Scholarship Details : You’re trapped in the head masters office and zombies are all around, they can smell the scent of your blood! They are breaking down the baricades you have put up and they will only last an hour.. Your quick witted brain takes a look around at all the office furniture for a make shift zombie destroyer.

Mission : To design a zombie defence.

Materials : Choose any 5 items from our website, which you would find in your head masters office. You can then incorporate any constituent component of said office furniture to create your zombie destroyer.

Wowzers : So we had some absolutely amazing entries, some very close calls. Clearly some entries stood out from the others. With so many excellent entries we had to spend a long time going through them and taking out the ones that stood out, ones that didnt quite hit the brief and others which didnt really live up to the quality of the rest of the submissions.

Shortlist: We’ve put together our shortlist below for you guys to vote on and help us make up our mind on the final winner!

If you didnt make the shortlist don’t worry we will be doing another scholarship for 2019!

SHORTLIST 1: Rebecca Chu with the “Stab n’ slice

SHORTLIST 2: Abigail Vargas who nailed the brief perfectly

SHORTLIST 3: Zombie Jousting

SHORTLIST 4: Bethany Bell with The Slaying Sceptre of (un)death

SHORTLIST 5: Danellis Sandoval

SHORTLIST 6: Zivile Natiukaite

NOTICEABLE MENTION: Cailing Hou Xiao with a noticeable mention purely for effort and a brilliant comic strip (but didnt quite hit the brief)
comic: page 1 / page 2 / page 3 / page 4 / page 5 / page 6

If we have missed you out or you want to see your submission shortlisted – email us (scholarship @

27 Responses to “Zombie Scholarship – The shortlist, runner ups and noticeable mentions.”

  1. Jefferson Goss

    I love the submission from Danellis Sandoval. It is a great concept that would give plenty of personal space and defense from the creepy zombies wanting to eat you. The platform gives you an advantage of speed and the weapon would make it feel really fun, as if swinging around a lasso or deadly yoyo

  2. Jose Vargas

    I vote for Abigail Vargas, this person really stays focused on how all the pieces of the weapon could stay in place. She says on her submission that the handle from the wooden cabinets can keep the leg used for the weapon in place, and the rest of the submissions don’t explain how their shards of glass stick onto their weapon.

  3. Moriah

    I vote for Bethany Bell! I can tell that she put a lot of thought as well as time and effort into her drawing and weapon design!

  4. Beverly

    I vote for Bethany Bell.

  5. Drew Marbut

    I loved Bethany Bells! It was so awesome! I know that I would for sure survive the apocalypse with her guide! Love it!

  6. Isaac Bell

    “The Slaying Sceptre of (un)death” is amazing!!! Its design is realistic, extremely creative and deadly. When and not if the zombies come, I will be the first to grab a Slaying Sceptre of (un)death and a filing cabinet shield to defend humanity. I vote for Bethany Bell!

  7. JoAnn

    Bethany Bell
    The Slaying Sceptre of unDeath

  8. Barry

    I like “Stab n Slice”. It looks easy to put together and has the length to keep the zombies back. The other ones with chair and platform would make it awkward to move while fighting the creatures.

  9. Lynn Friedman

    I vote for Rebecca Chu! Impressive design concept!

  10. Vance Stephens

    I like Bethany Bell’s. I feel like the design is most practical. The use of a filing cabinet door as a shield is very nice. And the coat rack gives plenty of reach. Also the name is very funny.

  11. Manny

    My vote goes to Rebecca Chu. I really like the concept it’s very thoughtful and way she explained the technique and use of strong weapon is excellent.

  12. Sandra Gonzalez

    I’m voting for Rebecca Chu because the weapon is portable, and because of the materials used looks light weight but effective for ending wondering zombies. I also like the size and flexibility, it can be extended between small spaces, or used on stairs and in any weather. Also very important, replacement parts would be easy to find and replace.

  13. Johanna Prieto

    I vote for Rebecca Chu, graphically is the most understandable and most self explanatory, from beginning to end. using simple tools that most people will have in offices. Clearly the faster way to deal with zombies. really great concept, graphics and process.

  14. Nilda Chu

    I feel the stab n’ slice would be the most effective because it is portable, it can be used on any terrain, it can be used on stairs or on the run. Whenever the zombies trap you you’ll be able to get replacement parts.

  15. Alessandra Eplin

    Bethany Bell’s “Slaying Septre of (un)death” is my absolute favorite! It has a very intelligent design and I would buy that one in a heartbeat! Real weapon designers should really up their game with this out here.

  16. Colette Cantrell

    I vote for Bethany Bell!

  17. LaVerne Kemmer

    I vote for Bethany Bell.

  18. Kim Shields

    I vote for Bethany Bell . Not only does it clearly depict the subject .. but the realistic character is done so beautifully! We all know that faces are the hardest to draw , and she is so talented!!

  19. S

    Bethany Bell’s the Slaying Scepter of (Un)death

  20. Stephanie

    I vote Bethany Bell. Best concept for sure!

  21. Brittany

    I vote for Bethany Bell’s here looks the best!

  22. Cindy

    I vote for Bethany Bell.

  23. Mica

    I vote for Bethany Bell!
    The Slaying Sceptre of unDeath could be fabricated quickly and would be a formidable weapon against the onslaught of zombie hordes.

  24. Erin Kraft

    I vote for Bethany Bell! “The Slaying Sculpture of undeath” is both creative and original!

  25. Sean Brannon

    Bethany Bell’s Scepter sounds pretty rad! She has my vote!

  26. Paulette Chappell

    I vote for Bethany!!

  27. Morgan

    I vote for Bethany Bell.

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