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March 6th, 2018
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More casual fashions can sometimes find their way into the workplace thus causing trouble for company owners who want their employees to be comfortable and happy but professional and safe in their attire.

Dress codes may seem to stifle a person’s individuality but if they are imposed properly, they can mean safety and professionalism at work. Dress codes are imposed to ensure the company shapes its image and creates a work-focused atmosphere rather than one of relaxing in front of the TV at home.

When setting a dress code, an employer knows it is dependent on the type of workplace and work being carried out.  For instance, if women start wearing mini dresses at work, having their skirts hitched right up whilst sat on their office chair is not the right image, let alone when they attempt to reach over an office desk for a file.  Extremely high stilettos may send people tripping over when rushing from their office desk to meetings.   A pair of flip flops is not ideal for meetings or for working at computer desks!!  There are health and safety requirements to consider as well as professional standards and office furniture is not built necessarily for flamboyant clothing.

General regulations for an office include ruling out overly casual or revealing clothing.   You cannot have a receptionist sat in front of her office desk greeting visitors in a revealing top! It’s hardly professional.

Regulations regarding piercings, tattoos, and hairstyles should be included in a dress code too.

It is not just office furniture that does not lend itself to some styles of unsuitable dress attire but dressing in the right manner can also affect the psyche of work colleagues.  A co-workers crazy dress sense will probably put you off your work and not lend itself to a conducive work focused environment.

Periodic reminders of the dress policy are helpful, especially at the onset of summer. These reminders can be in the form of a friendly email or a posting on the notice board where all employees will be able to view the reminder.

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