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If you stopped for a minute to imagine what your home or office would look like without any furniture in it, you will realise how much colour and character furniture brings to your home, no matter how you have decorated it.

All workable offices and homes have some form of character enhancing styles of furnishings.

Due to the hundreds of variety in furniture and equipment from office desks, chairs and computer desks to sofas and dining tables it is now possible to give that personal touch without being an interior decorator.

Whilst house furniture means you can go to town on lavish colour schemes that appeal to you creatively, you have to tone your tastes down with office furniture whilst still adding a personal touch.  Sometimes, having to compromise your natural choices can be a very difficult thing!

In my view, office furniture is much harder to purchase because you really need to take into consideration its functionality whilst not overdosing too much on your own personal touches!

You need to see a huge variety of home office furniture to make sure you know that hard backed chairs (even if you like trendy stools), gives you the support you really need yet can look funky too in the right colour and with a trendy polished frame.

Research shows that home office furniture and outside office furniture is key to enhancing employee performance and happiness. Taking this into consideration, you need to concentrate on the comfort of an office chair and the functionality of an office desk in the space you have, giving you room not to feel trapped in the space.  Not just this but the colour scheme has to be calming and pleasant to the eye and if possible your home office should be a much toned down calming part of your own character.

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  • Free Standing

    Free standing refers to office furniture not supported by other systems, such as bracketing to walls or floors.

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