wrist pain at work

What’s causing your wrist pain?

We read lot about back pain caused by poor posture at work. However, for many office workers, wrist pain is a huge issue. The nature of working at a modern PC requires multiple and repeated small movements. This can, over time, cause inflammation and damage which can cause pain. You may see this referred to as a repetitive strain injury or RSI for short. Office workers who have to enter data or carry out other repetitive tasks are especially at risk. It is not all bad news! There is plenty that you can do to cure the problem once it arises and to stop it from happening in the first place.

How you can use next day Flare Desks to prevent wrist pain

By investing in next day Flare Desks you have taken a big step toward preventing RSI. Modern, ergonomically designed office furniture helps with all aspects of musculoskeletal health. However, there are lots more that you can do.

  • Think about your typing position. Type out a short sentence, slowly. As you are doing it, think about the position that your hands are in, in relation to the keyboard. Your hands should be in a neutral position. This means that you are not bending your wrist towards your little finger or your thumb. Also, your hand should be parallel with the keyboard and not angled.
  • Keyboard adjustments are crucial. Make sure that you keyboard is flat and is at or below elbow level. When you are not typing you should not rest your wrists on the hard edge of the desk as this could irritate the sensitive ligaments in this area. If you have a tendency to do this, you can reduce the risks by buying some gel wrist rests but do not be tempted to lean your wrists on them when you are actually typing.
  • Watch out for the mouse! The mouse may be causing the wrist problem. To help with this you can get a gel wrist pad which should help keep your wrist in a neutral position. Learning how to use keyboard shortcuts will effectively cut down the times that you need to use the mouse. You could even swap the mouse to the other hand but this will feel very strange to start off with. It takes about a week of constant use for you to become comfortable with it. You also run the risk of developing RSI in the other wrist as well!
  • Take a break. It’s not just your back that needs a break. Your wrists will benefit too if you stop typing and walk around the office every 20 or 30 minutes. Gently move your wrists in a circular motion as you walk.

Introducing these subtle changes to your working practice can bring great benefits.

Investing in musculoskeletal health at the office

Take a look at the extensive range of next day Flare Desks and other office furniture at Office Furniture Online. By installing the highest quality office furniture in your workspace you are making the best start to maintaining musculoskeletal health – for all parts of your body.

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