Workplace Injuries

October 31st, 2017

Working at a computer desk or office desk for most part of your day is surprisingly challenging for a few reasons, not just because of the mental aspects but now we are seeing more physical ramifications too. If you are stuck in awkward positions for long periods of time, more often than not and completely without realising it, one or more of the work related strain “syndromes” may surface.

Even making sure that office chairs, office desks and computer desk heights are adjustable will have significant results. For all of the following syndromes, look at one area that can provide a positive impact which may keep these syndromes at bay.

Carpal Tunnel
Recently this has been highlighted as one of the fastest growing injuries at work. Whilst it occurs from repetitive motion activity, with more use of the computer keyboards in the workplace it has led to a steep rise in its occurrence.

Consistent pain and swelling in hands and/or wrists
Numbness and/or tingling in fingers and or hands
Difficulty to do even the smallest manual tasks
Problems with sleeping

Focus: Keyboard
A keyboard tray under either an office desk or computer desk which should be tilted away from the worker so the space bar is higher than the letters on the keyboard, wrists and hands to be kept parallel to the floor.

This has almost now over taken carpal tunnel as the most common complaint.

Back pain / neck tension
Rounded/slumped shoulders

Focus: Office Chair
A sturdy, 5-leg base
Chair casters to roll easily
Armrests which adjust so forearms are horizontal during keyboard usage.
Height adjustable to keep line of vision at the top of the computer monitor. An adjustable back rest and lumbar support.  A seat pan to support the natural curve of the spine
Feet should be flat on the floor or resting on a foot rest, you should have the ability to recline

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