Could your job be causing you to look older than you are?

Is it really possible for an office to cause wrinkles? If you work in a highly stressful job with difficult clients and tight deadlines, it is easy to see why your stress levels could be very high. Years of stress and worry can take its toll on the best of complexions and you can start to look a little older than you actually are! If you factor in the aches and pains caused by sitting at a badly designed desk, you could end up feeling (and looking) like you need to retire. If the wrinkles have started to show, it could be time to look at your office lifestyle.

Is it as simple as buying Elite Optima Plus Office Desks?

Could all your problems be solved by investing in Elite Optima Plus Office Desks and getting your posture sorted out? This will help a great deal but is not the whole answer. If you set up your workstation in an ergonomic way you will put less strain on your joints. You will not develop those nagging aches and pains that make you feel like you are getting old! You can pair up Elite Optima Plus Office Desks with modern office chairs that will adjust to exactly the right height for you.

They will support your back, with the adjustable lumbar support, and encourage good circulation to your legs and feet. This, in turn, puts less strain on your heart and improves overall health. When you feel better, and more rested, you immediately look better. Those worry lines will start to disappear!

What else can help?

There are plenty of other things that you can do to limit the aging effects of office life.

  • Take a break away from your screen. There is now some evidence that the powerful light that mobile phones and computer screens give off (high energy visible light) can reach the deeper levels of the skin. Here it can cause damage by breaking down the skin collagen and elastin. The skin loses its firm, youthful appearance and fine lines and wrinkles develop. You can limit the effects of this by using moisturising skin products and taking frequent breaks away from all screens
  • Keep away from the window. We all like being able to glance out of the window whilst we are working. However, if direct sunlight is hitting your face all day it could be aging your skin. You can avoid this by moving your office or home working space around a bit. You can also apply a sunscreen to your face before going to work.
  • Keep caffeine levels in check. Tea and coffee are what keeps most offices running! However, you do need to watch how much caffeine you are taking on board each day. Large amounts of coffee are not great for your skin. Swap a few cups for a glass of pure fruit juice or a cup of herbal tea.

You can kit out your office to maintain your health and your youthful good looks! Have a browse at what Office Furniture Online has to offer and take your pick!

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