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Could you make your staff THIS happy?

Unless you’re in a trendy start up or cutting-edge tech firm, chances are your office is a little bit boring. We’ve all seen the images of Google and Co, with their pool tables and slides between floors, and thought how we wish our own offices could be so fun. And not just because we want to be a ‘fun boss’ either; amazing workplaces have a habit of getting amazing results from their staff, and that’s what we want.

For most of us, sliding downstairs is always going to be a bit of a pipe dream, so we need to look for more modest ways to make our workplaces better. You can have a great workplace without completely remodelling your building, and sometimes the smaller, more simple alterations actually have a pretty big impact. Here are some inspirational ideas for making your workplace so awesome your staff will never want to leave.

  • Office dogs: Could you have pets at work? Studies show dogs offer a massive boost to people’s happiness and improve motivation at work.
  • Lunch together: Could you all get together for lunch once a week, perhaps taking it in turns to cater for the team.
  • Paint the walls: White walls, white ceilings, grey floors…. If this sounds familiar, why not grab a paint brush and spread a little happiness around the building?
  • Introduce exercise: Every hour, have a two-minute workout. Whether you prefer jumping jacks, meditation or some yoga stretches, you’ll be surprised how much happier and refreshed everyone will feel.
  • Snacks on tap: Fill a drawer with healthy snacks. It will prevent people having to dash out every time they’re hungry and will make employees feel more valued too.
  • A few quirky things: If you haven’t got space for a pool table (who has?) why not have some funky seating in your reception area, or a weird piece of art? Every great workplace has something you just can’t find anywhere else.
  • Plants for health: Office plants create more oxygen and remove pollutants from the air, plus they look really good too.
  • Encourage competition: Introducing fun contests into the workplace can help your team bond and add a fun touch to the day. Think who can do the longest wall sit, who can eat a doughnut the fastest or who can fold the best origami butterfly out of a paper towel.

Creating a fun, interesting workplace that actually makes people want to come to work doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply thinking outside of the box and investing where it’s viable to do so is a great way to bring the fun into functional. Check out our funky seating and other designer products to see how you could create a more exciting office.

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