smaller or taller than this, a good adjustable office chair will help you, and consider a footrest too.

This one is just right…

If you’ve been hunched over your desk for some time or reaching for your keyboard, treating yourself to a new desk is going to make a world of difference to your working life.

Backaches, muscle and neck strains and wrist cramps from sitting awkwardly all have a serious impact on your productivity. That’s not all, though. A new desk often feels like a fresh start. Now that it’s the perfect height, make it the perfect workstation by completely customising it to your needs.

Treat yourself to a spring clean; out with all the junk and in with a minimal working system that works for you, not against you.

NEXT DAY Pure Office Desks

If you’re in the market for a brand-new desk at the right height, style and price, consider the Next Day Pure Office Desks.

There’s a full range of Next Day Pure Office Desks to choose from, including rectangular, wave and ergonomic styles. Finished in one of 6 gorgeous gloss finishes, the range is contemporary and hard-wearing.

A 10-year guarantee means you know they’ll last and since the range comes with a full set of quality pedestals, bookcases and cupboards to complement the desks, you could furnish the full office in a style that’s built to last.

Top tips for keeping your workspace tidy and productive August 26th, 2018
tips for a tidy productive workspace

If this looks familiar, you need to read our top tidy tips!

Sometimes keeping your workspace tidy and organised can seem like a never-ending battle. An untidy desk can reduce productivity while you hunt for important items and can make your feel less organised than you could be.

Often, though, this is because we only ever perform “maintenance” on our desks. We’ve already accrued a lot of stuff and occasionally we’ll have a half-hearted clear out. The answer is to tackle everything.

Start from scratch and work with these excellent tips on making your desk space work for you.

Ten top tips for keeping your workspace working for you

1 – Get rid of all your clutter.

That’s right, everything. Strip the desk back completely and bin, file, shred or store everything that you don’t use on a daily basis.

2 – Get your configuration right from the start.

Think about your workflow, and organise the layout of your desk to match.

3 – Sort your stationery.

Desk tidies, drawer organisers and storage compartments are your friends. Use them. Keep stationery handy but off your desk space.

4 – Use a physical inbox.

You couldn’t use email without one – make a physical one work for you too. Incoming papers go straight into the inbox, to be actioned as soon as possible.

5 – Make use of white space.

Leave yourself an A4-sezed free space to the left or right of your mouse, depending on which dominant hand you use. This is where you write notes and review documents before auctioning.

6 – Never put trash down.

We all do it – crumpled Post-Its and discarded bits of paper sit on the desk until we “have the time” to put it in the bin. Stop the practice by never putting trash down on the desk. Go straight to the bin every time.

7 – Prioritise current work.

Older work should be effectively filed, future work should remain in the inbox. The only work sitting on your desk should be related to your current task.

8 – Evernote your memos.

Evernote and other apps have made retaining memos easier than ever. Snap a photo and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can transform it into an editable file, as well as tag and file it for future reference.

9 – Go paper-free.

Where possible, go digital. Use collaborative online work spaces like Google Docs, Dropbox Paper and shared network drives and files. Make it a process, not a habit, and get everyone else in sync too.

10 – Schedule regular cleaning into your working week.

This is no longer an option. Having completely overhauled your desk space, you need to keep on top of it. Once a week should do it for a full clean and disposal, but daily upkeep is worth scheduling too.

Next Day Solar Desks

Of course, the perfect opportunity to clear out your desk is to treat yourself to a new one. Next Day Solar Desks are stylish, long-lasting and come with a 10-year guarantee. A massive range of styles means there’s something to suit everyone.

Our Next Day Solar Desks also come with cable ports to help you keep your new desk layout clean and completely free of clutter. Check out the full range here.

This is the best way to sit at your desk August 25th, 2018
next day Spark office desks

Is she sitting properly? Find out here!

Something as simple as sitting can’t be bad for you… Right? Actually, health professionals have known for a long time that sitting is bad for your health. Sedentary (i.e. mostly seated) work means we spend less time doing a cardiovascular activity like walking and more time periods where our muscles are inactive. Not only that, most of us don’t even sit right at our desks.

Poor posture leads to backaches, muscles strains, RDI (repetitive strain injury) and push-pull problems as we reach awkwardly for items that should be close by but are unfortunately buried under paperwork, hidden behind the monitor or high up above us on a shelf.

Luckily, there are some things that you can do right now, as you read this, to resolve your sitting crisis once and for all.

Get it right – your health depends on it!

Let’s start with your desk. It’s the central command station of most of our working lives. We spend almost a third of our time there and it’s often the root of most of our problems.

Make sure your desk is the right height so that when seated, your legs are firmly on the floor and your arms are bent at the elbow at 90 degrees with your hands comfortably at the keyboard. Your chair comes into play here too – desk and chair should be seen as one unit, so adjust that too.

Your computer monitor is next on the list. You probably spend most of your day typing documents or reading emails. Looking down at your screen or straining up to see it puts stress on your neck, leading to all kinds of problems. Raise your monitors to eye height with a riser or simple stack of books.

A good office chair will also support the lower lumbar region of your back, helping your posture. You want to make sure that your back is comfortably supported in its natural position. Also, make sure that your chair doesn’t prevent you accessing the desk – arm rest can be dispensed with as you’ll rarely use them.

And most importantly…

Take regular breaks. Go for coffee refills or, even better, fill up your water bottle at regular intervals. Get up and actually talk to your colleagues at the other end of the office instead of sending them an email. It’ll not only keep you moving, but office interaction can make the day less dull and improve your enjoyment of your job.

Little changes make the difference; start applying all of these now and you’ll feel better almost immediately.

Need a new desk? Our next day Spark office desks are just the ticket!

Sometimes there’s no way around it, though. You just need a new desk. The Next Day Spark Office Desks are an excellent choice. Contemporary square leg designs make them stylish and the come complete with built-in cable ports – tidy away those ugly cables and give yourself more room for essential items.

Next Day Spark Office Desks also come with complimentary add-ons like cupboards, bookcases and drawer pedestals and with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, they’re built to last. Have a look at the full range here and get advice from our sales team on choosing the perfect desk.

5 things to consider in your office design this year August 25th, 2018
5 things

5 things to focus on this year…

A lot of business owners don’t give the design of their office much thought. Of course, they want it to look professional, but often that’s as far as it goes. But the design of your office can be an important influencer in the success of your business, so doesn’t it make sense to pay it more attention?

Office design can have an impact on productivity levels, on employee satisfaction and even on their health. A happy, engaged and talent retaining workplace will mean greater profits for you, so an investment in office design could pay dividends. Here’s what you need to know about office design in 2018, and how you can apply these ideas to your own workplace.

1. Consider new seating options

You can revitalise any office space by opting for innovative seating. Think about how you hold meetings at present. Most businesses will have a big conference table with corporate-style chairs placed around it, which fulfils the traditional image of what a meeting room should look like. But imagine, for a moment, how different your company meetings would be if you had an area with low, round seating, like a semi-circular sofa. Changing the design this way could put everyone on the same level, inspiring more honest conversations and more comfortable, relaxed meetings.

2. Promote collaboration

Successful teamwork is all about collaboration, and building collaborative workspaces into your design will help inspire mutual cooperation to happen. You should aim to create a relaxed environment where employees can easily work together, free from distractions and both physical and mental barriers. Think comfortable seating, cafe-bar style areas and places where small groups can get away from the bustle of the main floor.

3. Bring nature into the office

Bring the outdoors in with plants and flowers, and integrate natural elements into the design of your workplace, such as outdoor office extensions, living walls, water features and salvaged wood. Biophilic design elements like this have benefits that are real and measurable in terms of human performance metrics, including healing, learning, stress reduction, emotional well being and productivity.

4. What happens to the filing room?

More and more companies and departments are moving their physical files to the cloud. The only exceptions are industries that are heavily regulated, for example, healthcare and finance. Cloud-based storage gives you more flexibility with regards to office design, as you reduce the space that is required for storage, filing, copying and printing. You should think about how you are going to creatively repurpose the filing room. Perhaps it could be a huddle workspace for projects or a small conference room?

5. Perfect design with our Next day UCLIC Aspire desks

A great office should bring with it a great workspace for every employee, and our next day UCLIC Aspire desks are a great solution for this. Highly versatile and with plenty of storage space, organisation will come easily with these desks in place. Because we deliver them the very next working day, you can start your office redesign right away, and start benefitting from a more employee centric workplace sooner than you thought.

Investing in office design could be the best thing you’ve done this year. Let Office Furniture Online help you realise your dreams for a more productive, more inspirational environment for your precious team.

How to get your office desk and chair working in harmony, according to ergonomics August 25th, 2018
Ergonomic office desk

Are your desk and chair causing problems with your back?

How many times have you get up from your desk for a coffee or break, only to find your lower back aches, your legs are stiff and your body generally fails to respond to your commands? Most of us have experienced this, sometimes on a regular basis.

As a matter of fact, the majority of working people are not working with a set-up that is conducive to good posture and musculoskeletal health. Ergonomics is the study of how efficient people are within their working environment.

However, we more commonly know it as the ways in which we set up our desk, chair, monitor height and the like.

Why are ergonomics important?

Without the study of how we relate to our working environment, it’s impossible to know how to improve it. Ergonomics has shown us a number of ways in which we can improve our workspace in order to reduce poor posture, back pain, muscle ache and a host of other negative symptoms of sitting at our desks for long periods of time.

Consequently, we know there are a number of things we can do to improve this. Sitting for long periods of time at a desk can be extremely detrimental to your health so it’s in your best interests to make your working environment safe and comfortable.

Get your office desk and chair working in harmony!

Here are a number of factors to consider:

  • Posture – Do you sit far from the desk, reaching for your mouse or keyboard? Do you slump in your chair? It’s important to sit close to the desk so that you don’t over-reach and you should have your arms and legs both bent at 90 degree angles.
  • Height – How high is your chair? Do your feet reach the floor, or dangle in mid-air? Are you eye-height to your computer monitor, or do you have to strain your neck up or down? You should be able to comfortably sit with your feet flat on the floor and your monitor should be directly at eye height to avoid neck strain.
  • Height of work surface – if you are tall, you might consider raising your work surface in order that you can reach it better. Consequently, the reverse is true if you are smaller.
  • Back support – it’s crucial that your back is supported throughout the day to prevent slumping. Proper back support should gently hold your back in its optimum position without pain or causing you to slump.

Next Day Status office desks

Now that you know what to look for in ergonomics, it might be worth considering getting rid of your old desk completely. There’s often only so much you can do to improve your work environment if the furniture was poorly designed or mismatched to start with. The Next Day Status office desks could be your answer.

Our range of Status office desks are stylish and functional. They come in wave, rectangular or the all-important ergonomic designs and are complete with a modern gloss finish. Because they are available for next day delivery, you could be enjoying better posture from tomorrow onwards.

You can also choose from a range of complimentary pedestals, bookcases and cupboards, all of which can help you to design a workspace that is practical, inviting and above all else, ergonomically sound. Find out more here or talk to our sales advice team for more information.

Bench desks: Old design, new benefits August 24th, 2018

Could your office benefit from some beautiful bench desks?

Choosing the right furniture for an office isn’t a simple case of opening up a website and picking the desks that make the biggest statement. You have to consider a host of factors, including price, ergonomics and space.

Office furniture styles change in trends but often those trends are led by other developments. During the last decade or so, offices opted for large wave-style desks or radial ‘pods’ that could accommodate bulky CRT monitors.

These were also useful for grouping staff together in a way that clearly defined teams.

Times change, though. Most employers prefer open plan office layouts that encourage collaboration and crossover of duties. Time to consider the good old bench desk then, such as the Next Day Velocity bench desks.

The bench desk: an old favourite

Bench desks fell out of fashion in favour of large executive style desks but they’re making a comeback. Driven by the creative industries who favour no partition walls and open plan harmonious spaces (think Google’s minimalist yet fun office layouts), the popularity of these simple solutions is crossing over into other sectors.

With most workers now using flat monitors or plug in and go laptop solutions, space is less of an issue than it once was. Bench desks mean you can fit more desks into the one area without compromising on staff personal space.

They are a simple, elegant way of maximising space and because they usually lack partition walls, they also increase the sense of collaboration and creativity, boosting productivity in the process.

Why are bench desks overlooked?

Many of still have in mind the big old chunky desks we’ve worked on ourselves. Yet think about the home or freelance worker – often space is at a premium so they design for themselves compact and efficient workspaces that optimise their productivity.

With hot-desking becoming more popular in the workplace and with many workers doing both remote and office-based work, the neat, compact bench desk can help to give workers a sense of freedom.

No longer does the office desk become laden with unnecessary junk; instead workers feel obliged and responsible for keeping to that clean desk policy you’ve always wanted.

How do you choose the right bench desk?

Choosing the colour is of key importance – this is partly how your office furniture represents your brand. The Next Day Velocity bench desks, for example, come in three classic colours – walnut, beech and white. White office desks are immensely popular as they tend to present a clean, functional yet fresh feel.

Choosing the positioning of the desks is also crucial. Double desk units are practical and cost-effective as they only require four legs per set of desks instead of eight. Our bench desks come with central cable access helping to protect cables and keep the space neat.

You can also choose to configure them with or without screen dividers – you might be unsure about having a completely open plan setup, so this gives you flexibility. Perhaps you’ll want to start off with dividers and remove them over time to allow your workforce to get used to the idea.

Office Furniture Online has a host of options to choose from in terms of office furniture but our Next Day Velocity bench desks are increasingly popular. Because we deliver them the very next day, our Velocity bench desks can be yours to own and love as soon as tomorrow! Talk to our team about next day Velocity bench desks today.

What the state of your office desk says about your personality August 24th, 2018
What the state of your office desk says about your personality

Does a messy desk mean a messy personality?

You might be surprised at the signals you’re giving people by the state of your office desk. Lily Bernheimer, an environmental psychology consultant, is currently working on a book called ‘The Shaping of Us’ in which she looks at the environmental psychology of the spaces we use.

She identified 5 distinct ‘types’ based on the state of their desks and it might surprise you to discover which one you are.

5 types bases on environmental psychology – which are you?

1 – Clutterer

Definite extroverts, their desks are usually colourful and chaotic. They keep themselves from getting bored with lots of visual stimulation and because they have less need for personal space, their desk often becomes a “hub” of activity in the workspace.

2 – Minimalist

Disciplined and organised, they are hard-working and goal-focused. All they have on their desk is everything they need – nothing more, nothing less – to get the job done. It’s worth noting though that if someone seems like a minimalist, they might just not be committed to their current job, and ready to move on if the opportunity arises.

3 – Expander

Marking their territory by slowly adding more and more clutter to their desk until slowly its spilling out onto yours. We’ve all experienced working beside the Expander at some point or another, and how you react to them will depend on your outlook. If you’re an Expander, you’re dominant and protective of your own space.

4 – Surveyor

Usually introverted, they will find a corner at the back of the office from which they can see the entire room. They’ll know if someone wants to speak to them before they arrive at the desk and can be distracted easily if they’re in the middle of the workspace. However, they’re also highly creative and productive.

5 – Personaliser

Committed and loyal, they’re putting down roots and making the space their own. Whether artwork or family photographs, you’ll find they are open and extroverted. They are more likely to be satisfied with their job and tend to be physically and emotionally well-adjusted.

Famous desks – where would they fit?

So, which one of the five types are you? Some famous people whose personalities are recognisable from their workspaces are American artist Georgia O’Keefe who, unlike most of her contemporaries, kept a fresh, bright and minimalist workspace and Roald Dahl, who worked in a cramped hut – completely organised but filled with all manner of objects.

Virginia Woolf worked at an order, minimal desk with a view of her garden while Nigella Lawson writes surrounded by a massive library and piles of books on the floor around her.

If thinking about the five types and the working desks of creative people has inspired you, take a look at our BN SQart Workstation Office Desks. Practical, minimal and efficient, the BN SQart Workstation Office Desks can be easily arranged to suit any workspace.

They come in a range of styles and fresh, inspiring colours and with a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee you know they’re built to last. Get inspired by the full range here and if you need some advice on choosing the right combination, talk to our sales advice team.

Office ergonomics in plain English August 23rd, 2018
office ergonomics in plain english

Keep it simple, stupid!

You’ve probably heard of ergonomics before and it’s likely you also know it’s got something to with how you sit at your desk and such. However, much of the information available online about ergonomics is filled with jargon.

There’s a reason for that. ‘Ergonomics’ is literally a science; “the applied science of equipment design, as for the workplace, intended to maximise productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.”

Wouldn’t it be great to have some straightforward information on how it affects you, though? Here we give you some no-nonsense, plain-English advice on ergonomics.

Once you know how it works, ergonomics is actually really easy to understand. How you sit and work at your desk affects your body. The equipment and furniture around you affect how you use it. See? Easy.

Sitting incorrectly at your desk for long periods will cause pain over time. That lower back twinge you get after sitting all day without a break? That’s caused by your posture, which is affected by your chair and how near or far you sit from your desk/keyboard.

The sore neck you feel at the end of a work day? That’s likely caused by your monitor being at the wrong height. You’re straining your neck up or down to view the information on your screen.

The study of ergonomics has worked out the best way to sit and to arrange your office furniture so that you at in the optimum position. Luckily, though, you don’t need to understand the science.

You just need to know what to do.

Firstly, ensure that your chair is positioned correctly. Most modern office chairs are fully adjustable, but we rarely take the time to do it. Let’s do it now. Adjust the height of your chair so that your knees are about level with your hips.

You should comfortably reach your keyboard without strain. Depending on the height of the desk, you might find that having your arms at 90 degrees with wrists straight means your knees are lower than your hips, no matter how you adjust the chair.

In this case, use a footrest, or a stack of books, to raise your feet slightly.

Now make sure your monitor is placed directly in front of you, directly behind your keyboard. The top of the monitor should be at eye level. This will prevent neck strain. Also, keep items you use regularly close to hand and use a padded wrist rest if possible.

Make it better tomorrow with our NEXT DAY Distinct Office Desks

That wasn’t too complicated, was it? However, you might just find that your desk is the problem and no amount of adjustment will make it work. Perhaps it’s time to consider a brand-new desk, like one from our range of Next Day Distinct Office Desks.

Our Next Day Distinct Office Desks have modern cantilevered legs and an integrated cable management system to keep things neat. Designed with the modern office in mind, they are stylish and come in a range of colours. Find out more here or talk to our sales team for advice on choosing your new desk.

Making your office desk more ergonomic, the easy way August 23rd, 2018
Making your office desk more ergonomic, the easy way

Keeping your desk clear of clutter can help to make it more ergonomic too

How often over the course of a working day do you ever stop and think about the demands you make on your body? Sure, sedentary work means you’re hardly giving your body a gruelling workout at your desk, but you’re punishing it in all kinds of other ways.

The way you sit at your desk determines your posture, how often you have to reach for items and how you move your neck over the course of the day. Do any of these incorrectly and you’re storing up problems for the future.

Luckily, making your office desk more ergonomic can help.

Sit up straight! Or maybe not…

“A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.”

-Morihei Ueshiba

There’s a reason martial artists and monks of every faith and spirituality consider stance and posture to be important – how you sit can affect how you feel. If you’re not convinced, stop what you’re doing, right now.

Stop and think about your body. Can you feel twinges or aches? Maybe your neck or lower back feels a little sore. Over the course of just this day, you’ve probably forced your body into all kinds of unnatural positions.

Sitting hunched over your keyboard, straining to look down at your monitor or over-reaching for those items you use every day puts all kinds of stress on your musculoskeletal system. Instead, adjust your desk and chair for the optimum position – elbows at 90 degrees, legs the same, with your hands just resting comfortably at the keyboard.

Conversely, we’re taught to sit up straight and tuck in our tailbones. However, pull your seat away from the desk and sit comfortably and you’ll probably find your back isn’t as straight as you think it should be. Remember to sit in the right position, but be relaxed.

A relaxed posture means a more relaxed state of mind.

Think workflow when using your desk

If your desk and chair are properly positioned, you could still put undue strain on your body by constantly over-reaching.

Think about the workflow of your desk – does it match the workflow of your duties? Or are there instead myriad items in piles, in inaccessible places?

It’s time for a clear-out. Get rid of everything you don’t use on a daily basis – be ruthless, either straight in the bin if it’s no longer needed, or filed and stored away appropriately depending on how often you use it. Only keep daily items on your desk and ensure that the layout of your desk fits your working routine.

Enjoy Zen-like simplicity with Next Day Eclipse Black Desks

Treating yourself to a brand-new desk might be just what you need to treat your body. Look at the Next Day Eclipse Black Desks, for example. Zen-like in their simplicity, the Next Day Eclipse Black Desks also let you see exactly what’s on the desk – no room to hide all that junk.

Modern, stylish and with an incredible 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, this range will help you to take a good look at how you work with your desk. Make it work for you by checking out the full range of desks and add-ons here and if you need some friendly advice, talk to our sales team.

This is how you should be sitting at your desk August 22nd, 2018
how to sit at your desk

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we will begin…

Sitting down seems like the most natural thing in the world, right? Not the kind of thing you should educate yourself on. However, the way you’re sitting right now could be harmful to your health.

Sitting still for long periods has a negative impact on health anyway, as it causes the muscles to seize up over time due to inactivity. Yet in addition to those general problems, the way you sit at your desk could cause very specific damage to your muscles and joints.

Before we look at exactly how should sit at your desk for optimum comfort and health, let’s take a look at why sitting can be bad for your body.

The problem with sitting incorrectly

Your eyes

Sitting too close to your monitor, or failing to take regular breaks from the screen, can cause eye strain. Over time this can lead to headaches, including migraines.

Your neck

If you’re straining to look up or down at your monitor, you could be putting undue strain on your neck. This can also lead to headaches, as well as injuries like cervical disc herniation.

Your back

If you have to stretch your arms out to reach your keyboard, phone or other items, you’re constantly causing your shoulders to rotate forward. Over time this leads to diminished strength in your upper back.

Your wrists

Your wrists should be level to your keyboard, but if you’re tilting your wrists up or down to type, you could be storing up problems for the future.

Your legs

Many of us cross and uncross our legs over the course of the day, but if you do it often, you can restrict blow flow. This is why you often find you have pins and needles when you get up from your desk.

Okay, so how do you resolve this?

It’s actually really easy – make a lot of little changes. Shift your monitor up or down until it’s eye height. Check and adjust your chair so that your knees are bent at 90 degrees with your feet flat on the floor.

Ensure that your arms are bent at the elbow at 90 degrees as well, with your wrists straight and comfortably reaching the keyboard. Don’t use the riser tabs at the back – if anything, your keyboard should be tilted down, away from you.

Don’t lean forward as you work – your back should be comfortably straight. Sitting with the back too straight can be as bad as slouching – allow your back to rest naturally in line with its natural curve.

Sit more comfortably with NEXT DAY Elements Desks

Of course, some of these adjustments are just impossible with the wrong desk. Since your health actually depends on it, why not upgrade your desk with something from the Next Day Elements Desks range?

Next Day Elements Desks are part of capsule range of classic office furniture that are simple and practical. They’ll never go out of fashion but are built to last. With extra storage add-ons such as pedestals and bookcases, you could use the opportunity to keep your desk clear too.

Check out the full range here and talk to our sales advice team for more help.

Should you invest in better furniture for your business? August 22nd, 2018
should you invest in new furniture

Don’t leave it to chance… discover why investing in new furniture could be great for business.

When you’re running a business, you’re always watching the bottom line. Balancing profits against costs is tough and often it’s unnecessary expenditure that goes out the window first.

Each purchasing decision has to be justified and if it can’t improve your bottom line, it’s probably seen as frivolous.

However, if you know that the office furniture needs an update, here are some cast-iron reasons why investing in better furniture is better for your business.

Solid business cases for investing in new furniture

Improve your brand

If you moved into your current office years ago, and you’re still using the furniture you bought then (or worse, brought with you!) then it’s highly likely it’s no longer fit for purpose.

If your office looks tired, your brand probably does too. Lack of care and attention to your environment not only rubs off on the office culture but also the image you portray to customers and clients.

Control your spending

It might seem contrary that shelling out on a heap of new furniture items could actually get your spending under control – but look at it from another perspective.

Do you know how much you’re currently spending every month on maintenance, repair and replacement of chairs, desks and other furniture pieces?

Constant replacement and maintenance of an item here, and item there can add up. To say nothing of the repeated delivery and installation charges. Start from scratch with modern furniture that comes with a guarantee.

Get rid of unnecessary clutter

This could be an opportunity to make the working environment more minimal. You probably have countless files stored in cupboards and drawers. Time to make use of that document storage account you have by clearing out the office and bringing in new, space-saving pieces that will encourage your staff to store wisely.

Improve productivity

Believe it or not, working in an aging office can significantly reduce productivity in your staff. You probably experience it yourself, too.

Boost your workforce by transforming that old space into a modern open-plan environment, encouraging collaboration and boosting your business.

Project an image of growth

Take photos of the office as it is now and use them in promotional material. Then, when you’re ready, get rid of the old furniture, replace it with a brand-new modern range and layout, and send out your next newsletter.

Without you ever mentioning it, every one of your clients will notice the difference. Without needing a massive ad campaign, you’ve just told the most important people, your customers, that business is booming and you’re planning for the future.

Boost your business with Protocol Beam Office Desks

Use this advice in your business case and we’re sure you’ll soon want to invest in some brand-new furniture. How about our Protocol Beam Office Desks? We’re not kidding – this range is bang up-to-date and as on-trend as you could ask for.

Protocol Beam Office Desks are practical but stunningly simple with a choice of cool accent colours. Chairs and storage add-ons mean you can kit out the whole office in one go, transforming your brand overnight.

Check out the full range here or talk to our sales team for advice on picking the right items.

Five ways your office could be benefitting from ergonomic furniture August 21st, 2018
BN SQart Veneer Managerial Desks

Could a desk like this do more for your business than just improve its appearance?

Believe it or not, swapping out your old office furniture for brand-new, ergonomically-designed pieces could seriously improve the working of lives of you and your staff.

It’s becoming increasingly important to design office spaces that are not only fit for the number of employees you have, but which are also comfortable, improve morale and foster productivity and collaboration.

There’s a whole host of ways in which you can improve the work environment using ergonomic furniture, but here’s a list of the top five reasons to get your inspired to make some changes.

5 ways ergonomic furniture could improve the workspace

1 – Improve employee health – reduce absenteeism

Poorly designed workstations and desks not only reduce your staffs’ efficiency, it can also harm their health. Ergonomics studies show that employees are at risk of a number of ailments from repetitive strain injury and back pain to cervical disc herniation.

That means absenteeism or worse, personal injury claims. Looking after employees’ health could save you money in the future.

2 – Boost morale

Freshening up the office with contemporary, ergonomic furniture will give your staff a boost. They’ll feel inspired and you’ll see productivity and employee satisfaction go through the roof.

It’s a simple transaction – if you are seen to be investing in your employees, they’ll invest in you in return.

3 – Encourage collaboration

Stuffy, cramped working environments filled with cubicle offices and walled-off teams are definitely a thing of the past.

The creative industry ushered in the new trend for open-plan workspaces with bench desks, hot-desking and breakout booths that encourage cross-team collaboration. Give your workers freedom to move around and you’ll find they start generating ideas for the business.

4 – Present a better company image

If you ever have to invite clients to the office, it’s likely that you’ve had that mad scramble beforehand to ensure the place is presentable. However, all of the desk tidying and storage in the world won’t make that first impression better if the furniture is worn.

Conversely, a new office refit that shows you care about your employees will impress clients and the expenditure alone will show them that you’re not going anywhere in a hurry. Project planning for the future shows them you’re looking at growth, which will encourage more business.

5 – Reduce costs

On top of the money lost due to lack of retention, absenteeism and possible injury claims, the upkeep and maintenance alone on your current office furniture could be harming your bottom line.

Freshening up also means purchasing desks and storage made with the latest designs and materials and choosing a range that offers a good guarantee means you’re actually investing in the future and saving money in the long run.

Our suggestion for a more ergonomic solution: BN SQart Veneer Managerial Desks

If you’re thinking of refitting the office to achieve better ergonomics, you can’t go wrong with our BN SQart Veneer Managerial Desks. Supplied with a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee, they’re built to last.

BN SQart Veneer Managerial Desks are comfortable and designed to look fantastic. A prestige modern design that has top quality finishes, these desks will inspire your staff and clients alike. Take a look at the full range here, including storage add-ons, and talk to our sales team for advice on choosing the right combination.

Furnishing a startup business: Top tips for affordable success August 21st, 2018
Triumph A-Frame desks

Our Triumph A-Frame desks are a perfect startup choice.

As an entrepreneur, launching a startup can be costly. It requires a lot of investment before you start to see the rewards. However, if you make careful decisions at the outset, you can save yourself time, capital and hassle in the future.

Furnishing your new startup needn’t break the bank. In fact, making the right decisions now could mean you get more for your money. Let’s look at some of the top tips when choosing furniture.

5 top tips when choosing furniture

1 – Don’t buy more than you need

It’s tempting when you’re first starting out to go overboard with purchases. However, careful planning in advance means you won’t spend more than you need to.

Think carefully about exactly what furniture your new office needs. Make a list – and stick to it. Discard anything that seems non-essential.

2 – Choose effective colours

Deciding on colours can be tricky. You’ll want to make an impact, or have your furniture reflect your brand. Arguably, though, the main use of colour is in filling up your space properly.

Instead of cramming your space with furniture to make it look “busy,” try thinking about a fresh, modern feel. White furniture is increasingly popular as start-ups look to the creative industry for inspiration. An accent colour can help to lift the space.

3 – Consider a variety of uses

How many people will be using the space? Do they all do the same job, or are their roles varied? Take time to consider how the furniture will be used and make sure you have exactly what everyone needs to do their job.

Thinking about this in advance will prevent you from buying furniture piecemeal, instead letting you choose from a full range, ensuring harmony in the work environment.

4 – Make your space work for you

Often, hot-desking can save money. If your staff are on the road and mobile, choose bench desks where they can plug their laptop in when they’re in the office and can be used by multiple members of staff.

Choose furniture that can perform double-duty, such as all-purpose desks that can easily be moved into new positions depending on the task.

5 – Take your time

Above all else, take your time to make your choice. Find a range that suits your needs and your budget. Think carefully about what you’ll need and purchase everything in the one go.

You’ll find that one delivery and installation time will be less hassle than having items appear over the course of a few weeks.

Our exclusive Triumph A-Frame desks are a great place to start, because they are designed with a contemporary style and maximise space. They come in rectangular, wave or double-wave designs, a range of cool colours and a series of add-ons for storage.

Triumph A-Frame desks come with an incredible 12-year manufacturer’s guarantee, meaning they’re a great investment for the future. You can find out more about them here, or if you’d like some help choosing the right furniture for you, talk to our sales advice team.

Five ways your office could be benefitting from ergonomic furniture August 20th, 2018

Believe it or not, swapping out your old office furniture for brand-new, ergonomically-designed pieces could seriously improve the working of lives of you and your staff.

It’s becoming increasingly important to design office spaces that are not only fit for the number of employees you have, but which are also comfortable, improve morale and foster productivity and collaboration.

There’s a whole host of ways in which you can improve the work environment using ergonomic furniture, but here’s a list of the top five reasons to get your inspired to make some changes.

5 ways ergonomic furniture could improve the workspace

1 – Improve employee health – reduce absenteeism

Poorly designed workstations and desks not only reduce your staffs’ efficiency, it can also harm their health. Ergonomics studies show that employees are at risk of a number of ailments from repetitive strain injury and back pain to cervical disc herniation.

That means absenteeism or worse, personal injury claims. Looking after employees’ health could save you money in the future.

2 – Boost morale

Freshening up the office with contemporary, ergonomic furniture will give your staff a boost. They’ll feel inspired and you’ll see productivity and employee satisfaction go through the roof.

It’s a simple transaction – if you are seen to be investing in your employees, they’ll invest in you in return.

3 – Encourage collaboration

Stuffy, cramped working environments filled with cubicle offices and walled-off teams are definitely a thing of the past.

The creative industry ushered in the new trend for open-plan workspaces with bench desks, hot-desking and breakout booths that encourage cross-team collaboration. Give your workers freedom to move around and you’ll find they start generating ideas for the business.

4 – Present a better company image

If you ever have to invite clients to the office, it’s likely that you’ve had that mad scramble beforehand to ensure the place is presentable. However, all of the desk tidying and storage in the world won’t make that first impression better if the furniture is worn.

Conversely, a new office refit that shows you care about your employees will impress clients and the expenditure alone will show them that you’re not going anywhere in a hurry. Project planning for the future shows them you’re looking at growth, which will encourage more business.

5 – Reduce costs

On top of the money lost due to lack of retention, absenteeism and possible injury claims, the upkeep and maintenance alone on your current office furniture could be harming your bottom line.

Freshening up also means purchasing desks and storage made with the latest designs and materials and choosing a range that offers a good guarantee means you’re actually investing in the future and saving money in the long run.

Our suggestion for a more ergonomic solution: BN SQart Veneer Managerial Desks

If you’re thinking of refitting the office to achieve better ergonomics, you can’t go wrong with our BN SQart Veneer Managerial Desks. Supplied with a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee, they’re built to last.

BN SQart Veneer Managerial Desks are comfortable and designed to look fantastic. A prestige modern design that has top quality finishes, these desks will inspire your staff and clients alike. Take a look at the full range here, including storage add-ons, and talk to our sales team for advice on choosing the right combination.


Tiny desk space? Here’s how to cope… August 20th, 2018
tiny desk space

Even in the smallest of spaces, you can make it work!

If you’re a freelancer working at home, chances are space is at a premium. Many of us don’t have the luxury of a separate room we can use as an office so spaces like living rooms and bedrooms often do double duty.

Consequently, we can’t have grand, sweeping desks that carry all of the equipment we (think) we need on a daily basis. What do you do if you’re struggling for room? Thankfully there are a number of things you can do to make the most of a tiny desk space.

Problems of a small workspace

Cramped desk spaces mean disorganisation. Often documents are heaped on top of one another with no sense of order. Things slide off down the back of the desk only to be found six months later, long past their usefulness.

Equipment becomes cramped too – desktop units are butted up against wall space or other units meaning there is no airflow. This reduces the life of your precious computing equipment. Cables too are untidy, which not only looks bad but can be a trip hazard, or mean that you can’t easily reposition equipment.

Productivity suffers too. Let’s say you remember something and know that you need to jot it down in the diary for the future. You hunt through piles of paperwork only to find it, but you’ve forgotten the important thing you needed to note down.

Get the most out of your working real estate

Luckily, even the smallest of workspaces can be put to better use. For a start, take all of your equipment, documentation and the like and separate it into two piles. One of these is for the crucial stuff, those things you use regularly every day. The rest should be organised and filed away somewhere close to you, so that you can access it when you need it but so that it won’t get in the way.

Lift as much as you can off the surface of the desk itself, perhaps by shelving the back wall. Make things easily accessible while still giving yourself enough room to work. Tidy away cables using cable management systems or, in a pinch, use zip ties to run them down the leg of your desk.

Try each of these tips and before you know it you’ll have made the most of your tiny desk and become more productive in the long run.

NEXT DAY Fluid Office Desks

Alternatively, why not treat yourself to an upgrade? Now that you’ve considered the optimum workspace, get yourself a new desk that works best with it, like the Next Day Fluid office desks.

Next Day Fluid office desks are keenly designed for smaller spaces. Minimalist and elegant, they come in fresh white with gloss accent colours and have ergonomically-designed add-ons, such as push to open drawers and doors. There are also bookshelves and cabinets that can be used to securely store important items that you might not use daily but you still need close to hand.

Take your pick from a comprehensive range that you can view here or, alternatively, talk to our sales advice team who will be happy to help you select the perfect combination of units.

Six simple ways to reduce absenteeism at your office August 19th, 2018
Reduce absenteeism

Keep your employees attendance up with these easy tips

Employee absenteeism and sickness at work hits business in the bottom line. Despite this, many employers not only don’t track time off properly, they also don’t know where to begin tackling it.

It’s important to know the reasons for staff absence as this can give you some concrete ways to start bringing it down. Here are six tips for reducing staff absence.

6 tips for reducing staff absence

1 – Start tracking absence

If you don’t know how many and how often staff are absent from work, you won’t have the first clue on how to combat it. Absence management systems not only track absences, they can also tell you exactly how much it’s costing you.

It can also help you spot trends that might help you define reasons why staff are off regularly. Careful tracking of trends like these can help you to look after your staff, which always reduces absence.

2 – Help staff return to work

Many companies have instituted processes such as return to work interviews when staff return. However, often they are procedures that are followed “because they have to be”.

A long absence due to illness can make it difficult for staff to return. If you have a culture where people feel anxious about returning, you’ll add stress and they’ll be off longer.

3 – Reduce stress at work

If staff are constantly working to increasingly strict deadlines and targets, or if you’ve cut staff in the last budget but still need the work done, you’re asking your workers to take on an awful lot of stress.

As a manager, it’s important that you not only foster a culture of sharing, collaboration and compassion – you also need to actively ensure you’re doing everything you can to prevent staff becoming overworked.

4 – Offer a good paid-time off policy

Part of the reason for absenteeism is that staff work longer hours and working weeks that they used to. Asking so much of your workforce will be easier and reduce absenteeism if you offer a good package of paid time off. This means longer holidays and making it easier for staff to take them when they need them.

5 – Offer a wellness program

Employers that offer physical and mental health wellness programs report reduced absenteeism. You are responsible for overseeing a third of your employees’ lives – it’s important to look after it well. Focus on healthy living initiatives, gym vouchers and employee counselling and you’ll improve morale as well as physical and mental health, reducing sickness.

6 – Carry out a full ergonomics assessment

Sedentary lifestyles are linked to obesity, diabetes and cancer. Sitting at uncomfortable workstations or furniture that is not fit for purpose creates back aches, RSI (repetitive strain injury) and worse. Assess workstations ergonomically and refit the office where required.

Improve morale with BN Primo Space Veneer Office Desks

One sure-fire way to improve morale and reduce sickness is to get rid of the old furniture and replace it with new, ergonomic workstations. Our BN Primo Space Veneer Office Desks are made using up-to-the minute machining and software.

BN Primo Space Veneer Office Desks are contemporary and come in a range of styles. They are attractive yet functional and come with a whole suite of storage add-ons. View the full range here.

Ergonomic optimisation: How to make your workstation better August 19th, 2018

You spend at least a third of your life working, and most of that at your desk. Your desk is the central command point for your working life. You control everything from there; scheduling, communication, processing.

Yet, the majority of us don’t treat our desk like a workstation. Instead, we treat it like we treat that home gym that’s become a clothes horse, or that junk drawer in the kitchen that we never look in now because we know we won’t find anything in it.

Instead of becoming fully optimised workstations, our desks becoming storage units that accrue more and more rubbish over the course of the working year. And that, unfortunately could be harming you.

Why ergonomic optimisation is so important

Over the course of just one day at your desk, you’ll not just be sitting for long periods of time. You’ll be stretching, reaching, pulling, twisting and turning. Don’t believe me? Reach for the phone on your desk right now. Or find the last, most critical document you worked on.

The majority of us have our desks laid out in such a way that we need to bend and contort our bodies to do the smallest of tasks – and that puts strain on our bodies.

Reaching, or over-reaching, from a sedentary position many times over the course of a day causes you to twist and pull at muscles in an inappropriate way which causes stresses and strains. These can build up over time to cause backaches, muscle spasms and more.

So, how do you go about optimising your desk to prevent this?

Start at the start and optimise from there

The easiest way to deal with your desk is to take everything off it. Yes, everything. Computer equipment, cables, the lot. Now take all of that and sort it into piles. You want three piles, broadly speaking: the stuff you use every day, that which you use regularly but not daily, and the junk.

Bin the junk, now. File away or store the non-essential items. Already you’re left with a far more manageable set of objects.

Before you start putting that back on your desk, stop and have a think about your workflow. Ergonomically speaking, you need you keyboard flat on the desk directly in front of you and the top of the monitor at eye level, with your mouse placed to the correct side.

Following that, though, the placement of items should follow the flow of your tasks. Everything should be easily within reach, and there should be little need to “cross-over”. If you’re right handed, for instance, put your inbox to the left of your screen and your outbox to the right. Left to right flow, start to finish.

By doing this you’ll not only find the desk is ergonomically optimised but also the optimum layout for your workflow.

NEXT DAY Olympia Desks

Alternatively, why not just start completely from scratch and treat yourself to a brand-new desk? Our Next Day Olympia Desks are panel end desks designed in classic styles.

Next Day Olympia Desks come in two designs – rectangular or ergonomic – and the range also includes filing cabinets, drawer pedestals, bookcases and cupboards, so you can kit out the whole office. Have a look through our full range here or talk to our sales team for advice on choosing the perfect desk.

Don’t believe in ergonomics? Here’s 5 reasons your employees could benefit August 18th, 2018
ergonomics benefits

Caring about ergonomics could help your employees avoid back pain

You’ve probably heard of ergonomics. You might even know what it is. Yet you might not be convinced of the business case for ensuring good ergonomic furniture is provided for staff.

Shelling out on new furniture often seems like a luxury and yet it has been proven that ergonomic furniture could actually improve your bottom line by improving productivity.

Don’t believe us? Read on and find out the top five reasons why investing in ergonomic furniture could actually improve your business.

5 scientifically-proven reasons to upgrade your furniture

1 – Improved health & safety

Health & safety legislation has become tighter over the years and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) regularly carry out workplace inspections. While for many health & safety still seems to be a symptom of the “nanny state,” top employers now recognise that it is essential for looking after their workforce and limiting litigation when things go wrong.

Flaunt your safety credentials as one of your core values and let your clients know you move with the times and that you are a caring employer.

2 – Improved productivity

Ergonomics encourages efficiency, it’s that simple. Staff can carry out jobs easier and quicker when workstations are efficiently designed, preventing them from exerting themselves with a lot of impractical manoeuvers that slow down their workflow.

3 – Better quality work

We all know about the afternoon dip – post-lunches, many workers fall into a slump, resting themselves on poorly-designed desks and workstations. This results in a lack of concentration which is only increased by frustration at inefficient and impractical workstations.

Better designs actually encourage staff to sit up and alert, improving their energy and as a result, they put in more quality work.

4 – Reduce overheads

Constant maintenance of old furniture, staff absenteeism due to ill-health and compensation payouts for work-related injuries sustained over time by using outdated furniture all eat away at your bottom line, shrinking profits.

Buying new, ergonomic furniture could actually prove to be a cost saving exercise.

5 – Improve morale

An unhappy or dissatisfied workforce is a killer for your business growth. Employee engagement is the key trend work in HR circles at the moment and it’s the most fundamental thing you can do to improve morale. Show your workers you care by providing them with effective, practical and inspirational office furniture and you’ll increase retention rates and reduce absenteeism.

Not only that, but staff will return your investment with more productivity and better quality work.

Grab better ergonomics with our BN Primo Space Office Desks

If you’re convinced that you need to upgrade to better, more ergonomic furniture, you’d do well to check out our fantastic BN Primo Space Office Desks. Stylish and well-built, the range will not only boost morale but will also save you money in the long run – these desks are built to last.

BN Primo Space Office Desks are designed to suit every office environment, from managers’ desks to bust workstations and meeting rooms. Improve the overall experience for staff and visitors by refitting the entire office.

You can look at our full range here and if you’d like advice on planning your office refit, our friendly sales advisors will be more than happy to help.

Step by step to a more ergonomic workstation August 18th, 2018
step by step ergonomic workstation

Are you this desperate for a more ergonomic workstation?

You spend a lot of time at your workstation every day, so it’s time to make it work for you. Cluttered desktops, hard-to-reach items and incorrectly adjusted office chairs all make your working day that little bit more difficult.

Try following this step-by-step guide to making your workstation more ergonomic. Just following each step in order and soon you’ll feel more comfortable, work more easily and be less inclined to aches, pains and twinges.

Step by step guide to making your workstation work for you

Step 1: Pull your chair away from your desk

Bad posture leads to all kinds of problems. It’s not only your physical health that suffers – poor posture can lead to a “foggy” mental state too. Yet sitting up too straight can be as harmful as slouching.

Pull your chair away from the desk and just sit for a moment. It’s likely you’ve have naturally settled into a more relaxed and comfortable position that you do at your desk – perhaps more like you would in the car, if you’re a driver.

This is your optimum posture – not slumped, not too straight, not tucking in your tailbone. Just relaxed and comfortable.

Step 2: Adjust chair height

If you haven’t messed around with all the levers and buttons on your chair since you first started your job, you’re almost guaranteed to be in pain at times. Modern office chairs are highly ergonomically-designed, but they don’t just magically move into position.

It can take a bit of time and effort, but work your way through each of the settings on the chair – height, angle of backrest, distance of seat – so that when you’re at your desk, your feet are on the floor (using a footrest if necessary) and your elbows and knees sit at 90 degrees.

Step 3: Check your wrist position

Repetitive strain injury or RSI is an increasing problem in the workplace. Holding your wrists in an uncomfortable position for long periods of time cause strains but worsen over time.

As you’re seated at your desk, your wrists should be fairly straight when using your keyboard – they shouldn’t bend sharply up or down to type. It’s tempting to think that the tabs at the back that tilt the keyboard towards you are essential, but they’re not.

In fact, it’s usually better to have the keyboard tilted down, away from you.

Step 4: Adjust monitor

The top of the monitor should be around eye-level so that you can scan the full screen with your eyes without craning your neck up or down. If you use multiple monitors, the same applies to each monitor – and try to ensure that your secondary monitor is not used for long periods.

The second monitor should only contain reference that you occasionally glance at – whatever you do, don’t strain for long periods typing documents on the second screen.

Once all of these adjustments are done, you might still find that your workstation isn’t ergonomically organised. The problem is your desk. Why not consider upgrading with one of our Next Day Sovereign Desks. Aptly named, the Next Day Sovereign Desks are solid, quality desks that come in a range of colours and styles to ensure that your workstation is not only ergonomically perfect but also feels professional too, and of course they are available on our express next day delivery service!

Next day delivery and a range of add-ons mean you could have your office brought bang up to date in no time! View the range here or talk to our sales advisors for help with making the right choice.

Improve workplace happiness with 10 simple tips August 17th, 2018
Happiness at work

Turn that frown upside down!

There are a number of small changes you can make to be happier at work, ranging from renewing your sense of purpose to getting a new workstation. Here’s a look at the ten best ways to improve workplace happiness.

10 tips to a happier workplace

1-   Sense of purpose:

Re-orient your goals. When you start the job you’re in you were probably full of ideas for what you would achieve. Re-evaluate your current position and how you can make it exciting and challenging again.

2-   Leave personal problems at home

One sure-fire way to unhappiness at work is to blur the lines between work and home life. See yourself taking off the “home” hat when you enter work and put on the “work” hat – give yourself separation between the two and you won’t feel bogged down by problems.

3-   Look to the future

It’s important to look forward – did you expect to still be in this role years down the line? Figure out what your next move should be, but don’t expect it just to happen. Take on training and personal development and take control of shaping the future of your career.

4-   Take a break

Regular breaks are important at work. This doesn’t just mean scheduled coffee breaks and lunches. Get up from your desk and go talk to your colleagues in the other team instead of emailing. Getting away from your desk regularly for even five minutes will boost your energy.

5-   Stay hydrated

You should be drinking around 2 litres of water a day, but few of us do. That leads to irritability, headaches and sluggishness. Keep a quality 500ml water bottle on your desk and refill it four times a day – job done!

6-   Organise

If you feel swamped with your workload, there’s no way you can be happy. Take an overview – work out what needs to be done and prioritise it. Use to-do pads or apps to break your day down into manageable chunks.

7-   Learn small talk

Small talk is an art – not everyone can do it naturally. Learn to ask questions to your colleagues – simple things like “Are you watching anything good on TV now?” can spark conversation and build relationships.

8-   Share ideas

Collaborate! Ideas are generated by sharing suggestions and asking questions, so don’t keep the blinkers on and focus on your own work – get involved!

9-   Forget office politics

Office gossip and politics are toxic – this is one area not to get involved in. If someone presents you with gossip just say, “Oh really?” and change the subject.

10-              Design your own space

Make your workstation your own. Customise it to suit your needs and make it comfortable. You spend a third of your life at work, so make sure it’s somewhere you enjoy working.

Get things moving with BN eRange Managerial Office Desks

Our BN eRange Managerial Office Desks could be just what you need to improve your working life. A premium range of the highest quality, these desks are not only built to last, but they’re incredibly stylish and professional too.

Glass and leather desk inserts and innovative cable tidy systems will make your feel more professional. View the full range of BN eRange Managerial Office Desks here and talk to our sales team for advice on choosing the perfect desk.

What exactly is an ergonomic desk? August 17th, 2018


ergonomic desk

Do you really understand what an ergonomic desk is?

If you’ve ever browsed office furniture or read articles on office health, you may have seen the term ‘ergonomic’ crop up from time to time. Put simply, ergonomic relates to something which ensures comfort and efficiency in the workplace and is often used in relation to furniture designed to make working more comfortable for employees. Understanding what an ergonomic desk is, as well as how it can benefit your workplace, can ensure happier, healthier employees.

Why go ergonomic?

Ergonomic office furniture is important for desk-based workers. With many studies showing that office workers are “too sedentary”, it’s important that workers are comfortable and supported during the time they are at their desks. Ergonomic chairs and desks are designed to make working conditions better for employees, boosting their productivity and reducing the number of sick days caused by back, neck and shoulder problems.

About ergonomic desks

An ergonomic desk is designed to be able to help employees to sit comfortably, without having to strain or reach for their computers, phones, etc. This can help alleviate back pain and other problems caused by ill-fitting desks, and help employees be more focused in their work.  Ergonomic desks can come in a range of designs, like those in our next day Distinct office desks collection, which are sleek and stylish as well as having ergonomic features to benefit workers.

Features of an ergonomic desk

An ergonomic desk is typically adjustable, allowing users to adjust the height of the desk in order to suit their own height and comfort. Workers who are shorter can add footstools and other tools to make their desk more ergonomic as an economic way to make changes.

The right height for an ergonomic desk should enable workers to use their mouse and keyboard at a comfortable distance, without stretching out to reach them, with hands able to move freely without discomfort.

Matte finishes are great for reducing glare, whilst desks with more space for a chair to fit underneath offer great flexibility than those with a left leaning or right leaning chair space.

Ergonomic desks from NEXT DAY Distinct Office Desks

When people think about ergonomic or adjustable desks, they rarely think of style, but our selection of next day Distinct office desks have all of the right features and details in order to make an attractive and functional desk. With a range of styles and different colours suitable for various office types, they ae a great solution for businesses looking to offer their employees healthier working conditions.

Assessing your employees’ needs is important to ensure they stay healthy in the workplace and keep their focus on their work, rather than their aches and pains caused by sedentary lifestyles. An investment in quality office furniture like next day Distinct office desks will not only benefit your employees, but your business too. Employ more comfortable working and offer your employees comfort and flexibility with the help of an ergonomic office desk.

Clever design for a cutting edge call centre August 16th, 2018
call centre design

Could your call centre be performing better with a little design advice?

The two buzzwords in call centre recruitment are ‘performance’ and ‘retention’. As a call centre manager or owner you need to get the best performance from your staff so that your business can thrive in this competitive sector. You also need to retain your best staff and stop them leaving to work for your competitors. You may not realise that the design of your call centre environment can massively impact how your employees feel when they are at work. In turn this affects both performance and retention in a big way!

Using next day Gravity Desks to improve the call centre environment

The ‘contact centre’ sector is often perceived as the Cinderella of work places. You, as an employer, can do a lot to change this perception and make your employees value the vital job that they are carrying out. Investing in high quality office furniture such as next day Gravity Desks is a big step in the right direction. You are showing your call-centre employees that they are highly valued and that you think they are worth investing in. In return, you get a highly motivated and productive workforce who enjoy working in sleek, modern space.

A key way to make your employees feel valued is to provide useful and interesting training and development. Your business can only benefit when you create a highly trained and skilled workforce. However, you need a suitable space where this training can take place. Choose an area that has some privacy so that your employees can concentrate on what they need to learn. However, this does not mean that the training room needs to be isolated or shut away out of sight. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

Many organisations find that an open training area means that employees are reminded of the support the business provides its employees and of the dynamic, busy workplace that they work in. You can arrange desks to maintain a feeling of privacy without hiding yourself away.

Investing in your call centre working environment

For employees to be truly productive they must have some ‘down’ time in the middle of a busy working day. You will need to organise a quiet places where employees can talk one-to-one or take on the most sensitive calls. You can arrange office desks so that your employees can utilise these quite areas easily without affecting the rest of the team.

Inevitable, there will be staff changes in this sector. Your contact centre teams will be fluid. There may be times when you need to create or dissolve a team quickly to cope with a rise and fall in demand. Employees need to move wherever they are needed and your office furniture has to facilitate this. Employees can rarely ‘own’ a single desk and flexibility is key. Thankfully, modern office furniture such as next day Gravity Desks provides you with this flexibility. Browse the huge choice at Office Furniture Online and choose what suits your workplace and budget.

So, office furniture increases productivity. Don’t believe us? Here’s 10 reasons you should… August 15th, 2018
Improve productivity

Could you get more from your employees with better office furniture?

Encouraging productivity in your workforce rarely stems from a top-down approach. Targets may help to gauge productivity levels, certainly, while also helping to give direction to staff. However, you’ll find that productivity is often self-generated – contended staff will always work harder.

If you create the right environment, one which empowers and inspires your team, you’ll find that they rediscover a sense of purpose from within themselves.

Here are 10 top ways in which office furniture increases productivity and why you should adopt them for your own team.

10 reasons why better office furniture increases productivity

1 – Comfort – When workers are comfortable at work, they’ll work harder. It’s a simple correlation but one that’s easy to understand. Staff who are agitated and fidgety will concentrate less.

2 – Health & wellbeing – Poor health and absenteeism are massive drains on your bottom line. Physical health and mental well-being can be improved by reinvigorating the work environment and ensuring all office furniture is ergonomically designed.

3 – Improved communication – Better office layout can result in improved communication. Open-plan office spaces encourage people to actually talk to one another instead of sending yet another email.

4 – Atmosphere – A calming, fresh atmosphere with invigorating accents of colour can be easily achieved by choosing the right furniture and you’ll find that it improved the mood of your team.

5 – Layout – Do staff have to walk the length of the office just to reach the photocopier? Then back to the other end to file paperwork? The walking might be good, but inefficient layouts can breed minute moments of resentment that build up. Centralise storage and shared facilities and make life easier.

6 – Investment in staff – Buying brand-new furniture shows your staff that you are willing to invest money in them. Making their life better will encourage them to give back and boost productivity.

7 – Careful lighting choices – Old lighting systems are bad for workers. Flickering yellowish fluorescent lights or dim lighting with no natural light makes workers tired and prone to headaches. Use as much natural light as possible or, in a pinch, choose natural-looking daylight bulbs.

8 – Vibrant colour schemes – Choose inspirational, creative colours and your workers will no longer feel as dull as the beige walls and desks you currently have. Make your workers feel like you recognise the creative aspect of their work, no matter what industry you work in.

9 – Collaboration spaces – Relaxed breakout areas that offer a combination of privacy and inspiration are ideal for those moments where teams need to get together to plan and come up with new ideas.

10 – Booth seating – Inspired by restaurants and cafes, booth seating offers a modern, stylish way of keeping staff in teams without making them feel separate. Use organic, flowing lines instead of rectilinear shapes and you’ll inspire your staff and make them take ownership of their space.


Reap the rewards with our BN Easy Space Office Desks

If you’ve decided to design a more productive space for your workforce, take a look at our BN Easy Space Office Desks. The range is highly adaptive and works as well in open spaces as it does in group pods.

BN Easy Space Office Desks are designed with efficiency in mind and come with a variety of features. You’ll find height-adjustable desk, space cabinets and ergonomic chairs in the range. Check out the full range here.

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